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2-Jun-2013, 17:10
Good day everybody!

I'm fairly new to your forum and to the ULF world, and I would like to offer my products as a reseller of film.
I have been involved in the photographic business for the last 1 and a half year, mainly with the 35mm, 120 format, chemical products and other accessories.

It is now time for me to step into the ULF arena, and give Canadian photographer the capacity to buy these products from another Canadian source.
Of course, I'm not limited to the Canadian market; I have already shipped materiel to USA, South America, Asia, Europe and Australia.

And this is only a few keystrokes away : http://www.argentix.ca

This web-site is undergoing a refresh phase, and more items will be made available on a weekly basis.

I'm starting out with a small amount of ULF film (various sizes and ISO ratings), giving me enough time to come in-synch with your reality. A few items are actually B/O and I really want to
hear from you and your needs in terms of brands, sizes and speed.

Take note that these ULF products are to be made available only via my web-site.

Thank you all for your feedback.
I hope to hear from you soon, from this Forum message services or on my email address.

Jacques Brodeur

2-Jun-2013, 17:17
I see ZERO ulf film on your site. this thread will probably be deleted.

3-Jun-2013, 04:38
Good day again!

According to some clarifications and due to my lack of knowledges in the linguistics used this area, please replace 'ULF' by 'Large Format' in my post.

Sorry if I insulted some of your members, and thank you for your understanding.


4-Jun-2013, 13:50
I've had the pleasure of e-mailing Jacques, and will certainly send some business his way once my 8x10 stock starts to dry up.

Right now he has four 8x10 emulsions (B&W), and prices are on par with Freestyle's prices; the added benefit for Canadians is that we can now order B&W sheet film (4x5, 5x7 and 8x10) without paying steep shipping charges and import duties.

Here is someone ready to commit to supplying sheet film, so get in touch with Jacques and help him continue in his venture.

17-Jun-2013, 06:36
A bump for Jacques at Argentix.ca

He's gotten a very good response from the people over at APUG, I'm not sure why he got the cold shoulder here.

Anyone willing to undertake the sale and distribution of black and white film in this day and age, from 35mm to 8x10 sheets, deserves our attention and, if possible, our support as well.

Randy Moe
17-Jun-2013, 07:36
Yes, I agree the more suppliers the better. His site is dual language a little tough for me, but I believe I am now registered.

Obviously French is his language. No problem. I do go to Canada fairly often.

Good luck Jacques!

John Kasaian
17-Jun-2013, 19:56
Excellent! Good luck Jacques!

18-Jun-2013, 07:33
Thanks a lot for your support.
By the way Randy, your registration seems complete.

Welcome aboard

Andrew O'Neill
18-Jun-2013, 14:31
Bonjour Jacques! Will you eventually sell HP5 and FP4 8x10 sheet film?

29-Jun-2013, 06:38
Hi everybody.
I hope everithing is OK for you all.

I analyzed your wish-lists and I can presently offer you some items that were usually not in regular stock.

For some other items, like Adox Variotone paper, it is only a question of weeks before I have them on-hand.

I'm presently working on Ilford and Kentmere supplies (for films, papers and chems) and I will keep you posted about it.

Meanwhile, come visit my site at http://www.argentix.ca and feel free to send me any constructive criticism; together, we are stronger.

Have a great weekend, and if you celebrate Canada Day, do it safely!


5-Jul-2013, 20:00
Bonjour Jacques,
I just see this topic and register to your website.
A nice brochette of products available here in Québec, fantastic. Good luck and count on me in the future.

6-Jul-2013, 00:12
Merci Ginette
I decided to jump into this when I realized that each and every store around were downgrading the shelf-space availability for traditional photography material.
Still no regrets, and yes, I want to be there for a long time.

Thank you all for your support, and have a great weekend!