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  1. Building a 18x24 camera back and ground glass frame
  2. 3d printing an 8x10 negative carrier for Epson scanners?
  3. Century 10A Studio Back
  4. Replacing a Capacitor (Polaroid Processor)
  5. Need nylon bushings for a shift lens
  6. Ever fixed a collar type leg-lock on a Giottos tripod?
  7. DIY Wooden Studio Stand?
  8. Repair Korona Bellows
  9. How fit a 8x10 springback to old mahogany Reisekamera
  10. blowing up a Kodak 2D
  11. Custom machining/threading
  12. Tripod sockets, bubble levels... where do you get your DIY parts?
  13. 16x20 brazilian build
  14. How to screw in tripod socket bushing without splitting the wood?
  15. Seneca 5x7 View help needed
  16. DIY self-adhesive aperture scales
  17. Digital back
  18. Rebuilding a Kodak 2D
  19. 4x5 adapter for Toyo metal field 4 3/4 x 6 1/2
  20. Just made an 8x10 back. Now I need spring shackles and glass
  21. Gowlandflex lenses and lensboards help needed, anybody ever use one?
  22. speed graphic pacemaker
  23. My new 8x10 back
  24. 8x10 Pinhole in a Bag
  25. Packard shutter with history written inside!
  26. Packard shutters and mounting big lenses to modern? cameras.
  27. Bag Type Bellows Sewing Pattern?
  28. Softening up curtain shutter cloth
  29. DIY Motorized roller base
  30. Glass Quarter plates in my 4x5 Arca
  31. Christmas Colour Capers!
  32. Tech V repair
  33. Polaroid 800 Conversion
  34. storage
  35. Length of bellows for portraiture with a 250mm lens
  36. camera back door issue
  37. 4x5 enlarger details please
  38. Which Glue To Use?
  39. DIY leather lens caps
  40. Field Camera - Which Movements Would You Consider ESSENTIAL
  41. replacing wista bellows
  42. Linhof Tripod legs loose
  43. 8x10 Field Camera = Compact and Very Light Weight??
  44. A tutorial on using glue
  45. Restoring a Crown Graphic
  46. 5X7 Point and shoot
  47. A question on making ground glass...
  48. Building a Variable Contrast LED head for a Durst 138
  49. DIY jobo base (work in progress, input welcome)
  50. Questions about a DIY UV Lightbox
  51. DIY digital camera stand / or scanner w BW film... D-range to low for bit depth?
  52. The pine board camera build
  53. Douglas Busch's film holder patent
  54. Nice shutter design, not mine
  55. Fine-tuning Technika Rangefinder
  56. replacing Toyo 45E bellows
  57. Building a back ground for dead sea creatures....
  58. TELESCOPE Objective as ULF Lens?
  59. DIY monorail weight
  60. Durst 138s + 650 Watt Quartz Super 8 Movie Light
  61. How do I soften glue in order to....
  62. :( My mint Graflex 2x3 RB 'B' is curtains!
  63. Home made Petzval or Celor Lens Questions
  64. Simple digital back
  65. A DIY 177mm f/8 Cooke triplet for 4x5 from off-the shelf lenses that YOU can build
  66. DIY 8x10 on a budget
  67. fabricating wooden camera backs, reducing backs, expansion and enlarging backs
