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17-Jul-2013, 12:12
Long story behind this one, so I'll skip it. I've noticed that there's a lot of overlap between Will Dunniway's information (the cursory information on his website at least) on making wet-plates and the introductory section of John Coffer's "Doer's Guide to Wet-plate Photography" (which I purchased a copy of). Anyway, most of the woodcuts that Coffer includes in his manual (and the ones featured on Will's page) come from Gaston Tissandier's "History and Handbook of Photography", which is a beautifully illustrated book available for free from archive.org (obviously out of copyright). There is another woodcut that they both use that I can't seem to locate. It's definitely not in Tissandier's book, nor in Snelling's "The History and Practice of the Art of Photography," nor in Burton & Pringle's "The Processes of Pure Photography."

Here is a low-resolution copy of the image I am trying to locate:

I am actually doing a couple of things here... I'm trying to assemble a list of historical references to pick through, but I'm also fascinated by the illustrations in Tissandier's book and was wondering if anybody recognized that woodcut or had some suggestions for "historic" photography manuals/books that use woodcuts for illustrations.

And sorry for asking such a strange question.

17-Jul-2013, 12:59
Apparently it was printed in Vogel...

Published in "Handbook of the Practice and Art of Photography" by Dr. Hermann Vogel, translated by Edward Moelling (Philadelphia: Benerman & Wilson, 1871), p.213, fig.68.

...from Luminous Lint (http://www.luminous-lint.com/app/vexhibit/_THEME_19thc_Studio_Dark_Tents_01/6/19/93456452348809387533059/) by way of one of Will Dunniway's posts that I scraped from the cwreenactors (http://www.cwreenactors.com/phorum/read.php?1,8108) forum.

Google is a beautiful, powerful tool...

Thanks for your consideration!