View Full Version : Do anybody know simplyawesomephoto.com

29-May-2013, 04:55
I came across this store since they take ULF orders, anybody have any experience with them?

Roger Thoms
29-May-2013, 06:48
No, but I looked a few items it looks like you have to order in multiples of anywhere from 8 to 25 so that could be a problem. One of the features of Ilfords ULF run is that there are no minimums, so if I want to order one box I can. For instance I am going to order FP4 WP film and there minimum is 25 boxes so at $101 at box that's over $2500. No way I could afford or use that much film. Last year I ordered 4 boxes and will do the same this year. If you go to Ilford's website they have a list of ULF dealers, plenty of other places to order from.