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  1. Riteway film holders
  2. Wide angle lenses on 4x5 field camera
  3. Film holder for a Seneca View 11 X 14
  4. Best MF Film Camera for LF Landscape Photographer?
  5. Linhof Kardan TE or RE specs
  6. wehman field camera
  7. Sinar P shutter question from novice
  8. Horseman lens board
  9. Horseman Model 3 rotary film back -- needs a dark slide?
  10. HELP Unstable Speed Graphic
  11. 8.5 x 6.5 Plate Holders for Kodak 2D
  12. 8x10 Shen Hao vs. 8x10 Tachihara
  13. Parts for Sinar F series?
  14. Ross Half Plate Field Camera HELP!
  15. Technika 5x7 advice please
  16. Request a List of recommended compact Lenses for Horseman FA
  17. Multiple brass lenses on an antique wooden camera...
  18. Chamonix 8x10 questions
  19. Sinar F/P front lens board frame dimensions please
  20. Technika rail adjustment
  21. Bellows for Eastman Commercial View (magnesium)
  22. What to do when Crown Graphic RF isn't attached to lens board?
  23. Ground Glass Or Fresnel?
  24. help attributing camera
  25. Which 120 film back for Zone VI camera?
  26. That Technika III Ground glass thing again help.
  27. What should I consider for a view camera with a digital back?
  28. Plexi ground glass
  29. Which 5x7 for my first LF camera?
  30. Question on Grafmatic film holders
  31. How about digital backs for a Horseman 980 Technical camera?
  32. using measurments on sinar P
  33. New Technika
  34. Quick Q RE Super Graphic
  35. Linhof Kardan Standard - help and buying advice
  36. Fitting an Arca 6x9 Binocular Viewer onto a Classic F (6x9) Camera?
  37. Leaf Aptus 5 ii 22mp digital back for Hasselblad H1 & H2 used on a View Camera?
  38. Questions about Burke and James 8x10
  39. What is the camera and what is this guy doing with it?
  40. Speed Graphic, plus...
  41. Sinar "C" help and buying advice
  42. Speed Graphic 5x7
  43. Ground Glass Replacement
  44. Got a package last night...
  45. Gundlach Radar Anastigmat F4.5 8x10 Lense
  46. Entry into 8x10 format
  47. Linhof 5x7 lens
  48. Grapheic View II Triopd Head
  49. Rittreck view - Sinar Norma 5x7 back fits nicely
  50. Sinar DB shutter - recessed lens boards?
  51. Reflex viewer question...
  52. Certosport w/ Meyer-Gorlitz Anastigmat Trioplan 1o.5 cm f4.5 lens
  53. Need help with lens retaining ring.
  54. Building a fixedfocus 8x10
  55. New For 4x5 format. Some orientation please!
  56. Super Speed Graphic military model KE-12(2)
  57. FREE Speed Graphic
  58. Help! My Folmer & Schwing 7x17 has issues!
  59. Quick Question RE Horseman FA
  60. Backfocus- Using aerial lenses on MF or Viewcameras
  61. Surplus Shack ground glass
  62. Newbie looking for advice- Need help selecting camera & lens for architecture
  63. iPhone glass back as a collodion wet plate
  64. 8x10 Canham or Ritter owners in the L.A. area willing to meet up this week?
  65. does the nikkor 90mm sw f8 lens fit inside a crown/speed graphic
  66. Chamonix, Shen Hao, or other for 4x5?
  67. New to LF - Recently Acquired Graflex Century Master Studio
  68. Arca or Alpa on P65+ DB ?
  69. Film Loading
  70. Calummet cc400
  71. Technika Master now calibrated to my 150 APO Lanthar and cam.
  72. My son Alexander, future LF photographer
  73. Canham to Linhof lensboard adapter---is it feasible?
  74. Showing off new acquisition Horseman FA
  75. New Bellows for KMV
  76. speed graphic...
  77. Roll Film Back for Sinar Norma
  78. Re: Question on Sinar Lens Boards
  79. 5x7 Norma Bellows
  80. 6x9 technical camera
  81. bellows pinhole repair, 4x5 Speed...
