View Full Version : 10x12 holder dimensions

Andrey Donchev
20-Jul-2013, 01:58
Ha fellows, can someone please, point me to information regarding the 10x12 holder dimensions? I can take the T-distance and the rib-lock distance from Alan Brubaker's (http://filmholders.com/) site, but I can't find the overall width and the film loading flap width.

Thank you very much in advance!


Louis Pacilla
20-Jul-2013, 14:38
Hey Andrey
Here's the holder spec page from Keith Canhams site. Hope this helps.

20-Jul-2013, 16:58
I was thinking about this a while ago. How about spec dimension of 5x12, 7x17, 8x20 filmholders?

20-Jul-2013, 18:24
I'm using 1012 Japanese made wooden camera to make wet plates although it's a British brand.
It's not standard graflex size.
I would measure the holder if you need the size.

Andrey Donchev
20-Jul-2013, 22:36
Thank you for your replies! Canham's site information will do.
Thank you!