View Full Version : Informal LF shoot Oct 26 in Historic Deerfield Massachusetts

Ken Lee
24-Oct-2013, 07:05
Warm and friendly invitation with no strings attached:

Weather permitting, I'll be in Historic Deerfield (http://www.historic-deerfield.org/) on Saturday morning at around 8AM to shoot Large Format for a few hours.

Historic Deerfield is a small 18th-century New England village. There's no charge to wander about and shoot. Because it's so photogenic, people do it all the time. We can feel quite comfortable with a tripod etc. There's a public bathroom and places to eat.

There is still some time left in the area with the autumn foliage, but this may be the last weekend.

These gatherings are a great way to exchange information and enjoy the company of kindred spirits :)

Contact me via PM for more information if you like.

Ken Lee
25-Oct-2013, 11:05
The town has one main street which is a few blocks long. You can simply park on the side of the street any where you like.

The public rest rooms are in the Visitor Center (http://www.historic-deerfield.org/discover-deerfield/historic-houses/visitor-center-hall-tavern/), one of many buildings which one could easily photograph for a lifetime.

The streets are lined with leafy trees and long white fences, etc.

I'm getting there early because I like morning light and there won't be too many people around.

See you there :)

Ken Lee
26-Oct-2013, 17:14

Early in the morning: quiet and autumnal. One nice place we shot was behind that big barn on the right.


There's Carl Jones under the dark cloth with his 8x10 Kodak Master View.

Another LF photographer was there, making many-hours-long exposures of leaves falling off a Ginko tree. He said they all come off in one day, and he was there to record it in color with 2 Speed Graphics, color film and a lot of neutral density filters.

David Schaller
26-Oct-2013, 17:33
Sorry I missed this Ken. I am up in NH this weekend. But with a bit more advance notice, I could easily be there. Instead I was hiking in snow in the (very) White Mountains today. Next time for sure.

Ken Lee
27-Oct-2013, 17:30
Massachusetts, 2013
Kodak 2D, 10 3/4 inch Red Dot Artar
5x7 HP5+, Pyrocat HDC

Carl J
13-Jan-2014, 22:38
Nice, Ken. Rich tonal range.