View Full Version : Printer recommendation wanted -- Need replacement for my HP 7960

2-Jun-2013, 13:16
My HP 7960 has at last bitten the dust, and there doesn't appear to be a HP recommended replacement for it. It has been a wonderful printer, and its only drawback has been the high cost of ink. I usually print on the highest quality papers from HP and Illford.

I print color and B&W. Don't need anything larger than 8.5 x 11.

What do you recommend as the best replacement, considering quality and cost? Have no objection to switching to Epson.

thank you.


Gem Singer
2-Jun-2013, 13:32
Since you only need 8.5x11, the Epson 2880 should do the job.

2-Jun-2013, 16:23
Since you only need 8.5x11, the Epson 2880 should do the job.

That's a 13" printer -- more size and $$$ that I need.

2-Jun-2013, 16:57
Here's a 13x19 printer I'm thinking of buying. With rebate it's $89.


Does anyone have any review or experiences with this printer.

3-Jun-2013, 13:33

Greg Miller
3-Jun-2013, 14:49
It has been a while since I looked at smaller printers, but I doubt there are any real high quality 8.5 x 11 printers. And in the Epson line there some advantages to going with the (even larger than 13") 17" and larger printers, one being that they have closed loop systems and you can count on the canned printer profiles from the paper manufacturers being reasonably good. The 13" printers don;t have that so you really need custom profiles created, and then they have a limited shelf life. This may lead to much more of a budget than you intended, but thought I would throw it out there. But if you print much you will end up saving money because the ink cost saving with the larger printers.

3-Jun-2013, 15:48
My $0.02
Go for the Epson

12-Jul-2013, 15:04
Epson would be my choice, even if I don't understand why printing so small from a LF camera.....