View Full Version : Looking for some CD-3 in Europe

5-Jan-2014, 11:27

This is not exactly LF related, more on the topic of photochemicals. Me and my friend wish to process ECN2 at home and this process relies on CD-3 developer. Now, Artcraft carries it at USA for a pleasant price but does not ship it to this side of the pool, Moersch sells it in Germany for triple the price, not including shipping.
Long story short, does anyone know where I could get my filthy hands on (few) hundred grams of CD-3 without breaking the bank?

Thank you!


5-Jan-2014, 12:45
Silverprint (UK) have it at 4.50 for 25g



5-Jan-2014, 14:59
Thanks! I might know some people there who could forward it to me, as Silverprint does not post chemicals outside UK. All other ingredients are already on my way :)

Domingo A. Siliceo
6-Jan-2014, 03:28

I don't know if you've read threads like this one in Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/groups/ecn2/discuss/72157636824729134/) about how to remove remjet with traditional chemistry and then develop the film with C41 process...

6-Jan-2014, 09:44
I am well aware of removing the remjet and processing it in C41, however proper processing yields in much finer grain and greater latitude so why settle with inferior results :)
I have even tried and succeeded with removing the remjet layer.