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  1. Searching for brass hardware - not having much luck
  2. chair-mounted head rest
  3. Lubrication for a Linhof Technika?
  4. Beseler Color Drum Leak Repair
  5. Adventures with an early Hermagis Convertible Petzval
  6. Graflex Rangefinder Vertical Alignment
  7. Looking For Kit To Build Own Wooden 4x5
  8. LF camera building from scratch -where to start
  9. home made 14x17
  10. Missing spring in Ilex n.5 shutter
  11. Having a go at the B&L Plastic Iris problem
  12. Dividers
  13. springs
  14. Replacing Roller Block on Jobo Lift Arm
  15. Lightsource for VC contact printing silver ULF
  16. Leaf Shutter Speedometer Project
  17. 6x17 camera build
  18. Source for thin glass?
  19. Anyone have any experiences with the Clement & Gilmer Orthomegagraphe?
  20. Stripping Pacemaker and Crown lens boards
  21. I made a bellows...
  22. All Methods to attach LF & ULF bellows
  23. Wtd: plans for 11x14 back
  24. Diagnosing a problem with Kodak Master View front standard
  25. Repair of Toyo-View 4x5 holder possible?
  26. Will I have issues with this lens board now?
  27. Restoring Speed Graphic 25060
  28. Adding a second tripod screw hole
  29. How do I make a shutter to use with $1 lenses? (For soft focus portraits.)
  30. Aperture / DOF Scale (similar to Sinar F2)
  31. Source for single element optics?
  32. DIY 8x10 enlarger
  33. Sinar P service manual urgently needed
  34. 5x7 Bellows
  35. Need a very slow motor (like 1 RPM).
  36. Compendium Bellows Lenshood for Sinar Norma Cameras
  37. Arca style Kessler Video quick release adapted to a Manfrotto 410
  38. Glass neg carrier - mc optical glass
  39. Wollensak #4 Studio Shutter
  40. Want to clean an Heliar
  41. Stereo pinhole camera?
  42. DIY: 20x24 build: re-iteration
  43. Drilling Glass
  44. Which High Bond Tape for ULF Bellows Installation?
  45. using a 45g Toyo Bellows on a 45d
  46. Should I build a LF TLR? What would it take?
  47. Sinar Cover Plate Screw Size
  48. DIY soft focus
  49. what grit for ground glass
  50. Information needed for building a 10x8 Folding Field Camera
  51. sliding box camera
  52. Another ULF DIY Camera
  53. Mounting a Packard shutter on a Super Speed Graphic w/ DIY bulb
  54. Spring Steel for Contact Print Frame
  55. low dollar packard shutter bulb and hose
  56. Rittreck View Bellows Replacement
  57. Looking to restore a Kodak Master View 8x10 Camera and need help and advice.
  58. Toyo 45A stiff focus rack
  59. Dimensions needed to build a 10x8 folding Camera
  60. Replacing "pins" on large format backs?
  61. Steel Expert, please
  62. Waterhouse Stop Assistance
  63. Big Bertha
  64. A wonderful crystal clear home made loupe
  65. 8x10 to 11x14 extension for a Century Studio Camera ?
  66. 10x8 homebrew film holder/darkslide?
  67. Need Bellows Glue
  68. A "film holder" ground glass
  69. linhof #73385 - They are missing some pieces or some are broken
  70. Robotic View Camera
  71. Antique ground glass emulsion
  72. How difficult is it to drill holes in a Carbon Fiber lens board?
  73. help needed. starting a fixed focus scheimpflung principle camera project
  74. Shutter trigger - suggestions for batteries
  75. CNC camera build
  76. Building my own LF camera for the first time
  77. What to attach the back of a sinar shutter to?
  78. Arca Swiss F-Line 171mm frame lock lube/maintenance
  79. Urban Insult Vehicle, 45 calibre is completed
  80. It's not just a pinhole camera...
  81. Rittreck View Restored
  82. Calumet C1 replacement bellows
  83. Super Cheap, Apartment friendly 10x12 Build
  84. Can you make yourself a 11x14 view camera bellow?
  85. DIY 8x10 Pinhole Camera
  86. plastic-dip in a can or spray and smooth with a brush ?
