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15-Jan-2014, 18:22
(Posting cleared with Rick Denney per guidelines)

My name is Michael Hendrickson, and I've been making bellows for large format cameras since about 1998, for my own use as a serious amateur. I first made bellows for other people in 2009.

In the past I have hesitated to offer this as a service because there was a brilliant bellows-maker in business not too far from where I live here in Southern California, and that was Jim Ormond of Western Bellows.

However, he has retired. So, I figure that this is a good time to offer this service. I don't know of anyone else making bellows in the Continental US.

There is more info at pacviewcam.com, then click on "About" under "Bellows" on the left panel (http://www.pacviewcam.com/bellows.html) for anyone who is interested.

Thanks very much.

Jim Cole
16-Jan-2014, 18:16
Good luck with your business.

Michael Clark
16-Jan-2014, 18:42
pacviewcam In the next couple of months I will need a new bellows for an 8x10 Elwood enlarger I am rebuilding. Can you make one for the enlarger? have the old bellows (or whats left of it) and the part off the camera that holds the top and also the lens support that holds the bottom of the bellows. If you are pretty close to me I can bring these over get some dimensions.


17-Jan-2014, 02:31
I don't see any "left Column" from the link you sent. Is there a price list? Can you do specialty colors? Are the bellows paper or plastic, water resistant/proof?


17-Jan-2014, 03:20
I think I need to correct and clarify both my post and the web page.

Forum guidelines prohibit me from "doing commerce" here, and I respect that and wish to abide by it. So I'll limit my reply to say:

a) The link above is corrected to www.pacviewcam.com

b) To inquire, you can write me a PM here, or email me directly at mhendrickso@gmail.com

Meanwhile, I'll modify the web page to give some more detail.

Thanks everybody.

17-Jan-2014, 06:23
Fair enough.

Andrew O'Neill
6-Jun-2014, 07:05
The link doesn't work...

Jim Noel
8-Jan-2015, 09:26
Links don't work for me either.

Andrew O'Neill
8-Jan-2015, 11:10
Looks like this never got off the ground... The link still doesn't work, and pacviewcam hasn't posted for a year.

9-Mar-2016, 18:11
this place seems to be in business http://www.turnerbellows.com/photographic_bellows.html

8-Sep-2016, 19:37
SandehaLynch.com Makes Bellows. He has made me 4 so far. Excellent Work. Highly Recommended. SandehaLynch@Yahoo.com


9-Sep-2016, 04:40

Drew Wiley
9-Sep-2016, 13:46
I've gotten very good recent service from Custom Bellows in Britain.

Peter De Smidt
9-Sep-2016, 14:39
I've gotten very good recent service from Custom Bellows in Britain.