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  1. Loking for eye level viewer & latch/release for Busch Pressman model D
  2. Building 8x10 Monorail based off of Jon Grepstad's plans. Tips?
  3. Anyone modifed or used the Sinar Gossen TTL probe for GG measurements?
  4. Recommended source for bellows and installation on a Century Studio portait camera
  5. Restoring a enlarger negative carrier
  6. I have to make something with a laser cutter and 3D printer... what?
  7. DIY homemade 5x7 enlarger
  8. How to open a dial set compur shutter?
  9. Replacement foam for Wista 6x9 film back?
  10. Making Filmholder
  11. Speed Graphic focal plane materia and pattern?
  12. Ansco 10x8 Picture needed
  13. Linhof "Rust" - a.ka.corrosion -any hints?
  14. Wista 45DX stuck
  15. Building a 4x5 camera from scratch
  16. Taking aperture ring off a 5x7 B&L barrel lens
  17. Thornton Pickard shutters - a query
  18. Kodak 2D part
  19. Dual Purpose Light Box
  20. Help with screen size, please (no, not that kind of screen!)
  21. Handheld 5X7 thoughts
  22. I build six "Old School" drying screens
  23. Levy Process camera 11x14 DIY film holder mod
  24. How to mount Bellows (Kodak 2D)?
  25. Ansco Restomod
  26. Korona II 5X7 restoration question
  27. A couple camera building questions
  28. peeling leather from large format cameras
  29. Making 5x12 holders from 5x7 ones?
  30. Help - shutter blade repair
  31. Rittreck View Bellows Installation | Opinions
  32. New bellows for my Eastman 2d full plate
  33. DIY 1 to 1 fixed focus 14x17 box portrait camera questions
  34. Looking to build a field camera
  35. cambo 4x5 and Fotodiox adapter for DSLR
  36. meet my LFPMD
  37. Bellows repair
  38. 4X5 dgitital backs
  39. KMV internal bellows repair
  40. Another Thread about Making Bellows...
  41. What can we use this for?????
  42. Camera build, Idiot check time
  43. A question about backs
  44. Paint for silicone rubber ("Silastic") rollers in Graflex RH-50 back
  45. Making a double post studio stand from 2 single post Arkay. Crazy or not?
  46. Angle of Kodak 2D front standard
  47. Kodak 2d Thread of Knob?
  48. Rolleicord I Compur Shutter full disassembling?
  49. Uv glue for lens repair
  50. Basic Camera Mount on Piece of Wood...
  51. My new custom made 11x14 and 8x10 field camera
  52. DIY 4x5 camera build
  53. What did you learn new lately? Anything photographic? We are all students!
  54. Service manual for the Graflex RH-50 70mm back
  55. Low Cost Film Drying Cabinet
  56. Linhof 70 bellows
  57. 4x5 loupe
  58. How to repair a bent brass lens hood...
  59. Suggested thickness of brass plate for front standard.
  60. DSLR Scanner: 3D Printing Technology?
  61. Large shutter design - help for project
  62. DIY dark slide for 4x5 Polaroid back 405
  63. Diy slr
  64. goerz sector shutter repair