  68. Bellows Stiffener?
  69. Planning 14x17 Camera Build
  70. Finding and Fitting a Brass lens hood for a deserving Petzval
  71. Seeking ULF Portrait Push Cart Ideas-Designs
  72. DIY (motorized) roller base from Lego
  73. TOYO 810G rise locking knob
  74. 20x24 Paper Negative Camera and Selecting Edmund Scientific Meniscus Lenses
  75. Help taking apart lens cell
  76. Horseman FA "rise lock knob" replacement.
  77. Universal iris mount too expensive or too small? Try this!
  78. Kalart rangefinder adjustment to 4ft
  79. Super Graphic Cam Designer program now available for download
  80. Getting the focus right on my ground glass
  81. DIY Gore-Tex Darkcloth
  82. Phillips with Sinar Copal shutter :)
  83. DIY Wood 10x12 Plate Holder Repairs
  84. reducing back chamonix 8x10 to 4x5
  85. Bellows madness
  86. Toyo 810G bellows and Slide repair
  87. Century Semi-Centennial Stand Repair Question
  88. "New Gear" and restoration
  89. Graphex #3 Shutter Question
  90. Calculating, NOT measuring, aperture of compound lenses
  91. Velvet Replacement for 4x5 Graflex Super D/ Focus GG adjustment
  92. Super Graphic Focus Panel Repair -- Please Help
  93. fixing warped holders
  94. Lens with 4-5 foot Image circle?
  95. Mahogany Polaroid 800 conversion to 4x5
  96. Question about replacing a Compur shutter with a Copal
  97. Semi-Centennial casters
  98. Wood veneer on a B&J Press camera?
  99. DIY Possibly useful source of pre-made irises
  100. replacing those trapezoidal thingamabobs in bellows
  101. Converting a Cambo back on to a Pacemaker
  102. Options For Field Camera Focusing Hardware?
  103. Speed Graphic shutter release adjustment...
  104. Pattern/Plan for DIY BTZS hood?
  105. Home made ground glass focusing loupe
  106. Is there interest in retrofocus-optics for 4x5 5x7 Graflex from existing lens parts
  107. APO-Sironar-S 240mm aperture scale question
  108. Wireless LF Shutter Release - I think I got it.
  109. Century Grand 5x7
  110. agfa ansco 8x10 focus gear and rack
  111. Copal 3 disassembly help?
  112. Is it possible to clean off front element haze?
  113. DIY Case
  114. Sinar rack
  115. Symmar 150mm f/5.6 rear cell disassembly advice
  116. Burke and James Commerical View 8x10
  117. New Lead Screw for Kodak/Century Bi-post Stand
  118. Housing for externally mounted Packard shutter
  119. Replacing Levels in rear standard of a Sinar P
  120. Dimensions of Graflarger 4x5 negative carrier
  121. Free fresnel lens for 8x10 camera
  122. I may or may not have taken a dremel to my Speed Graphic tonight...
  123. New Copal 0 shutter blade repair video
  124. Paint your Arca Swiss
  125. X-ray film dimensions
  126. Sinar Shutter on Century No. 7
  127. Compur shutter lubrication
  128. Film holder organization
  129. Cambo 8x10 bellow frame
  130. Lubrication of moving parts of a LF camera?
  131. Arca Swiss exact sizes
  132. DIY Open Source Field Camera Design
  133. Repair of a simple pneumatic shutter
  134. 4x5 Monorail View Camera Build
  135. Front Surface mirror needs re-silvering
  136. DIY bellows - Anyone have a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine?
  137. How to repair "lazy" Speed Graphic focal plane shutter?
  138. Studio Shutter Teardown with Photos
  139. Toyo 45A II - front standard disassembly
  140. Lens board dimensions for 4x5" R.B. Super D Graflex?
  141. Problem w/Monorail Movement
  142. Converting a 6x9 enlarger to (approx) 4x5 enlarger
  143. DIY 240mm f9 G Claron shutter scales
  144. DIY: tape measure for easy bellows extension calculations
  145. Seeking anyone that has built from/modified Ty Guillory's plans (11x14)
  146. LED light panel
  147. 12"x12" Camera Build
  148. Show off your hand made ULF camera build!
  149. Kodak 2D repairs - an idiot check,
  150. How to set speed when adjusting Speed Graphic shutter?
  151. Need some help cutting spring tempered steel!
  152. Need some help blackening brass shim stock for new shutter and iris blades
  153. Graphene-based photodetector as sensitive as a PMT?
  154. Need Help with 8x10 rebuild
  155. 11x14 camera build attempt - Questions
