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2-Jan-2014, 12:31
I want to take the chance to introduce myself. Iīm Timo from germany, 20 years old and I am a total noob in LF-Photography. The main reason why I registered here is to find out about LF and the possibilies of using the camera for architecture and landscape, but with my digital camera as back. Also I really like the techincal aspects of this kind of photography, so I wanted to read more about this topic. Atm I mainly use my DSLR with some manual and automatic lenses and some different film Mf- and 35mm-cameras,

So yeah, thatīs me.

Alan Gales
2-Jan-2014, 14:22
Welcome Timo.

Check out the Large Format Photography Forum Home Page for a lot of great free information to help you get started. Of course ask any questions that you have. It's a good bunch of people on here.

I started in 35mm, own a Nikon D300 digital, Hasselblad 6x6 plus 4x5 and 8x10 cameras. It's all fun but I enjoy large format the most. I hope you learn to enjoy it as well.


2-Jan-2014, 14:51
Hey Alan,
Thank you for the welcome, I will defenitly read into the topic.

2-Jan-2014, 15:21
Welcome to the forum.