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1-Apr-2013, 14:42
Hello from Texas. I consider myself an advanced amateur in small format digital photography (where I have done 95% of my learning), but am new to the world of large formats and relatively new to analog photography. I have no darkroom or darkroom skills, but have been processing my own B&W film.

I have learned a lot of things already browsing the forums here, but expect to have some questions ahead of me still.

So my first question: How do you post photos to solicit input from other members? Do you post them on this site, or somewhere externally?


Andrew O'Neill
1-Apr-2013, 14:49
Welcome to the LF forum Lffbug. Click on "go advanced" at the bottom right corner near this reply box. Then click on manage attachments. You can upload from there. Just be sure to post to appropriate thread.


Brian C. Miller
1-Apr-2013, 15:10
Welcome, Lffbug! You may need to wait a little while, like a week, before the forum software allows you to upload photos to your posts. There is a thread in the Image forum for critiques, so you can post to that thread.