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  1. Anyone got a copy of the Sinar Zoom 2 variable format roll fim back?
  2. Cutting Arca rails - any problems ?
  3. Are dry plate and wet plate holders the same thing?
  4. First 8x10 camera, and something bad
  5. Can I use 4x5 film holder for Linhof Color 9x12 camera?
  6. Did I get a good deal or am I missing something?
  7. I just found that I own seven Linhof 9x12 film holders.
  8. 11x14 versus 8x10
  9. Putting a big wooden studio camera on a majestic?
  10. Large Format DeVere/Durst service tech?
  11. Deardorff / Calumet C1 Lens Board?
  12. Cheap carrying solution for Cambo SCX 8x10??
  13. Help identifying
  14. Need help identifying these Sinar boards; and, Sinar shutter recommendations
  15. Anybody knows about Lu Pa Udine camera?
  16. Non-folding 4x5 camera?
  17. Can I use fujinon sw 90mm on Shen Hao TFC45-IIB?
  18. replacement bellows for Kodak View camera model B 6.6 x 4.75"
  19. Sinar F2 4x5 & horseman lensboards??
  20. Super Graphic
  21. Great large format camera support
  22. Arca Swiss M-Line 8x10 and Monoball Fix compatibility
  23. Shen-Hao 5x7 Video...paying it forward
  24. Universal iris on a Linhof board
  25. Arca Swiss repair in NYC?
  26. Bosscreen?
  27. Century Universal 8x10 Universal Value?
  28. IR and bellows
  29. Making a switch to LF
  30. Ebony Folding Focusing Hood?
  31. Conley Safety 5x7
  32. Any 5x7 color shooters here?
  33. Sinar Norma upgrades and other questions
  34. Surprised at a Brocant (Near Antiques) in Barjac
  35. More Camera Photos at Barjac
  36. Checking coverage, Sinar 4x5 non-metering back
  37. Any experience on Porta Brace HK-2 Hiker Backpack Camera Case?
  38. Fresnel and ULF cameras
  39. Head and shoulders portraits with TRF Graphics
  40. 5x7 Seroco View Camera
  41. Vintage camera?
  42. Please help identify this ANSCO camera. Only 4 Photos...
  43. Anyone ever "fix" a Sinar Zoom 2 mask that has curved/warped?
  44. Great deal for beginner in St Louis area
  45. Backpack for Korona 8x10
  46. I'm in need of some MONORAIL advice
  47. Sinar digital shutter and exposure probe
  48. Weha Venus Plate Folder
  49. Graphic-Kowa 360mm f/9 coverage?
  50. How old is my Deardorff?
  51. A Heads Up re: Lensboard Size
  52. name of this camera
  53. Where in Paris would one find a déclencheur souple?
  54. Seneca View Camera - The good news and the bad news...
  55. 2D, Shutter, Lens, Stand, Backs, Holders on Craigslist
  56. Fixing 5x7 Lisco Regal Holder / Light Leak Test
  57. Quick Focus Lever for Graflex Speed Graphic ?
  58. Has anybody seen Sally Mann Camera
  59. 10x8 Agfa Ansco Commercial View for sale?
  60. Revolving Back for Toyo 45CF
  61. Does anyone else's Chamonix do this?
  62. Enlarger Question
  63. Press photographers with 4x5 Speed
  64. Interesting Busch Pressman Model
  65. lost focus knob
  66. 90mm on Shen Hao TFC45-IIB?
  67. A lighter tripod
  68. Linhof DOF scales
  69. Anyone bought ground glass from tssy2005 on eBay?
  70. Do you own a folded perspex ground glass protector?
  71. hinged back cameras
  72. "HARMAN TiTAN 8x10 Pinhole Camera"
