View Full Version : In Norway? With time to spare between 19-29 July 2013 ??

8-Jul-2013, 10:27
Hi all,

As the title say, should you just happen to be in Norway, with some time to spare between 19-29 of July and would like to drop-in and stay for a few days to meet some like mined LF and analogue film shooters? or perhaps this is THE reason :rolleyes: you have been waiting for in order to do a impulse visit to Norway?

;)Why not join us in the nice town of Larvik? Together with the good folks and super enthusiast from Farris Foto Klubb, who has a large darkroom, and a entire schoolhouse with all facilities for cheap accommodations for the period. Weather & light will dictate if we stay in the darkroom or go shooting at some of the many fabulous locations nearby or both, or just swap of photographic warstories! :eek: no preplanned agenda. Bring camera and film!

:cool: Cost for participation is the nominal fee of 10 Euros pr day pr head, including accommodation (bring your own sleeping gear), tea & coffee.

Sandwiches and meals at self cost where we split the actual cost.
BW Paper and chemistry at self cost based on consumption.

Does this sound interesting?

Should you have any questions, please send PM or email me at morten@kolve.org

Best Regards

some links:
Larvik town:
Farris Foto Klubb: (browse the site)

8-Jul-2013, 10:29
I will be there ;) At least for a few days in the start of the period =)

8-Jul-2013, 11:55
Wish I could be there; I'd give my right hand to go back to Norway (I'm a lefty :)).
I spent two summers north of Tromso to play the Riddu Riddu festival back in 2000/2001, and I've never forgotten Norway.

Michael E
9-Jul-2013, 10:52
Oh, great. I'll be in Norway from September 5 to 10. Anything going on in that time? I'm flying to and from Oslo and don't have any plans yet.


12-Jul-2013, 13:14
I'll be in Norway from August 23-28th. I planned mainly to visit Oslo and then Horten for Fotografiets Dag at the Preus Museum.