View Full Version : Film, Alt., Collodion, etc. Photographers in the Netherlands :)

Nikola Dulgiarov
1-Apr-2013, 11:28
I'm from Bulgaria and this week I'll be staying in The Hague, so I'm interested in meeting up with fellow photographers in the region. So, if anyone has the time or ability, it would be great to PM me, or just drop an e-mail off @ nikola.dulgiarov(at)gmail.com I'm not very good at introducing myself, but I do LF 8x10 with a homemade camera, incl. wetplate collodion, reversal processes on paper, x-ray film, lith prints; I also shoot super 8 films, as well as KB and MF. If you are interested, you can see what I have done in the last few years on http://nickdul.deviantart.com/ or my blog (which is supposed to be in my signature).
I'll be in Amsterdam tomorrow, mainly in the central region, looking around.
The rest of the week, I'll possibly remain in den Haag, until Sunday.
Well, I hope I can meet up and have a small chat with someone else who has shared a passion for alt or analog photography
PS: I feel it necessary to admit that I'm a ridiculous imbecile for forgetting to post this some time PRIOR to my arrival in the Netherlands, so that people (myself included) can plan ahead. Alas, too many things sprang up....