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Jeff Dexheimer
29-Apr-2013, 11:19
Just wondering if I am the only one not seeing customer product reviews on the B&H website. I rely heavily on them and would hate for them to take down. Any one else not seeing customer product reviews on the B&H website?

29-Apr-2013, 11:33
I just ordered some paper from them on Friday and the reviews were there--don't see them now, though. Hopefully, they're just doing some work on the site and haven't deleted the feature--it was very helpful.

29-Apr-2013, 12:10
I am a little pissed at BH about this ....go ahead and fill it out ...think you are going to win anything.... yea a email box full of bullshit..thats what you get....same with KEH. Leave me alone.... if you gave good service i will order again!!!

Jeff Dexheimer
29-Apr-2013, 12:16
Their service is one thing. I agree Mike, if I am happy with the service and price I will order again. What I need to know is if the product I am about to spend my money on has treated other customers well. I also want to read others opinions about the products in general. It really helps in deciding whether or not to buy. If Iam uncertain about an item and there are no reviews, I will unlikely buy.

Michael Graves
29-Apr-2013, 12:17
I know that I just received an order about two weeks ago and a couple of days later, they were soliciting me for a review. I'd think that they plan to continue based on that.

29-Apr-2013, 12:25
The useful thing about the reviews, is that they often contain small, but significant details about the product. Like, "X works great, but if you're using it with Y, get the next size up." I'm more likely to buy something and less likely to return it if the reviews provide good information.

29-Apr-2013, 12:32
They bug the crap out of you with emails until you do.... i have used filters to squeeze these emails out ....but the crafty devils change the return and or the subject on me.... Serious i am really tired of it.... yea on the big stuff i read the reviews and i have been know to right a couple of these.... but i use BH for epson ink and paper and film..... yea yea kodak film is great, fantastic, and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious...... but i spend a lot ..it seems like every week.... and i get a minimum of 3 to 5 emails per order not pertaining to the order.....maybe i should be happy that the boogers dont sell my email and information to spammers

29-Apr-2013, 13:45
Not seeing them right now but hopefully a glitch. I use them all of the time, as mentioned it's the small details that help.

Although my last review they chopped some important details about a product that I would have wanted to know before I purchased it (hence the reason I included the information). So you have to keep in mind they do edit them.

Leszek Vogt
29-Apr-2013, 16:47
Don't you just love their surveys ? I finally told the custr svce guy, you things right and there is no need for survey.