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  1. Enlarger with LED light source
  2. Wood camera restoration
  3. Help and comments regarding home made 4x5 enlarger
  4. Oh, those Chinese focusing mounts
  5. Out-of-position ground glass plane - MPP
  6. Looking for a lens flange..
  7. Glue to re-seat dry wood joinery in LF frame?
  8. Best Glue for refitting Bellows
  9. Virtues of specific woods
  10. Super glue and baking soda trick
  11. Restoring a French Guerry Shutter
  12. Simple bulb only shutter
  13. Darkbox construction ideas?
  14. Building a ULF adapter back for a smaller format camera: pros and cons?
  15. Poco B restoration
  16. Calumet Travelite 250
  17. Need help figuring out how to build a roller base for a Jobo 3005
  18. My perfect fixed lens LF camera - decision 1, the lens.
  19. Repairing a vintage wetplate holder
  20. DIY bag bellows
  21. 3D-printed 4x5 film back patterns?
  22. DIY Film Drying Box
  23. 14x17 film holder build question
  24. Question on ground glass position in Cambo 5x7 back
  25. Brass spacers in Petzvals' rear cells
  26. Anniversary Speed Graphic focal shutter need source for material
  27. G-Claron 240 front cell stuck
  28. Cleaning of slow shutters
  29. Shortening Sinar Standard Bellows?
  30. tools for openning a copal 3 shutter
  31. Designed a 3D Printed Plate Adapter for Graflex 1234 Pack Film Holder
  32. Building a 4x5 camera bellows
  33. A tip for other DIY types
  34. New camera building! Step by step!
  35. Special X-Ray Double face 5x7 (13x18cm) Film Holder Spiral Reel for Jobo 2800
  36. 8x10 exposure size?
  37. Attaching bellows to frame
  38. Ground Glass Back for Century 9a
  39. DIY Jobo style Film Processor
  40. Which adhesive for bonding cardboard stiffeners to fabric?
  41. How to get the right angle on stiffeners for tapered bellows?
  42. How to repair the back standard rise/fall knob on a Sinar P2?
  43. Collinear II no. 6 11 7/8in worth clean & repairing?
  44. Options for sliding mechanism of lens carrier plate on 11x14 DIY
  45. What finish did Deardorff use in the 50s-60s?
  46. What stain did Deardorff use in the 50s-60s?
  47. Anyone fixed a warped rear standard frame?
  48. Massive projector lens
  49. Lensboard adapter Linhof to old camera
  50. Film Holder Repair
  51. Converting Polaroid 250 camera to 4x5
  52. DIY Drum Scanner?
  53. Building an Enlarger
  54. Timber camera parts suppliers please?
  55. Super Graphic Solenoid Replacement?
  56. Source for a round tripod mount for a wooden camera
  57. Building a new 4x5 camera
  58. Advice on building a WA 11x14 pinhole camera wtd
  59. DIY UV light meter for alternative photographic processes
  60. Any thoughts on how to make Sichel Studio Camera usable?
  61. Made two lf cameras today...sort of...
  62. Tight Focusing Rails on Zone VI 4x5 Wista Version
  63. Another flange solution for some!
  64. Test "box" version of my UV light meter
  65. An Old Horseman 8x10 Modification Thread I Can't Recall
  66. Ideas on how to make a DIY Wet Plate or Film Holder?
  67. One of many zany projects. #1
  68. Speed Graphic inaccurate focus
  69. Seeking Monorails for a 16x20, Also Will a 4x5 Front Standard Work?
  70. The mysteries of Dallmeyer 3B construction
  71. oil/grease for the bed rails of a Wista
  72. What material are non-netallic shutter blades made of?
  73. Minimalist 5x7
  74. Help with the dimensions of an 8x10 Film Holder
  75. Metrogon shutters
  76. Guillotine Shutters unusual sources
  77. 4x5" or 9x12cm Camera Back - DIY
  78. Need help with Lens to Film Distance
  79. 4x5 diy view camera rack/pinion question
  80. Update on my 'dorff issue
  81. Need Help Stripping Down Apo Nikkor Lens
  82. Designing and 3D printing an slotted Graflex film holder
  83. Replacing the lamps in a porta trace
  84. DIY sliding block for C1 Green Monster
  85. DIY Summer Water Chiller Design Wanted
  86. Cambo Legend Rail Clamp
  87. ULF Auto Focus DIY Now Possible
  88. Wooden Lens board Repair - Best Practices
  89. Idea for super-thin 0.3mm glass plate
  90. Repainting old lens
  91. Foolproof removal of brass lens flanges!
  92. Best finish for DIY wood camera large format: stain and clear clear coat on wooden LF
  93. Huge W/A Silly project (maybe)
  94. Camera repair advice - woodwork.
  95. anyone tried carbon fiber?
  96. Converting an iris Petzval to a Waterhouse Stop version!
  97. Experience with making Waterhouse Stops
  98. 150mm Mamiya-Press lens covers 4x5", but not straight forward to adapt
  99. $20 LASER Enlarger Alignment Tool
  100. 3d printed MOD75 for devolping 5x7 sheets
  101. Holder for scanning 5x7
  102. Recreating a Missing Aperture Scale - A How To
  103. Glass Negative Carrier Leaking Light at Edges of Glass
  104. Conley BW 8x10 bellows dimensions?
  105. Deardorff V8x10. Repair or not?
  106. Dial Compur #2 shutter leaf actuation problem
  107. Lens board for 8x10 Korona View for front tilt
  108. Linhof Technika V disassembly of upper track
  109. DIY Polaroid back...well sort of.
  110. Developing just one sheet of 4x5 film
  111. Frankenstein Bitsa 8x10 enlarger build