  73. Crown Graphic....some questions
  74. Salt spray and focusing in dim light.
  75. Question on the type of Voigtlander lens
  76. 5x7 versus 8x10
  77. What's a good way to carry a Crown Graphic, and to add a flash
  78. F stop dial accessory
  79. Glue For Bellows
  80. Linhof Kardan Bi ground glass replacement question
  81. ?'s for owner of 8x10 chamonix
  82. Identifying Crown Graphic back and questions on compatible holders!
  83. Super Graphic Vs Field Camera viewer options
  84. 6 x 17 viewfinders
  85. Canham spring back?
  86. Using Sylvania Blue Dot #2 flashbulbs
  87. Wista bellows IR-proof?
  88. Focusing computer in Horseman LX-C how to use it
  89. Agfa Ansco camera for wet plate
  90. I'm new here! Press camera for field work? I'm looking at a Meridian 45a.
  91. Polaroid 505 Back - How To Use?
  92. Best grease for monorail?
  93. suggestions for affordable portable 8x10 camera
  94. high load capacity
  95. Chamonix 045F-1 first impressions
  96. Century Studio plate holders ?
  97. BBC article on pinhole photography (contemporary)
  98. Mamiya Based Back for Early Arca Classic F 6x9?
  99. Need new bellows for Linhof IV
  100. Okay, so who bought the Rochester Camera Co. "King" 11x14 on eBay?
  101. Linhof Tech II Info
  102. First time 4x5 advice needed
  103. 4x5 Field camera recommendation
  104. Fresnels
  105. Polyfocus Viewfinder
  106. 11x14 or 8x10 Field Camera
  107. Pinhole information?
  108. Arca Swiss. Which model and year. Help
  109. 5x7 Filmholders
  110. R.B Cycle Graphic question: How do I R. the B.?
  111. Ansco 8x10 Universal strange groove
  112. KMV lensboard and Kodak 2D
  113. Tachihara 4x5 question
  114. Mamiya Lens & shutter Question TLR
  115. 4x5 camera recommendation - on a budget and need a 120 back
  116. point of confusion re: Super Graphic vs Speed Graphic viewers
  117. Studio Portrait Lighting Question (1948)
  118. 4 x 10 film holder
  119. Agfa Ansco 8x10 (pre war) made from which kind of wood?
  120. How to shift, pan, tilt on a Sinar F2?
  121. Are Plate Cameras of any use these days?
  122. Using iphone apps for lightmeter
  123. How to use this cable release bracket?
  124. Ground Glass Protector For Arca Swiss 8x10?
  125. Which 8x10 Large Format Camera is This?
  126. Need advice for ground glass on old RB Auto Graflex
  127. Can cold damage equipment?
  128. Nice Hejnar Photo repair for Shen Hao FCL810-A
  129. Linhof Master Kardan 8x10 Backstandard
  130. Question on elevator brake repair on Century 2 Stand
  131. Kardan Bi question
  132. question about wista lensboards
  133. Does anyone recognize this tripod head?
  134. Using Lee 4x6 GND density filters with dim slow lenses?
  135. 4x10 Reducing back for Wista 810 field camera.
  136. Where to get a Sinar P gear rack?
  137. Where to buy cheap custom lens boards? + Some lens board related questions.
  138. My new old Ansco camera
  139. Wood camera parts.
  140. Black CC402 Calumet?
  141. Horseman LX Users manual
  142. Whole Plate film holders: expensive, nonstandard, and...available?
  143. Need info on shooting Fuji instant with 4x5 Cameras
  144. 6 5/8 x 6 1/8 lens board Kodak No 2 HELP
  145. Need G-Claron 240mm Aperture Scale
  146. Toyo 45CF reflex viewer options
  147. Release cable for Sinar P2
  148. Filter holder for Arca Swiss compendium
  149. Linhof Serial
  150. 5x7 Deardorff or Canham?
  151. Help to fix broken cable release on old Compur shutter
  152. Wide angle bellows for TFC 45 - IIB?
  153. Question about Tachihara 4x5 field camera
  154. Graflex optar 4.7
  155. Lensboards?
  156. CC-400 question?
  157. v11 deardorff or chamoix 16x20 camera?
  158. Question about Technika Reflex Photometer
  159. Arca Swiss LuIF 8x10 camera
  160. What is this?
  161. Tripod question
  162. Deardorff aficionados: Is any of this information accurate?
  163. Antique Wray lenses for sale?
  164. viewfinder app for walker 8X10 pinhole ?