  82. Standard vs. Universal
  83. Speed Graphic
  84. How to Lubricate a Grafmatic Holder
  85. Large format camera for an instructor
  86. Please help: Regarding camera
  87. Linhof Enigma?
  88. Sinar Norma
  89. Anyone looking for a Canham 6x17 motorised back? Item number 121058905083 on ebay.
  90. Fuji PA-45 holder issue
  91. Adding extra rise to a Chamonix 45N-1
  92. Asymmetrical tilts
  93. Canham 11x14 conversion for Arca Swiss
  94. Cambo Wide lens questions
  95. Advice on focal length and lens for 4x5 environmental portraits
  96. minolta booster 2
  97. Is there a foramt expander?
  98. Hening 6x focusing loupe
  99. SL66 Repair?
  100. pros & cons of Chamonix 4x5 camera
  101. Who is HUGO?
  102. Delay Compound 3 shutter
  103. Introduce myself and new here
  104. RHS Model A
  105. Kodak Master View Repairs
  106. How to replace 8x10 Sinar glass without breaking it?
  107. Linhof groundglass for Technikardan 23
  108. Large format point and shoot
  109. Horseman LE 4x5 compatibility
  110. Linhoff Technikardan 45S bellows question
  111. Replacing the bellows on a Deardorff 5x4 Special
  112. Ebony Bellows Warning
  113. Use bookform holders with a spring back?
  114. Polaroid MP4 sheet and roll film backs
  115. Speed flashbulb system, versus electronic flash...
  116. Value estimate for a Toyo 8x10M - the older "white" model
  117. Linhof 5x7 back removal
  118. Maxwell Optics?
  119. Putting a lens on a pinhole?
  120. My Lack of Knowledge in Wet Plate
  121. Rodenstock 180
  122. Identifying Wistas - DX or DXII!!
  123. Does anyone knows something about this large field camera?
  124. My Grandpas Camera
  125. 405 Polaroid Back for 4x5
  126. OK, So I thought you guys were my friends but you bid against me...
  127. getting film OUT of 4x5 holder
  128. Septum and tolerance
  129. Bellows: Experience with the replacement bellows on eBay for their 8x10 Kodak 2D?
  130. Flowers and more flowers
  131. Help identifying Linhof Technika Large format camera
  132. 4x5 Riteway filmholders binding...
  133. IMAGO 1:1 walk-in camera
  134. How to fit a Polaroid 545i back to Polaroid 600SE
  135. Shen Hao TFC69-a Questions
  136. Wista VX with 5x7 adaptor back
  137. Used Large Format Resources
  138. Lancaster half plate lens info
  139. wetplate holder, when they are wet...
  140. 16x20 Wisner
  141. Calculate lens distance from film plane for hyperfocal
  142. New to this Forum
  143. Cambo Legend Plus repair info
  144. LF selection help!
  145. Replacement for Betax No. 5 Shutter?
  146. Even "eaten crow"? I just did...
  147. What kind of wood to build box cameras?
  148. Two newbie Sinar / LF questions - getting my gear together
  149. Leather camera straps
  150. IQ of digitar lenses on 6x7 film back versus film lenses
  151. Dallmeyer stereo wet plate camera
  152. Linhof reflex monocular fit Technika IV (Master)
  153. Sinar Shutter Use
  154. Sinar DB boards
  155. Recommandations for a 6x17 roll film back for 5x7 camera
  156. Hood for a Symmar-S 360mm f6.8
  157. 600mm lens
  158. Help removing rear standard on Toyo 45D
  159. Hasselblad back on Wista 45
  160. Why do I put myself in these situations?
  161. POLAROID 110A 110B convertion to 4X5 Large Format
  162. Sinar doodad... what is this?
  163. Asymmetric movements Sinar P / Chamonix 045F1
  164. Question about a Kodak Cirkut Camera Complete
  165. Sinar rails
  166. checking ground glass alignment with depth gauge
  167. Ground glass Plaubel Peco Profia 4x5
  168. Inexpensive - cheap Large Format & View Camera Cases and transport
  169. New ground glass for my Crown Graflex: how do i install
  170. Kodak 100mm Wide Field Ektar Adapter Ring
  171. Need Help: Cap part (?) for a Sinar Shutter cable release plunger thingy
  172. Sinar higher end ground glass?
  173. Adapting a Compur shutter with HR solenoid to work with modern strobes
  174. Loupe question
  175. IR safe bellows for Chamonix/Arca Swiss
  176. Sinar F2 4x5 repair question?
  177. First 4x5 camera
  178. Chamonix 4x5 ground glass dimensions needed
  179. Advise of repairing/replacing Bellows on a Linhof Tech IV
  180. Introducing myself and Calumet/Cambo 45N
  181. getting a Chamonix 045F1 in memory of the last day of February 2013?
