View Full Version : Any Workshops in the North East coming up early june? view cameras + B & W darkroom

25-May-2013, 15:07

I am slowly tuning my attention towards learning the ins and outs of view camera use and workflow with darkroom printing. I shoot a 4x5 Tachihara.

Does anyone know of any workshops on the east coast (VT, NY, MA, NJ, NH...) coming up in early june? I would like to learn more about shooting with a view camera, Metering and judging exposures, on camera filter use, Developing, (and one can always learn more about printing).

And if not, I will be in the Morristown NJ area for a week or so if anyone needs an assistant in their darkroom :)


Bob Mann
25-May-2013, 15:10
Not early June, a few weeks later - Richard Ritter is doing a workshop in New Jersey at Peter's Valley.

Nathan Potter
26-May-2013, 13:02
Check out Maine Media Workshops instructional series for June 2013. They are in Rockport ME.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

Peter Lewin
26-May-2013, 13:35
Actually, wanting to help the OP, I already looked at both the Peter's Valley and Maine Media Workshops calendars. Both have large format classes in July, unfortunately nothing in June. Richard Ritter, along with Bruce Barlow, run the Fine Focus Workshops in Vermont, but their website doesn't give any class dates; Nicholas could check the site and contact them directly. The Summit Visual Arts Center, another option near Morristown, unfortunately has nothing for large format. With that, I ran out of ideas.

Ken Lee
26-May-2013, 16:42
I teach one-on-one and group workshops in Massachusetts. See this page (http://www.kenleegallery.com/html/instruction/index.php) for more information.

Bruce Barlow
28-May-2013, 18:11
I'm on a trip around the country, and no longer doing Fine Focus Workshops with Richard. That said, I would HIGHLY recommend his Peters Valley workshop. Richard is a wonderful teacher.

I'd also recommend my "Composition Intensive" session at Peters Valley at the end of July. Not LF, but last year's was highly reviewed. This year I think I'll actually know what I'm doing with it.

Steve Sherman
28-May-2013, 18:22
I recently taught a Silver Gelatin Split Printing workshop in Toronto. For dates and specific details about workshops I conduct in my 450 sq. ft. darkroom in central Connecticut, see this link http://www.steve-sherman.com/workshops.cfm

You may also find useful a recent online interview here http://rfotofolio.com/2013/05/21/steve-shermaninterviewfineartphotography/