  165. A question about 8x10 plate holders
  166. Light/Flash meter
  167. How to clean a ground glass ?
  168. Cutting Corners...of a fresnel
  169. Linhof Technika for Medium Format Film
  170. 'dorff for sale on CL
  171. Help save my French large format vacation!
  172. Linhof TK / Master Technika Bellows
  173. Cambo monocular viewer compatibility
  174. What's this for?
  175. How to tighten more camera to camera head on Ries
  176. Recommended cheap focusing Loupe 4x5
  177. Macro lenses for a digital back
  178. Dream cameras we want, but cannot have, let's see them!
  179. The Carl Zeiss RMK 30/23, RMK 21/23, IRU, aerial camera system.
  180. Arca Swiss SL-23 questions
  181. horseman VH-R question
  182. help identifying old box camera
  183. Cable Release Woes
  184. Deardorff back on a Rembrant portrait
  185. Wanderlust Prepping
  186. Yanke Fresnel Question
  187. Kodak 2D 8x10 camera with process lenses - lazy setup
  188. 120 roll film back for 8x10 camera
  189. Crikers! Gnass stuff has become pricey!
  190. Bubbles...
  191. Anyone know the guy on the forum who cuts cams for super graphic/graflex lenses?
  192. Alternate Sources of Recessed Arca Lens Boards
  193. 8x10 cameras with 4x10 & 5x8 options?
  194. Leveling Tilt/Pan Head 77
  195. Painting for a wooden camera
  196. Sinar self adhesive 8x10 holder
  197. Three way head options to mate 8x10 arca to a gitzo series 5?
  198. Camera for nikkor-t 600/800/1200
  199. Toyo Field Fresnel? What's up? Any owners out there?
  200. Using Horseman 980/985/VH-R to shoot 4x5: experiences and advice please.
  201. Graflex 3a Shutter Issues
  202. B&J Wood Field Flatbed 8x10 back dimensions
  203. Graflex Series D
  204. Budget 5x7/8x10 cameras with front tilt
  205. What model of Linhof do I have?
  206. Hey Batman! I found your Studio camera stand.
  207. Calumet C1 Compendium mount
  208. In praise of Shen-Hao
  209. Zeiss, Kodak, and Bausch & Lomb...
  210. Shen Hao PTB 617 - mini review - a good option to consider for 6x17 format
  211. Horseman 45HD questions
  212. In praise of: Linhof factory service
  213. Linhof 8x10
  214. Strange fruit : focus problems on Norma
  215. Anyone ever try to 'trick out' a Toyo Field lens board for architectural subjects?
  216. These 4x5s are breeding... Chamonix Saber
  217. Exciting new sections at Earlyphotography.co.uk
  218. Tachihara 8x10 -> 5x7 reducing back
  219. Arca Swiss 8x10 F-line on Manfrotto 410 Geared Head
  220. Houston Peeps - Century 2 needs a good home
  221. Thinking about going to 8x10
  222. how to dismantle ICA Juwel lens board?
  223. Sinar Norma question
  224. Where to fix the front standard on Super Graphic with Super Angulon 90mm
  225. The 1895 Patent Instantograph by Lancaster in half plate
  226. 1877 Anthony Imperial and Card Wetplate multiplying camera
  227. Panroamic camera question
  228. Good deal!
  229. Lugging a 8x10 Kodak 2D around
  230. Fotoman Helical Focusing Mount
  231. Schneider 47mm XL on Technikardan 45
  232. Thinking of "downsizing" from a Linhof Tech Master, to a Tech IV
  233. Arca Swiss repair/maintenance manuals?
  234. Tachihara 4x5 Blues...or how did this ever focus correctly?
  235. Cambo"Tension locks defective"?
  236. Beginner Large Format: Ebony or Chamonix?
  237. Question about Kodak 2D extension rail "connector"
  238. Stateside Linhof Pricing
  239. What camera is this?
  240. A couple of questions on Crown Graphics
  241. Kodak 8x10 2D with Packard Shutter
  242. spirit levels, Sinar Norma
  243. Spring back for Kodak 2D?
  244. Wista 4x5 for new field... Or should I look for some other?
  245. Wet or Dry Plate Holder?
  246. Leonardo 4x5 pinhole camera
  247. Converting Horseman 612 for 4x5 or 6x9 to SW612?
  248. 4x5 holders in Europe
  249. Toyo and super graphic groundglass back compatibility
  250. Does ISO convert to ASA with the new light meters?