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30-Sep-2013, 14:06
Any suggestions for labs in the Midwest (U.S.) that do an excellent job with sheet film? I'm new to large format and am looking for resources.

Thanks in advance.

30-Sep-2013, 14:18
Any suggestions for labs in the Midwest (U.S.) .

Gamma, in Chicago.

Daniel Stone
30-Sep-2013, 15:34
What type of film are you processing? E-6, C-41, or B/W?

If you're going to be mailing your film, there are many labs across the country that will have fast(sometimes even same day) turnaround, and happily take mail-order :)


Richard Wasserman
30-Sep-2013, 16:07
I live in the Chicago area and process all my own film both B&W and color because I could not find a consistently high-quality lab. I am moving to a new home and will need to give up color processing I plan on sending my color film to Edgar Praus in Rochester, NY. http://www.4photolab.com/ about whom I have only heard wonderful things. If you are only shooting black and white I urge you to develop it yourself. It is not hard and takes a minimum of equipment—you don't need a darkroom.

Randy Moe
30-Sep-2013, 17:52
I use,


30-Sep-2013, 20:10
Burne Photo in Madison Wi. does a great job with all sheet film. I've been using them for years.


20-Dec-2013, 16:47
You could try Allied Photocolor in St. Louis MO. I have not used them for LF yet, because I am a newbie and don't even have a camera yet. I have had them do large digital prints, and they used to do a great deal of custom silver printing.

6-Feb-2014, 20:23
Process One in Kansas City, for 4x5

6-Feb-2014, 20:26
Agx in the u.p.