  87. a DIY ground glass
  88. help for a novice
  89. Wood choice for camera building
  90. Tips and techniques for replacing holder light trap?
  91. Electronics Fundamentals: Understanding Capacitors
  92. Wood tripod, sticky sliding legs
  93. Converting Speed Graphic spring back to Graflok
  94. Size of bellows pleats please
  95. softening a 90 year old bellows
  96. Making Modern Magic Lantern idea thread, LED?
  97. Restoration and modernization of tachihara 8x10 field camera
  98. Century 9A Restoration
  99. HP Z3200 Service Manual
  100. Exposure Record
  101. Closet Storage Idea
  102. what to do with condenser glass?
  103. Graflex Rangefinders
  104. Bellows install on a Korona 5x7 - hard? Easy? Somewhere in between?
  105. Help to determine if the aperture index is right, and if not, how to fix it.
  106. Cutting a fresnel lens down to size
  107. technical drawing of a lens barrel with Waterhouse stop slot...anyone got one?
  108. care and maintenance of a semi centennial camera stand
  109. 5" x 7" polished opal diffusing glass
  110. Bellows Repair
  111. Making a "working table" for Studio Cameras
  112. expanding back from camera ( small ) to mate with back ( bigger )
  113. Prototype box camera
  114. Calibrating a Graphic top-mounted rangefinder
  115. Fix for stiff rear swing movement on a Chamonix view camera.
  116. Printing 3D Parts?
  117. Mounting an Industar-37 with Packard shutter to a Szabad (3D printing)
  118. MF to LF - an example or two
  119. Repair and/or restore
  120. Mixing Valve Setup
  121. List of peculiar fabrication tricks
  122. Autochrome
  123. Toolsets for those tiny screws
  124. Building 11x14 Film Holders - Feedback on an idea
  125. Height of bellows for 11x14
  126. Help me, I want to make my own cams!!
  127. DIY Camera Gallery
  128. How to Build a Stereo LF Camera
  129. Converting old bookform plate holders to film
  130. DIY TLR Camera
  131. Another DIY Rotary Film Processor
  132. Female tripod holder
  133. Spherometer Jinks & W.H.Reisner
  134. Help... WD-40 or Not for Sinar P2 cylinder?
  135. Improving Balance on Wista SP Field Camera
  136. Panoral 57, 5x7in tilt-shift technical handmade camera
  137. Building Lenses
  138. Conley 8x10 part identification
  139. Micro table saw for making pinhole cameras.
  140. Ways to unfreeze a stuck lens cell in a very old shutter?
  141. Help needed for Cambo SC 4x5 Camera with weak springs on back
  142. Where can I find vintage plate camera parts?
  143. Low angle viewing solution
  144. Reducing Flare from Reflective Surfaces
  145. Source for adhesive centering ruler tape
  146. Bellows for Nagaoka 4x5?
  147. Anyone have any experience with replicating view camera parts with a 3D printer?
  148. How to attach a fresnel screen onto a Chamonix 8x10?
  149. Looking For Ideas on Converting a Vageeswari Camera to Accept Standard Tripod
  150. Making film holders
  151. Rittreck View Camera Repair
  152. Rittreck View Camera Repair
  153. ? source of small screws
  154. Bellows camera Penta 45 F
  155. ? "standardized" distance from the front of a film holder to where the film lies
  156. Sinar Elephant Ears Bag(gy) Bellows
  157. How to make the best silver rich contact print paper?
  158. Where to get L-pieces for recessed Copal 0 Linhof boards, besides Precision Camera ?
  159. Repair Sinar P2
  160. Idle hands (333mm meniscus lens in shutter)
  161. Some thoughts on bellows making
  162. 3/8" tripod thread
  163. VAGEESWARI 8.5x15" film holder
  164. Will bent cocking/aperture levers affect operation of shutters?
  165. Astronomical 4x5 camera?
  166. Attaching red filter to enlarger swing mechanism
  167. DSLR Scanner Project: Does it work?
  168. LF Pinhole - design and building
  169. 8x10 pinhole diameter formula, esp. for closeup?
