View Full Version : Minnesota DOR says: "Don't use TurboTax"

11-Mar-2013, 17:07
Apparently there are major problems between Intuit & the Minnesota DOR.

Below is a link to the DOR article and below that is the beginning of the article.


The Minnesota Department of Revenue advises you not to use Intuit (TurboTax, Lacerte, Intuit online, ProSeries) to file your Minnesota taxes electronically or on paper. Intuit has discovered multiple issues with their products. The issues could jeopardize the accuracy of your return or delay your refund.

11-Mar-2013, 17:51
Thanks for the heads-up. I just forwarded to my son in Minneapolis.

13-Mar-2013, 14:41
The DOR site adobe file o the issue says everything has been corrected and or the company is filing the data needed with them, and processing is correct since 3/11.. Is there some reason your bashing the product with out dated information?

Renato Tonelli
14-Mar-2013, 18:26
I used TurboTax several years ago. The versions were up-to-date. Both times the IRS sent me a notice - lukily I was due a larger refund than I had filed for.

John Olsen
14-Mar-2013, 18:41
What's this got to do with LF photography?

14-Mar-2013, 21:46
One thing that bothers me about this forum is the negativity when someone is trying to help. If you followed the history on this, you would know that this is not out-dated information. At the time I made this post, this was current, accurate info. It still is: many of these issues were corrected for returns AFTER 3/11, and I suspect that the DOR posted their update late that evening (it wasn't there when I made my post.) If you're a professional photographer with an S corp. and you've already filed, you need to file an amended return. Probably the biggest issue is the failure of Intuit to deduct Section 179 expenditures on an S Corp, which means you would pay a lot more in tax...and most professional photographers would take advantage of this deduction. If you are an individual that filed before 3/11, you might need to file an amended return anyhow.

Note in the DOR's "update" that returns completed AFTER 3/11 will not have these problems, so if you filed ON 3/11, you may still have a problem.

I know several CPAs that use Intuit's professional package called Lacerte, and they are wondering who is going to pay for the amended returns...

It's posted in the business section to help those professionals that might have these problems. If you want to attack me, I have plenty pf places to help where I'm appreciated!