View Full Version : Good source for...if I knew what to call them I would have found them by now!!!

Jim Andrada
1-May-2013, 13:08
OK - everyone must have seen them. I'm looking for a good source for those nice clear plastic sort of baggie things that you put around matted prints for sale so people can look through them without smudging them all up. If I just knew what to call them instead of "clear plastic baggie things" I would have found them by now I'm sure.


Jon Shiu
1-May-2013, 13:14
clearenvelopes.com (same company as clearbags, just different quantities, I believe).

Bob Salomon
1-May-2013, 13:41
Clear File sells them. They call them Crystal Clear Bags

1-May-2013, 13:51

1-May-2013, 14:09
2nd vote for clearbags.com. Get the ones with the adhesive on the bag, not the flap. That way nothing will stick to the work when removing it.

1-May-2013, 19:13
3d vote for Clearbags. I bought a package of 25 11x14 for $5.99 since that was all that was in stock at the time. Originally I thought that they were cheap (because they are thin) but after using them I'm very satisified although the adhesive doesn't adhere on mine (I put a small piece of transparent tape to keep it closed). But the are "crystal clear" and protect a matted print with minimal bulk. Other print covers I use are PrintFile and ClearFile - all of which are good.


Jim Andrada
1-May-2013, 23:19
Thanks guys

By the way, I'm assuming that the 11 x 14 size will work with a print mounted/matted to 11 x 14 without being a too tight fit.


2-May-2013, 04:27
Yes jim. And i've never had an issue with the adhesive on mine.

2-May-2013, 07:51
If you check the actual dimensions, they are almost always 1/2 to 3/8 inch larger than the advertised size. I get 4 ply dry mounted prints plus an 8 ply window easily and snugly into both 16x20 (11x14 print) and 24x30 (16 x20 print) sizes. BTW, Crystal Clear Bags are great until they get (unavoidably) scratched up. I feel that my prints look somewhat frustratingly better in them than proper frames and glazing.

Jim Andrada
2-May-2013, 11:08
Thanks again.