View Full Version : I dont seem to have access to the For Sale section. . . .

23-Feb-2013, 09:48
Am i doing something wrong here?

23-Feb-2013, 09:56
This is probably the reason:


Classifieds (for sale or wanted ads) should only be posted in the "For Sale/Wanted" sub-forum, which is open only to those who have been members for 30 days or more.

23-Feb-2013, 09:56
Step 1: Click the FAQ link at the top of the page.

Step 2: Click the link titled: What are the basic usage guidelines (da “rules”)?

Step 3: Read the 4th bullet down about classifieds. Heck, while you’re there, read them all. They’re good for you, just like broccoli and spinach.

Step 4: Smile w/ your new knowledge. :)

Step 5: Share these steps when you see someone else ask the same question.

23-Feb-2013, 10:36
Thanks, I guess I have time to save more money now. . . .

25-Feb-2013, 07:31
Thanks, I guess I have time to save more money now. . . .

It's an anti-spam measure. We get people joining all the time who have no interest in our community, but who just want to sell stuff. The For-Sale forum is a service to ourselves. The wait period weeds out most of those who want to sell gray-market Canon 6D's for "ninety-ninety-ninety-ninety-nine", make a few sales, and then disappear.

Rick "enjoy the waiting period by jumping in" Denney