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Robert Brummitt
29-Aug-2013, 13:17
Hi all,

I'm helping the local high school photography teacher. She wants to introduce her students to Cyanotypes. I need blue prints or how to build or information for a UV printer. The class does not have much money so the less costly the better. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

29-Aug-2013, 13:23
Cheapest options beside sunlight would be a metal halide flood light such as used in a gym or warehouse. These are regularly available used for nothing or next to nothing if you know an electrician.

I spent about $200 building the UV light I recently described in the DIY forum here.

29-Aug-2013, 16:08
Google is your friend:


Lenny Eiger
29-Aug-2013, 16:13
I just picked up a NuArc 26-1K from a friend. What a beautiful unit. It's fairly expensive new... however, I have noticed that there are a lot of them on EvilBay and Craig's list, etc. I have seen them from $100-$500. When you consider the materials required to build anything its a good deal.

I have an old NuArc 750 that sorta works that I would sell for a song, but you would have to come and get it.

Hope this is helpful...


21-Dec-2013, 15:48
Grow lights! A local photographer doing wet plate collodion uses large indoor hydroponic lights. You can get them in virtually any size imaginable, and really inexpensively too. Also along those lines, if anyone needs a portable darkroom, grow tents are light tight.
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MH are there, along with LEDs. The girl I know uses MH.

28-Feb-2014, 08:23
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C. D. Keth
1-Mar-2014, 23:02