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25-Feb-2013, 15:20
Hello everyone, I thought I'd stop lurking and start participating.

I've been shooting film ever since I started doing photography, which was a few years ago. While I did jump onto the digital bandwagon, it never really offered the same experience shooting film did ... so I worked my way up from my dad's old 35mm Minolta, to a medium format, and most recently, a Super Graphic. While I've only taken the plunge into large format recently, I've found it incredibly fascinating and thoughtful, and the image quality just mind-blowing.

I shoot mainly portraiture and landscape, and I love shooting in the studio where I can play with light.

Lachlan 717
26-Feb-2013, 00:00
Where are you based? There are quite a few of us down here...

26-Feb-2013, 01:07
G'day! There's a good representation of Australia on this forum. No doubt the rest of them will be along soon.

*edit: that's my 500th post!

26-Feb-2013, 06:33
I'm actually in Adelaide ... and congrats, Welly!