View Full Version : Are unsent responses to posts saved?

23-Feb-2013, 09:52
I keep seeing 'saved' come up when I am typing.... I just wrote a response to a post and didnt realize that it didnt go through because I dodnt answer the question at the top of the page. How do I recover these 'saved' responses or drafts? Thanks!

23-Feb-2013, 13:28
I believe if you attempt to reply to the same thread, a little box pops up in the lower left(?) corner of the edit window that says "Restore saved" or words to that effect.

- Leigh

25-Feb-2013, 07:36
See the top thread in the Sticky list on this Feedback forum. It talks about this feature. It's a new feature that came with a fairly recent forum software upgrade, so I'm not sure we all know the nuances of how it works.

When you've been a member for 30 days, you won't have to answer the question any more, as long as you are logged in. So, now you have two things to look forward to.:)

Rick "enjoy" Denney