View Full Version : hello from Texas

25-Apr-2013, 18:16
I've read a few posts and learned a few things, so I decided to join my first forum ever. I'm a scared but here we go!!!!

looking forward to learning more about LF especially 8 X 10

25-Apr-2013, 18:43
Welcome aboard, what part of the state are you from?


25-Apr-2013, 18:48
Welcome aboard, what part of the state are you from?


Thanks, not far from you, I'm out in Cypress

25-Apr-2013, 19:51
Welcome to the forum, from east texas.

billie williams
25-Apr-2013, 20:19
Welcome to the forum. It's only scary at first. There's a bunch of really nice folks here.

Yo' Vinny
25-Apr-2013, 21:30
Welcome esqaured. I'm in Katy. Good to have you onboard.

brian mcweeney
26-Apr-2013, 17:29
Nothing scary here. Welcome esquared!

Gem Singer
26-Apr-2013, 17:40
Don't be scared. Jump in. The water's fine.

Welcome from north DFW.

30-Apr-2013, 07:50
Welcome to the forum. Once you make the plunge you will realize that it's not that difficult at all. I find 8x10 to be more enjoyable than 4x5. You can find a decent used 8x10 on the market with one lens and a couple film holders and you'll be ready for action.

Best of luck to you.


David Lobato
30-Apr-2013, 09:59
Glad to have you join. I'm in NW Houston, using 8x10 and 4x5.

14-Jun-2013, 07:19
i am also a houston guy.

someone recently had a wista rittreck on ebay for a reasonable price. this is a 5x7 camera but the sale included an 8x10 back. i think it was priced around 700 bucks. i just went back and looked. the auction either sold or expired but that is a very reasonable price for a camera that size. also, this sort of system has a lot of flexibility.

Andrew O'Neill
14-Jun-2013, 10:57