View Full Version : Tri-X in Chicago

Pete Watkins
19-Apr-2013, 13:06
Help, my son is in New York and I asked him to call into B&H and get me some 4x5 Tri-X. It seems that there were too many bars between his hotel and B&H, he got there too late. He will be on his way to Chicago in the next day or so, can he buy me some 4x5 Tri-x in Chicago? Please..........

David R Munson
19-Apr-2013, 13:11
I just called Calumet and they are out at their main store on Goose Island, but they do have some at the Rush St. location. Have your son call them at 312-943-5531 and they will hold it for him until he can come pick it up. The store is at 750 N Rush, at the corner with Chicago Ave and just west of Michigan Ave.

David R Munson
19-Apr-2013, 13:22
Also, Central Camera on Wabash appears to have some in stock, at least it looks like it on their site: