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5-Jan-2014, 12:17
Some forums have an option to add a Foe so that you don't have to see posts from people that feel they have to respond to every post even when they have nothing worth saying.

Do we have that option?

Bruce "trying to concenrate on the quality posts" Pickering

5-Jan-2014, 12:21
you can add such people to yor ignore list. unfortunately, you stlll see the ignored user's posts just not the text.

5-Jan-2014, 12:30

5-Jan-2014, 21:09
He's still going to keep posting though.;-) Maybe we need a function where if X # of people ignore Person Y, Person Y has to do community service.

5-Jan-2014, 23:38
If a third party quotes your ignored member, you get to see the ignored member's quoted text.

I think.

Currently, I'm not ignoring anyone. But I used to ignore one person. And I recall that happening.