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7-Nov-2013, 06:03
Hello everybody,
it is a pleasure to join this photography forum!
My name is Marco and I am a italian PhD student in Physics. Photography is my passion and I spend a lot of time taking photographs and developing/printing them in my darkroom. I take photographs with 35mm, 120 but also with a Graflex Graphic View I 4x5" large format camera (the one with red bellow). You can see my projects on my own website, www.marcoleoncino.it. The images are all analog and I made the scans of silver prints.
At the moment I am working into two different projects: the first one is dedicated to abandoned places, the second one to the Staglieno Cemetery in Genova (Italy). Thanks a lot!
Best regards,

Tim Meisburger
7-Nov-2013, 06:34
Welcome to the Forum!

Alan Gales
9-Nov-2013, 15:50
Welcome to the forum, Marco!

An italian cemetery sounds interesting. You will have to post some pics!