  156. Help in restoring Deardorff
  157. Material for Packard shutter blade replacement?
  158. Made a Contact Frame for School
  159. Norma 8x10 back light seal replacement material
  160. Portable darkroom for wet plate
  161. Polaroid Land Camera 95 to 4x5 sheets
  162. Using and Modifying the Travelwide 4x5 camera
  163. Thoughts about 3D printed film holders for scanning
  164. Saltzman enlarger frame opening size
  165. Any suggestions to re-balsam lens cells...? or I'm dreaming!
  166. Am I crazy or mis-informed!!
  167. Contact printing frame
  168. Moulded carbon fibre folding field 4x5
  169. Deardorff Bed Plate Repair
  170. Restoring brass on a Sanderson Tropical
  171. DIY Anamorphic Two Elements Jet Cut from Single Block, Zero Back Focus Distance ?
  172. blackening fiberglass
  173. Softening bellows
  174. Restoring a Petzval Brass Sleeve
  175. Disassembly of B&J 8x10 front standard
  176. Gitzo G1370 Head - Pan Lock Difficult to Tighten
  177. Sinar Norma Bubble Levels
  178. Alternatives to Durst CLS 450 head
  179. Ground Glass/Glass Plate holder conversion?
  180. [Restoring] 11x14 Century No 2
  181. Big shot conversion?
  182. Problem removing rear element of Darlot Lens
  183. Converting Graflex 3 cell flash into electronic bare bulb flash
  184. Graflex body with Graflok and Rt Angle View Finder (MP-4)?
  185. Help replacing the handle on a Graflex SLR
  186. Making a Frankenskop
  187. A new handheld ultra wide concept
  188. Wollensak 6"1/4 W.A. and Extreme W.A. aperture scale not equal to focal/iris
  189. Legs for a Camera Bag?
  190. Detailed plans for 4x5 back on half plate / bookform back cameras?
  191. Gitzo G504 Studex Giant Center Column Handle Replacement
  192. Bellows repair
  193. Bellows question.
  194. DIY Print Frame
  195. Compur Shutter Repair: Which tool needed for screw 304 in Synchro Compur 1 MX
  196. thoughts on materials
  197. Adapting B&J 8x10 back to Agfa Studio Camera
  198. Small quantity metal cutting (with accuracy)
  199. ULF build with extruded T-channel?
  200. Korona 5x7 with stripped front rise
  201. Removing the leather from a Super D
  202. Detailed drawings and specifications
  203. Tank mod for doing two 4x5 negs
  204. New Bellows Install
  205. 4x5 to 8x10 adapter video
  206. Three Lens Board Adapters
  207. Bellows construction for ULF idea, crazy?
  208. Homebuilt 8x10
  209. Japan-based members
  210. Kalart repair question
  211. Restored Half-Plate
  212. Plexiglass Glue
  213. Alternative Studio Camera Stands
  214. Sealing New Bellows in Deardorff Rear Frame
  215. Keeping shutter release half pressed on Supermatic
  216. Graflok Back Lock Standard - Does it exist?
  217. Diy ground glass focusing screen
  218. Shaving off brass....
  219. Making a ground glass
  220. ? how to adapt fresnel lens to a Whole Plate Chamonix view
  221. Minimum field camera movements?
  222. Construction of conical bellows with square corners
  223. Travelwide Ground Glass modifications
  224. On-Line Machine Shop
  225. Lens Board Adapter--I'm stuck
  226. DIY Ground Glass: Is Etching an option?
  227. Tesa tape 50577 - cracked darkslide repair?
  228. another diy groundglass question
  229. We (or I) need a better spanner
  230. V Flats
  231. LF using a sampling focus unit.
  232. Part two in my CNC plywood wet plate camera project:
  233. Packard Repair
  234. How to fix frozen iris in a Cooke Portrait Soft Focus Series II 8x10 13"?
  235. Thickness of "American Plastic" iris blades?
  236. spring steel for camera back?
  237. Lens Board Adapter Video
  238. Anyone with experience repairing Sinar P2 Rise Control?
  239. DIY 5x4 in Sapele
  240. Replacing Sinar p2 Spirit Levels
  241. Another 14 x 17 Camera Build
  242. Reflex viewfinder for whole plate Chamonix
  243. I need a Brake.
  244. Question About a Build
  245. Lancaster Instantograph - add to knowledge base?
  246. My 3D printed monorail 4x5 camera ver 0.9a
  247. Home Grown 8x10 Variable Contrast Light Source
  248. Options to mount bellows?
  249. Help with 11X14 Bellows fold size dimension
  250. Perfect tool for making cameras?