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15-Jun-2004, 17:15
I notice the Western LF group is located in Dallas Texas. Isn't that located in about the middle part of the USA? Are there really no other LF groups further West then the centerline??

I am out near theSeattle and Vancouver Canada area, wondering if there is a small group out this way? Maybe we could start up a LF group that is REALLY located out west.

15-Jun-2004, 18:38
I am located in Vancouver,BC and would love to meet other Lf photographers here.

I e-mailed Andrew O'neil (sp?) but go no response...

15-Jun-2004, 19:07
I am in eastern Washington - well, the Idaho panhandle - and would love to participate in some "outings" in the Northwest (Wa, Ore, Idaho, BC)

If you get a group going, keep me updated.

Andrew O'Neill
15-Jun-2004, 20:28
You emailed me Deniz?? Really?? I didn't get it. Try my other address sagging_bellows@canada.com

My andy8x10 address seems to be blocking everybody. Hey Matt, we don't consider BC in the Northwest. It's the Lower Mainland...isn't that funny??

Keith Fleming
15-Jun-2004, 20:33
Add me to the list of interested people. I'm out here on the Olympic Peninsula.


Annie M.
15-Jun-2004, 21:03
Southern Vancouver Island...... Just 20 miles across the Straight from Washington state.... Can see the lights of Port Angeles at night.... Cheers Annie.

tim atherton
15-Jun-2004, 21:19
Hey Matt, we don't consider BC in the Northwest. It's the Lower Mainland...

You're welcome in the real northwest (Northwest Territories)... :-)

BC is the Southwest

15-Jun-2004, 21:55
My mistake, Tim ....

I guess those of us in the tropics forget....


15-Jun-2004, 21:58
Hey Keith!

I am planning a visit to the Olympics this summer. I am interested in the beaches and the rain forest - any favored spots?

15-Jun-2004, 22:18
I hope we can stay focused on the original posting regarding the formation of a Western LF group.

There seem to be a several possibilities:

1 A group formed in the NW that would be somewhat close to the Portland/Seattle/Vancouver, Canada area.

2 A group located further South closer to SanFransisco/LosAngeles area.

3 One group covering the the whole West Coast area.

I would be interested in working with others to form a group here in the NW. I personly live 1/2 way between Seattle and Vancouver, Canada.

If anyone is interested make yourself known here and make a short list of your goals and interests. We could assimilate the information and make a proposal for a future gathering.

Keith Fleming
15-Jun-2004, 22:22

Don't skip going to Hurricane Ridge in the Port Angeles area for some great views of the mountains. Just get there as early in the morning as you can--the surrounding mountain peaks are to the south of the ridge, so by mid-morning the peaks are becoming backlit.

We like Rialto Beach and the other beaches along the more northern sections of the park. Also, the Makah Reservation at Neah Bay reportedly has opened a new trail to a superb beach. I haven't been there yet. From Lake Ozette in the national park, there are two trails to the beaches--but it means carrying your LF gear about 3 miles each way.


15-Jun-2004, 22:26
I live in central Oregon and would be interested in any groups out in Oregon or for that matter in the pacific northwest. It would be fun to get together from time to time in an outdoor setting to talk shop and photograph. Keep me posted if any groups form. Thanks.

15-Jun-2004, 22:32
Keith, I just read your post after I posted mine. I think that's a good idea. I'd be interested in both a general west coast group and/or a more local group to my area of Bend, Oregon. It's about a 3 1/2 hrs drive to Portland.

Jim Ewins
15-Jun-2004, 23:56
I live on Queen Anne in Seattle and would act as a message distribution hub for a group if desired. Perhaps we could start out but posting a field trip and see who shows up. It would help to geographically locate those who have interest. I'll start by replying to those who have expressed interest in this thread. Jim

16-Jun-2004, 01:09
This is exciting... I hope something comes out of this!!

Edward (Halifax,NS)
16-Jun-2004, 05:39
Annie, have you ever been to Carmannah Valley? I was there on my 29th birthday and it was heaven. That is my favorite spot for rainforest.

Annie M.
16-Jun-2004, 07:10

Yes, the Carmannah is truly a special place. Spent a few years in Halifax too.... when nscad was the place to be on the planet if you wanted to be a painter... the Maritimes are magic!

As for the LF group it would be great to photograph in a new place and exchange ideas... A bonus for me if anyone happens to be involved in platinum printing.

Cheers Annie

Matthew Cordery
16-Jun-2004, 10:53
I'd be interested, since I live in Seattle as well (Capitol Hill/First Hill). I'd also like to know if anyone in the area is ding digital black and white prints from 4x5 negatives. I'd love to see some of this work first hand.

Andrew O'Neill
16-Jun-2004, 11:36
For the past couple of years I've been doing all of my photography in the Fraser Canyon/Thompson Valley area. Lots of neat ground there. I'm going to Kamloops this weekend to explore the Palasades along the Thompson. Really neat place!

16-Jun-2004, 18:33
Hi all, I have been reading all the posts for the midwest and west for LF groups but I have not seen anything for the south. I'm in central Alabama and would like to do the same thing here. Anyone interested??

John Hinkey
16-Jun-2004, 21:39
I've been wondering where all the Pacific NW LF guys have been. I've been on a photography hiatus for a while since my twin girls were born, but I'm trying to get out again. I like to hike into somewhat remote places (Mt. Baker, up on Mt. Rainier, etc.) with my 4x5: day trips as well as quick overnights. Also make it over to Eastern Washington now and again. Who else is nearby?

