View Full Version : Pt/Pd printing supplies in China?

David R Munson
18-Nov-2013, 16:20
So I'm moving to Shanghai in February for work. My goal is to be set up for making Palladium prints by the end of June. I'm assuming there must be relevant resources for finding the chemicals I'll need, but I have no idea where to start. Is anyone here based in China? Or does anyone here know anyone doing Pt/Pd in China? Is there a Chinese equivalent to B&S? Thanks!

Oren Grad
18-Nov-2013, 18:31
Perhaps Hugo Zhang will know - hard to imagine that all of the ULF cameras that are being sold in China are being used strictly for silver.

And... good luck in this new phase of your work!

David R Munson
18-Nov-2013, 20:08
Thanks Oren! I'm really looking forward to it. And I'll get in touch with Hugo.

Hugo Zhang
18-Nov-2013, 21:56

There are a growing group of LF photographers doing pt/pd in China. As a fact of fact, Tillman Crane did a 11 days workshop in China in March 2013 and it was a huge success. One participant of that workshop told me that Tillman sold all his prints he brought and they are doing (or did) the 2nd worshop in China with Dana Sullivan.

For pt/pd/ supplies, I think Sullivan has the major share of the Chinese market. Most pt/pt printers in China buy their supplies from Sullivan. I chatted with one guy during my last trip to China and his story was that his friend was learning pt/pd and ordered 300 pt/pd kids from Sullivan as his initial order as his final pt/pd prints were 6x8 feet size.

If you read Chinese, you can take a look at this link:


Good luck.

David R Munson
18-Nov-2013, 22:24
I don't read Chinese too well yet, but I'm starting to study again and am pretty determined. I cannot wait to dive into Shanghai in particular. If B&S is the way to go, then that actually simplifies things. Also, 6x8 feet is fairly insane. I'm aiming for ten inches square.

19-Nov-2013, 22:09
Check with Tillman Crane. (Tillmancrane.com) For the past 2 years he has travelled to China to teach P/P classes and would be a great source of where to obtain supplies. Bostick & Sullivan has shipped certain supplies for his classes so you might want to contact them if you want a shipping option from the US.

20-Nov-2013, 01:44
One of my friend bought some Palladium Chloride from Yurui Chemical Co. LTD in Shangai.

David R Munson
22-Nov-2013, 21:21
I'll check out that chemical supply as well as follow up with Tillman Crane. Thanks for the suggestions!

23-Nov-2013, 00:19

OT of course, but I thought you were planning to move to Japan? Or is China only a temporary halt before Japan?