  170. Ever heard of Colorfab Woodfill? (3D printing)
  171. linhoff tech iii gg and fresnel positions in back
  172. Backpacking a Sinar Norma 8x10 Camera
  173. Cambo Revolving Back on Pacemaker Speed Graphic
  174. TheBestScanningEverô - 13◊18cm holder for Epson V700/V750
  175. Simple DIY Wire Sport / Viewfinder
  176. Help-need an adapter or new plug to attach enlarger timer foot switch to control box
  177. Ebony at Woodcraft
  178. DIY Hook and Loop Board/Insert for Backpack?
  179. Motorized rocker for tray developing
  180. Creating lens aperture scales - what a project!
  181. Help with Calumet 540(?) screw replacement
  182. Any tricks for loosening a stuck flange?
  183. LF 4x5 camera making questions
  184. Legs For A Camera Bag?
  185. DIY Bellows Idea - Feedback please
  186. Compound Iris Blades
  187. DIY Sync Cable for Heiland Flash Solenoid
  188. Panorama insert for film holders
  189. TravelWide Repair Question
  190. Homemade Bellow Project
  191. Mounting wall boom to ceiling so that it can be rotated.....
  192. Pop Up Cabana for Changing Tent?
  193. Sinar Compatible Front Standard on Arca Swiss 5x7
  194. Remove hardware from wood
  195. Please help with stuck aperture on Seiko SLV shutter
  196. Home-made aperture
  197. Lens for a DIY LF test "camera"
  198. Bellows Frames - DIY or Source
  199. Contact printing stand
  200. Compound Speed Wheel
  201. Unicum shutter
  202. Ross no.3 C de V to Speedgraphic
  203. Gitzo 1370M Head Difficult to Tighten - Fixes?
  204. 14x17 build, with filmholders and tripod
  205. LED Diffusion Lighthead for Omega D5
  206. 65mm Super Angulon with DIY focus helical for 4x5
  207. Anthony Climax 11 x 14 Restoration
  208. 5x7 diy beginner questions..
  209. mystery omega enlarger questions
  210. My DIY Repair of Cooke IIA f3.5 Lens
  211. ilford 500h multigrade head cooling fan question
  212. Anyone considered or tried Vantablack paint?
  213. DIY Loupe
  214. Show us your home made lens...
  215. 152mm Ektar
  216. Bellows Removal from Crown Graphic
  217. Canada Balsam - no longer available?
  218. Help with restoration
  219. What to do? Betrayed by Sophia...
  220. 8x10 to 11x14 back
  221. He did it himself - with what was available!
  222. Refurbished Rittreck View 5x7 Field Camera
  223. Through the lens metering
  224. Diffusion for Homemade film projector
  225. Quick Fix for some Focal Plane Shutters
  226. Building the "Sinar Norma Handy" camera!
  227. a DIY simple VIEWFINDER ...............................
  228. refinishing a lens board question
  229. Bellows renovation to do or not? (NOT LEATHER)
  230. Issue with maintaining focus
  231. Fresnel lenses and ground glass focusing screens your worries answered
  232. Cutting granite
  233. Questions about building a UV Light Box
  234. DIY Pan-Tilt Bar
  235. Repository for scans of f-scales ?
  236. Film holder repair
  237. DIY light-tight material for bellows
  238. Ansco 5x7 need parts
  239. Building 8x10 Field Camera
  240. Fixed focus 4x5 camera
  241. DIY lensboards??
  242. Dallmeyer 2B lens soft focus adjustment. Help required!
  243. Too cool for school...
  244. Anyone ever try this??? 3D custom board issue
  245. Fixing the light trap in a 100 year old 12x20 Korona plate holder
  246. Manfrotto BeFree One modification
  247. 3d-printed lens plate: MPP Press
  248. Ansco 8x10 restomod
  249. Making DIY aperture scale for Prontor Prof. Sshutter
  250. Enlarger with LED light source