  65. DIY UV exposure box
  66. How do I re-blacken the inside of some Riteway sheet film holders?
  67. Deardorff part size required - see photo
  68. focusing suggestions
  69. Mamiya RB67 for collodion
  70. Crown Graphic bellows
  71. Wiggly lensboard!
  72. Simple Led Head for DIY 8x10 Enlarger.
  73. 8x10 grid request
  74. Split darkslide - how to make one?
  75. What paint should I use on sheet film holders where the white notes area is missing?
  76. Polaroid MP-4 bino viewer on Speed Graphic
  77. Simple flash sync for packard shutters
  78. Omega D-2 Restoration
  79. Chipped glass repair
  80. Removing stuck part of a broken thread adaptor
  81. Some film holders are missing the "L" locks, can I insert some?
  82. Modifying a Petzval projection lens for Waterhouse stops
  83. I'm going to stop using a 4x5 BTZS focusing "tube" and get a dark cloth. Suggestions?
  84. 5x7 prototype
  85. 8x10 foam core pinhole
  86. Omega Bellows Issues
  87. Rangefinder swap from Graphic 4x5 to 2x3.
  88. Resoldering a brass lens hood
  89. Deardorff refinishing
  90. Another UV Light Box (16x20)
  91. Replacing Fresnel and Ground Glass on a Speed
  92. Packard Shutter template
  93. Where can I find a knob or rod or bolt with 3/8 32 size?
  94. Routing a precision 'ledge' for GG in mahogany, which bit type?
  95. Paint? for Ansco 8x10
  96. Adapter Board Keeper Sliders
  97. Need some help with my Eastman View 5x7
  98. Sometimes fine German engineering is too fine? Had to take a rasp to my Linhof...
  99. Suggestions on how to free up an old Brass Lens threads?
  100. Above the negative filter tray for my 45MXT
  101. Building 20 x 24 inch camera with 1210mm nikkor in Chicago
  102. Home done CLA Compur Questions
  103. Compur shutter fix
  104. DIY LEE Hood adapter for Linhof MK 4x5
  105. Re: DIY camera and Lab in one.
  106. Taking a break from hoarding lenses
  107. Super Graphic Battery Conversion?
  108. 5X7 2D binding swing control
  109. Adapting Premo plate carriers for film/paper negatives
  110. Hyperfocal math help
  111. Pumpkin Wetplate Camera
  112. Where to get old 4x5, 5x7 parts?
  113. Linhof Tech III Mods
  114. DIY Iris apeture
  115. Suitable Bellows for DIY 4X5 ?
  116. technika IV
  117. DIY wooden brass camera restoration
  118. DIY next restoration
  119. Light leak from the back, what material?
  120. DIY case for Sinar 4x5
  121. Ansco 5x7 Rebuild
  122. Restoration of gooey Toyo WA bag bellows
  123. Adapter for Flash for under $2.00
  124. 8x10 Prototype
  125. 8x10 DIY options
  126. Shutter how do you do the test
  127. Bellows Attachment Question
  128. A Deardorff SC11 is getting new bellows. Which wood for new bellows frames?
  129. ULF fantasy camera
  130. Shim stock - how to cut it
  131. Deardorff 10x12 back
  132. 11x14 Fidelity holder light trap exposed...to lights and camera, not FELT!
