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22-Dec-2013, 11:16
Would you like help with making an artists' book and placing them in public collections?

Over the last 11 months I’ve placed an artists' book of my photography at numerous special collection and rare book archives around the world. My work is in the collections of some of the most prestigious archives there are. A list of my placements is at the end my bio.


All but two of 62 placements was done in under 11 months. Probably a world record for private placements of photography at public institutions in under 11 months. I'm not telling you all this to try and set world records or toot my horn. I'm just doing it to intro myself and my background.

If I was interested in tooting my horn I’d be telling you ‘hey look at me’ after each and every placement...wouldn’t I. Just like some of the guys do on the forums with each and every crapper photo they shoot. The real deal on me is: I never was interested in self-promotion until a year ago. I’m getting old and have no one to look after my work when I die. So that was the kick in the ass to start working on self-promotion after 44 years of shooting.

Here is a sample of one of my artists’ books.


If you would like to make an artists' book and work on placing your photography in similar institutions. I'd be glad to work with you for your first book. No money involved. You just send me duplicates of the photos in the book and I make one book for you and one for me. After you get the first book under control your on your own with production. But I’d be glad for informal consultation via email. I have extensive knowledge about private placements with museums and the most prestigious special collection and rare libraries in the world.

I will also give you access to some of my contacts so you can promote your book. About 80% to 85% of the library donation solicitations will end in rejection. But that is a much higher rate of success than in museum solicitations. (90% to 95%) Now, you may do better or worse than me. You look at my work and see what I was sending around, so that may give you some idea of where you fit in.

Only catch is… I have to like your work and want a copy of you book in my collection to work with you. But it does not hurt running it by me. I like most any excellent (interesting) photography out there.

Ink jets are best for prints as they are cheap, excellent quality and easy to mass produce.


Silver prints can be done if they are dry mounted back to back to avoid warping. A big breakthrough for me with duo paper ink jet prints was using a thin plastic interleaf sheet on each page. I was getting some ink migration in the books. Problem with interleaf was it made the books too thick, so I had to make it all fit.

When you exceed a certain size the thickness of the book, the spiral coil changes in density and the big books become flimsy. Paper trials, proof books, different binders, interleafing sheets, corner rounders, line production boxes, plastic covers and inserts, etc…it all cost $. My first artists' book cost me $2100+ to figure this all out. And that was with me making it all. I had no one to breast feed it all to me. In your case, the cost is minimal as it has been all worked out by me, for you.

Within the next couple years I hope to write a book on presenting photography to curators and museums. Not much out there on that topic. But I have tons of photo projects going right now and it is on the back burner.

If your interested, drop me an email with samples of your work or questions you may have. Don’t expect me to keep up with this thread. I’m very busy and just too much useless BS on these forums.

If serious write me direct. No games..exactly what is said here...I expect the same from you.


Best Regards,