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20-Jun-2013, 13:47
Hi, just a short introduction. Please bear with me until I earn my stripes :)

Been using/developing 35mm and 120 for a good few years, doing more now as an antidote to DSLR (which has its uses :) ). I bought a home made 5x4 (which is ready for various modifications/improvements) to test the water, and while looking for a suitable lens saw a top rangefinder Crown Graphic 5x4 which was at just the right price - it'd be rude not to buy it. ;)

So, ready to roll with the Graflex, darkslides, and a part-used box of FP4 someone gave me. I'll probably be developing one at a time in a Paterson tank for now, but will get something more suitable when funds/opportunity allow.

I don't have access to a darkroom (sadly had to skip some gear I had accrued due to oack of space) so negs will be scanned (new scanner also on the list of things to buy) and printed on a basic inkjet printer for now.

I will be metering using an incident meter until a spot meter finds its way to me, then I'll have a go at the zone metering/developing system.


Andrew O'Neill
20-Jun-2013, 19:12
Welcome to the forum, Peter. You'll love large format and FP4.

Pete Watkins
21-Jun-2013, 02:21
Yeah, welcome to the forum. If you need help, advice or guidance this is the forum you need.