  133. How do I get the Linhof bezel off my Compur #1
  134. Modifying 5x7 film holders?
  135. Changing bag poles
  136. Need some assistance in taking out scratches in brass....
  137. Focus point
  138. My first set of bellows
  139. 5x7" point and shoot,, ebony + cherry for the 90mm XL super angulon
  140. custom cabinet for 4x5 camera
  141. Right Angle Mirror
  142. Replacement brass hood for a 1850 Petzval
  143. ULF wet plate holder
  144. Worn Focusing rod
  145. Mod a B&J back -> Deardorf Back
  146. DIY Periskop
  147. crown graphic help cracked wood
  148. Nickle plated screws
  149. linhof technika IV resurrection project
  150. Linhof Technika IV front rise lever repair
  151. Linhof Master Technika 4x5 Camera Repairing Questions
  152. Bellows replacement Horseman 45FA
  153. Restoring 8x10
  154. 8x10 bellows
  155. Technika III hinged focusing hood hard to release
  156. Half Aplanat in Copal 3
  157. Ultra large format camera build filmed in time lapse
  158. Hacking 8x10 and 11x14 enlarger LED head
  159. Waterhouse stops Dallmeyer 3B
  160. A Lubricant Question for Linhof
  161. $100 DYI 8x10 camera
  162. A proportional LED colour head for Durst 138/139
  163. Need Packard shutter solenoid mod
  164. Bought only half a camera... by accident
  165. Burke & James Press repair
  166. Fixing Agfa Ansco Universal 5x7
  167. Omega 5x7 E6 LED Mod
  168. Alphax #5 Flange
  169. DIY recessed lens board, looking for a solution to connect the shutter release cable
  170. Schneider Angulon 90mm 6.8 disassembly
  171. Replacement battery cells for Lumedyne?
  172. Heliar in Compound shutter on Linhof Lens Board - Need help
  173. Tessar 1:4,5 F=25cm *Fliegertruppe* lens repair.
  174. Linhof Technika repair
  175. Replacement ARCA Swiss Rear Focussing Gear/Axle.
  176. Remote Mechanical Shutter Release
  177. Dismantling Cells
  178. Make your own universal iris?
  179. bellows ribs
  180. Reproducing the Cooke/T, T &H "Golden" Lacqyuer finish
  181. P&S 4x10 Project
  182. Kodak 2D Rear Standard Disassembly
  183. DIY conversion: Hasselblad SW to 4x5?
  184. Fix pin on back of Kodak 2D 8x10
  185. Foil in bellows
  186. Ebonizing
  187. Thinking banquet aloud
  188. What length of bellow would you need for 12x20
  189. Deardorff sticky bellows?
  190. Field 16x20" Camera Project
  191. Ebony SV810 base rails
  192. DIY LF film holder
  193. 30" Artar very stiff aperture. How to fix? OIL?!!!
  194. Building a steinheil periskop out of close up`s
  195. Norma Crud
  196. Polaroid 900 anyone?
  197. Crafting a 5x7 bellows
  198. Advice on building bellows socket
  199. making wide angle lens for ulf camera
  200. It works!?! Duct tape and foam core box camera.
  201. DIY 4x5 Wet Plate holder
  202. Loosening the soft adjustment on early Cookes
  203. 8 x 20 question
  204. Two more newbie questions....
  205. 6x9 Mask for 4x5 Ground Glass
  206. Servicing a big Voigtländer Heliar
  207. Calculating a 'fixed' Compendium hood
  208. Cheap Guillotine shutter?
  209. Cheap and cheerful shutter options?
  210. Horseman 451 roll film back help!!!
  212. Are Copal 3 and 3s internal parts interchangeable?
  213. Disassembling Ernemann ' Klapp' camera (9 x 12 cm)
  214. O(Other)IYed 600mm Petzval lens hood and cover
  215. How to adjust this odd Kalart Rangefinder
  216. Frankensteining 8 x 10...
  217. Light Leak?
  218. Large format shutter options.
  219. opaque paint? or other covering material?
  220. 5x7 Graflex
  221. Dallmeyer 3A disassembly
  222. Built a 4x5 view camera -- my sanity is hereby called into question!
  223. Calumet C1 knob specification help
  224. homemade lens - Pipe & Spaghetti series I schedule 40
  225. loose rear lens cap
  226. Making a "caddy" for BTZS tubes.
  227. Angulon 90 f6.8 focusing
  228. Golwlandflex resurrection project
  229. Label holder source ?
  230. Lock for pre-anniversary speed graflex fp release lever
  231. Holder hinge tape: options(and pro's/cons)
  232. Custom work done on a 5x7 Camera
  233. rear standard for 8x10 camera
  234. DIY Kalart FocuSpot-style Laser Ranging with Technika RF
  235. Positioning of lens on board
  236. LF camera around the lens (Scriptar)
  237. DIY Scanning camera (not mine)
  238. Tension springs
  239. Connecting a Packard Synchro Shutter to a Hotshoe/PC terminal
  240. Ebony lens box modified with sliding lid
  241. Aperture Ring Cleaning
  242. 75 Zeiss Biogon mil. surplus barrel lens - sketch for mounting into Copal 1 shutter
  243. Is a 3D Printed LF camera Possible?
  244. Old repro camera. Help?
  245. 11X14 camera build
  246. Removing lens and shutter from an old Zeiss Ikon
  247. Bellows Material - replacement on a Toyo 45A
  248. DIY DSLR Scanner vs Drum Scanner
  249. Graflex Super D Focal Plane Shutter Servicing
  250. Building a sliding tripod Block for my 8x10 Agfa Ansco.