John Hinkey West Seattle, WA

Patrick Ingram
17-Jun-2004, 16:04
I'm another Vancouver LFer. I could be talked into some sort of a group (although I'm moving away for 4 mo.s soon).

Dave Benfer
3-Aug-2004, 18:00
I'm interested TOO!! I live in Tacoma and shoot 8X10 B&W

Paul Butzi
3-Aug-2004, 21:14
I'm in Carnation, WA and I'm interested in any NW LF group that might get started.

I've led workshops on the WA coast, so I have some ideas about good locations. If you have specific things you're looking for, let me know and I'll try to help.


Robert Opheim
9-Aug-2004, 10:55
There seem to be a number of large format photograpers in Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Bellingham and in the Vancouver / Vancouver Island area, as well as Portland, and Eastern Washington, and Eastern Oregon.

I would be interested in hearing more. It sounds like a great idea to me. Scouting new areas to photograph always takes effort and pooling our common knowledge would benifit all. I have shot at the beach at La Push, in the Rain Forrest, and along the north coast of the Olympic Pennensula.

Bob Opheim - Kenmore (Seattle)

Dave Benfer
9-Aug-2004, 13:21
ANYBODY interested in setting up an informal "Get Together" Either a workshop/print-critique/general bull-session or an on-location photoshoot somewhere. (I'm leaning toward the former for the first meeting) We can select a centralized location and use an outdoor location, (or since this IS WA state and might be raining) a Starbucks, Borders/Barnes and Noble bookstore, or a Public Library (depending on expected group size). An outdoor location with a roof is availible for large/med sized groups at Point Defiance State Park (Tacoma) . I'm sure there are facilities that would allow us a meeting place. Anybody volunteer to be the point on this?? Collecting everybodies email addresses and mailing a once a month (or once a quarter) newletter with group news/events/members would all it would be required. It would be pretty awesome to do "trips" to nearby locations (Mt Rainier, Oly P, Oregon Coast, BC, etc) Either hoteling or camping/RVing or just day trips. We just need to plan far out in advance to allow people to adjust their schedules. ANYBODY interested???

please email me, or post ideas/suggestions here

See ya at the WWLF meeting !!! (Western Washington Large Format)

9-Aug-2004, 15:04
I just posted this under a new question WWLFG and now see there is still interest here so I will post the same message here also. Sorry for any duplications you might receive.

It appears there is plenty of interest in forming a large format group located waaaay out west in the Washington/Oregon/British Columbia area. I would like to make the suggestion that we form a group, choose a location for meetings and determine our purpose and goals. Because of my personal schedule, which takes me out of the country, I will suggest a meeting date of: Saturday, November 6, 2004

Location: Seattle WA.

Meeting place: To be determined. I donít live in Seattle so will need the help of someone interested in securing a location.

Schedule: Our first meeting can be anything we want; however I might suggest the following:

November 6 (One day) or November 6-7 (For two day)

8:00-9:00 Registration (hopefully free)

9:00-10:00 General meeting for organization, goals, future meetings and a general open discussion forum.

11:00-12:00 Presentation (Speaker or demonstration)

12:00-1:00 Lunch, on your own.

1:00-2:00 Presentation (Speaker or Demonstration)

2:00-4:00 Presentation (Speaker or Demonstration)

4:00-5:00 Open forum

November 7 Field trip or other LF related activity.

This meeting date and schedule is just a proposal and subject to change depending on input from those planning to attend.

I would think the purpose for such a group would be an opportunity to communicate with other LF users, educational, instructional, and social.

I would also make the recommendation that the group could meet bi-monthly or quarterly. The meetings could be rotated to different locations throughout the year.

A suggestion:

January: Seattle

March: Vancouver, BC

May: Portland

July: Seattle

September: Vancouver, BC

November: Portland

This would give each of us two meetings to attend during the year if you live close to one of these cities, and up to six meetings a year for those who are willing to travel to different cities or country.

We will need:

Someone to locate a facility for our use. Since this could be considered an educational meeting, maybe the use of a room or two at a community college would be a good choice with parking and related facilitates. Coffee shops sound great with all the free coffee and lattes we can drink, but not sure about the room needed for meetings and equipment.

Someone to line up speakers or demonstrations.

Someone for advertising and the possibility of some support from the local LF outlets.

None of these jobs are very big, and easily accomplished.

You can contact me direct at my email address or here on the LF group discussion board.


Dave Benfer
11-Aug-2004, 11:43
I am compiling a mailing list for the PNWLFG (Pacific North West Large Format Group). If you've posted a response on this thread or the one on the main board, I have added your name to the list. If you have not posted, and would like to be included on the mailing list, please either email me directly (by clicking on my name at the bottom of this post, and following the instructions to contact me) OR just respond to either this thread, or the one on the main board, with a short message like "include me on the mailing list" and your email address will be added. I will send all 20 of the people interested in the PNWLFG an email with the entire list in the next couple of days to allow any straglers time to contact me.

Dave B

Dave Benfer
11-Aug-2004, 12:47
I should've included above--

Do NOT post your email address directly on this thread (to reduce the possibility of email address harvesting robots from snagging it) Just post the "include me on the list" message and i'll get you address.

Dave Benfer
16-Aug-2004, 11:23
I emailed everybody who responded to this thread or sent me an email directly. If you did NOT receive an email from me with a short questionaire; PLEASE, Please re-respond or send me an email to be included on the mailing list. I will wait till the end of the week to make sure we get everybody.

EMAIL ME soon !!

and thanks to everybody who is interested in participating