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21-May-2013, 14:03
Hi All
Just joined LFP group and just bought a Linhof. I've been a practicing professional for 20 year but from a photojournalism background so never really did the 5x4 thing. really want a good book to explain the best way to use a 5x4 - just can't get my head round the use of front and back standards. Any easy to read in plain english the basics.
Understand all other aspects - it just that get the most of of being able to correcting verticals and getting the most of of focussing etc etc. Please help
Many thanks

Merg Ross
21-May-2013, 14:20
Jim Stone, Steve Simmons and Leslie Stroebel have written easy to understand books on view camera technique. A quick search will find them.

Mark Stahlke
21-May-2013, 14:21
I highly recommend Steve Simmons' "Using the View Camera". It has a very good section explaining the camera movements.

21-May-2013, 14:47
I highly recommend Steve Steve Simmons’ “Using the View Camera.” It has a very good section explaining the camera movements.

I agree – the images of wooden building blocks, and how front & back movements change their appearance, is a fun touch. The building blocks will appeal to people who never did well in school and preferred playing to book learning.

And when it’s time for a break from all the learning, you can turn to page 105 for the very good section on Cindy Crawford.

Not even Ansel Adams’ The Camera can do that.

21-May-2013, 21:52
Stroebel's View Camera Basics uses blocks to explain movements, as well. No Cindy Crawford, though.

22-May-2013, 00:31
thanks everyone - Just ordered both - bedtime reading sorted. John

John Koehrer
25-May-2013, 19:42
No blocks for me! Legos!