  182. Century View Camera
  183. I did it, Chamonix 4x5 F1
  184. Wilderness V 8x10 camera
  185. Question re: leaning rollers on a Polaroid 405 back
  186. Three color cameras (or not)
  187. Do you make your own Graflex Crown Graphic cams?
  188. Ilford 8x10 Pinhole Camera.
  189. Making a camera look better.
  190. 6x12 horseman back for ebony finesse
  191. Have you made extra holes in extension rail for Chamonix N2?
  192. Shooting on Great Salt Lake with the 12x20
  193. S&K Shiro Photo Co Ltd camera of 1962
  194. New to 4x5 photography, just bought Wisner camera, advice appreciated
  195. Linhof RF adjustment
  196. Wireless mechanical shutter release project
  197. Lee vs. Singh-Ray graduated neutral density filters
  198. Old Model Technika
  199. LF Rangefinder distance scales, is it to nodal point or film plane?
  200. lens boards for Cambo SC
  201. Toyo sliding back adapter -- what kind of roll film holder?
  202. Help Me Shop! Everything (else) I need to shoot LF
  203. Levy Process camera don't tell me to throw it out please
  204. Lee filters and rodenstock sironar -n 210
  205. Is the Graflarger strong enough to be a slide projector?
  206. Deardorff 8x10 vs Wilderness 8x10
  207. Springs for a 5x8 spring back
  208. New digital back: digital stitching vs. LF film photography w/ digital processing
  209. Good source for lenses
  210. Marion
  211. Arca 38cm bellows max/min extension question
  212. Cambo SC 4x5 recessed lens board???
  213. Sinar f2 + horseman back
  214. Looking for a flash for my Pacemaker
  215. Mystery 5X7 Winfred 'Doc' Helm vanity model?
  216. Graflex Inc.: Still in business.
  217. Souped up my first negatives using the Crown Graphic
  218. Super Graphic/shutter/ and ektar aero 7" ? ! ?
  219. Bag bellows for a Gandolfi Variant
  220. mentor 3.5 x 4.5 glass plate camera
  221. Sinar P: What kind of back is this?
  222. Large format gear bag
  223. Anyone can identify this linhof camera
  224. Linhof Technika Identification and Pricing
  225. "Het Zwarte Monster" aka INKA Monorail, anybody knows more about it ?
  226. How long can unexposed 4x5 film remain in its holder?
  227. 4x5 unexposed film through airport scanners
  228. Electronic Flash Units
  229. A De Golden Busch 11x14 Monster!
  230. Dallmeyer Wide Angle Anastigmat 6,5/4 1/4inch... MOUNTING?
  231. Thoughts on a beginner large format camera
  232. Achiving cetralisation and parallelism for front and rear standard
  233. Tachihara history?
  234. Linhof reflex viewer, is that used in "vertical frame" portrait mode?
  235. Using PA-45 Fuji Film Holder
  236. 4x5 camera and 6x17 film back
  237. Where Can I get a Sinar P (older model) from?
  238. What is it, really? (Leitz-Linhof Studio Camera) :confused:
  239. Size of light-baffle (?)
  240. Question for the fellow Horseman monorail owners.
  241. Sticking with 8x10 or just holding on to 4x5 format?
  242. Linhof Serial Number
  243. Which magnifier should I use with my Graflex Pacemaker ?
  244. LF Camera with Gear Driven Movements
  245. Linhof Technika IV
  246. Is there a Linhof Tech Master cam for 110mm?
  247. Replacement bellows for Kodak all metal 8x10 camera?
  248. New Camera...stumped
  249. Needed: Tripod Wisdom
  250. Pony Premo No. 6 missing parts