View Full Version : Problem with creating a printer profile for a different printer using the HP Z3200

Stanley Conrad
17-Aug-2013, 07:55
I am creating a printer profile for another printer using my HP Z3200's spectrometer.
To do this I open the HP Utility and select "Color Center", then "Paper Preset Management", then "Color Measurement".
Color Measurement apparently doesn't show up in a post script printers!
In the Color Measurement dropdown I chose "Export a color chart as a Tiff for external printing". I named a file and chose "RGB 343 patches (7x7x7)"
I printed the color charts with Photoshop CS6 using the Adobe Color Printer Utility with my HP 950C. After they dried thoroughly I reopened the HP Utility and went to Color Measurement and this time chose "Measure a color chart previously printed".
There were two options to use in the "Measure a color chart previously printed" The file name had to have either a ".txt" or a "csv" extension. I chose the ".txt" extension and ran the two sheets through the Z3200 and it created a profile. (I actually did one with the "csv" extension also)

Here is the problem. What do I do with a profile with a ".txt" extension when profiles have an "icc" extension. I tried a "save as" with .icc as the suffix, but it didn't work. In other words how do I use the profile I just created??? Seems like somewhere in the software there should be a way to convert the txt to icc. As an aside, the profile ends up being saved in Start\User Name\Appdata\Roaming\HP\HP Printer Utility. Seems like a strange place. I'm using a PC with win7 64 bit.

Any Ideas? I called HP and had their specialist look into the problem. Have not heard back yet.

Thanks for hopeful solution

Stan Conrad

19-Aug-2013, 08:48

Try to open your .txt with a text editor. If you can read the content then it is not an ICC profile but rather recording of the measurements (CGATS or MonacoPROFILER formats) which can be used along with the target by a third-party profiling software to create an actual paper profile (.icc).

I do not recall what should be selected in the Color Center to make a profile from an already printed chart. Try looking for something like "Create ICC profile from a target that has already been printed" or similar.