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  1. Help/advice Scanning w/ Hasselblad Flextight X5
  2. Lightroom 5 - catastrophic bug
  3. Matting a 16x20 Inkjet Print, To Reveal or Not?
  4. I don't have Lightroom, but I want a good print (physical)-- I'm in SoCal
  5. Capture one express 6 How to REMOVE SESSIONS ???
  6. Good 'ol drum vs flatbed
  7. Epson V700 and scanning - where to start?
  8. PS CC & Lightroom 5
  9. Strange Flickr phenomena
  10. Great app for managing your Film Holders
  11. Stitching - A Toronto Church Interior Example
  12. Need Software for my Cezanne FT s5000
  13. Dry Mounting on Anti-Reflection (AR) / Museum Glass - Surface Order for Epson 4990
  14. Flexcolor can`t open 3f files
  15. Get me started in piezography
  16. Storing large prints?
  17. Adobe Master Creative Suite
  18. Photoshop for architectural photography
  19. Epson V700 - NO upgrade for 10.9?
  20. Digital prints, max size
  21. Can I run a Howtek Drum Scanner d4000 on a modern MAC (OS X Lion)
  22. How to get a linear image with the correct ICC profile out of Silverfast
  23. Preview scans using DSLR - C41 colour casts
  24. Scanner recommendation -under 500$ And any useful tips?
  25. Help with Scanning
  26. Help with PS
  27. The clearest clear bags?
  28. Epson R2400 paper fead problems
  29. Oxygen Scan Software 2.6.4????
  30. Epson 3800 problem??
  31. Adobe Expands Photoshop Photography Program to Everyone
  32. Digitizing orphaned glass negatives
  33. Unsharp Masking Techniques
  34. Cleaning film after wet scanning
  35. Ink Expiration Dates
  36. Good Books for Digital Printing
  37. Comparing images onscreen to final print. Help needed.
  38. First time issue with monitor calibration ?????
  39. Digital Printing with BowHausTruBW Mac and Canon Printers
  40. Epson 3880 print settings and PS curve for Kallitype?
  41. need some help with a 9900 epson printer
  42. Good book on Lightroom 5 & Adobe RAW
  43. Specific wavelength--635nm--nearest Photoshop equivalent?
  44. epson v700 question
  45. Recovery - Reappliction of Color to a B+W Conversion File
  46. Dark, gloomy b&w landscape editing techniques
  47. Pros & Cons - Dry Mounting Pigment Ink Prints from (digital printer)
  48. Drum Scanning in California
  49. Another 3880 or...pizza wheel markes resolved by epson?
  50. Digital Negative for Silver Gelatin Prints: New Method
  51. Creating Digital Text: Scans of Negatives vs Scans of Optical Prints
  52. Red River Papers - thoughts?
  53. Getting sharp scans with the Epson V550
  54. Epson V700 - dumb question - betterscanning/epson holders
  55. 3800 wicking black ink!?!?
  56. Imacon and 4x5
  57. In a bind...Need 3rd Party Help for Canvas Job - Quick!
  58. Favorite paper
  59. Best place in USA to print and frame picture for Gallery shows
  60. OHP Film for digital negatives that is available pref in the UK/EU (for Piezograpy)?
  61. Help help drowning in mac land
  62. darkroom equivalent of "curves" in PS?
  63. Inkjet paper / printing issue - printing experts advice needed
  64. Epson 3800 same problem
  65. Where to get digital negatives done?
  66. Epson 3800 problem
  67. Canon ipf 8300 quits unexpectedly
  68. Best Digital Print Paper for B&W?
  69. Fujiflex/Kodak Metallic online print labs
  70. Problem printing in Lightroom
  71. Epson 2880 printer will not center image
  72. Banding with Agfa Duoscan HiD
  73. Howtek d4000 software for mac, help please
  74. Good cleaner for pigment inkjet prints?
  75. Espon v700--copying image slightly larger than glass surface?
  76. Best way to scan 11x14 prints?
  77. Monitor for Piezography?
  78. Howtek D4000 and colormanagement
  79. help needed with cezanne scanner
  80. Air compressor for cleaning Film
  81. Epson 3880 Paper Feed Problem
  82. Why is doing a circle crop sooo hard to do?
  83. Printing onto silver paper
  84. Scanning 8x10
  85. Do your best BW inkjets matched or surpass your best BW wet prints?
  86. Using Fuji Crystal Archive for BW?
  87. What kind of grain / effect is this?
  88. Converting a printer to Piezography printer
  89. Trying to understand color management for C-prints from LF film.
  90. Photoshop CS6 vs. Photoshop CS3/CS4
  91. In PS cs 5.1 getting"Version Error" and "Processing Cancelled" when importing ICC pro
  92. Simple PS/ lightroom help required?
  93. Transparent background scanning on Epson 750 Pro
  94. SF Bay Area scanner rental
  95. Tell me about printing on canvas....
  96. Photo Shop and working with a Drobo storage.
  97. Tangential and Sagittal
  98. Scanning colour negatives
  99. Rubber stamp for "digital versus analog" threads ?
  100. Are Your Best B&W Inkjets Worth More Than Your Best B&W Wet Prints?
  101. The "Luminosity Masks" thread
  102. HP Z3200 hard drive question
  103. Dynamic range of RA4 vs digital pigment print
  104. Flatbed for proofing?
  105. Printing text on back side of fine art inkjet papers?
  106. Digital Silver
  107. HF Nonlinear Noise of Analog Materials and Lenses, Processing them
  108. Alternatives to PS subscription services?
  109. Replicating a warm tone paper look
  110. Anyone making backlit inkjet prints?
  111. Borderless printing with HP Z3200
  112. Carbon inks, which ones to use?
  113. Protection for a naked ink print
  114. Upgrade on Nik Collection breaks Photoshop
  115. Glossy inkjet paper recommendations?
  116. PhotoShop - time to upgrade
  117. ABW mode not available with cs4
  118. Reversal Film Scanning and loss of highlight detail
  119. Ink system question
  120. Installing ICC Profiles in MS 8
  121. new flickr licensing?
  122. flushing 4800, how many times?
  123. Newbie needs advice
  124. epson 4800 not pulling through?
  125. So. What do you do with 1megabyte files?
  126. Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Pearl surface sensitivity--solved
  127. ColorPerfect pricing
  128. Ilford Gold Fiber Silk paper ????
  129. Epson 3880 printing problems
  130. New scanner does "banding" in underexposed areas
  131. Inverting a digital image to make a negative?
  132. Warped Edge on Paper
  133. ColorRight 5.2 Software Help
  134. Posterizing effect
  135. 4x5 Processing/scanning question
  136. Difficulties scanning Agfa Brovira
  137. Unsharpening an image
  138. Epson V800 film holder adjustment
  139. Banding in drum scans
  140. Epson 3880 issue
  141. Canon Pixma Pro-100 for Digital Negative - Anyone using it?
  142. What's your favourite B&W inkjet paper and why?
  143. Movin on up
  144. Color Cast Removal - Photoshop Tutorial
  145. Scan sharpening
  146. Preprocessing TIFFs in ACR
  147. Advice or direction on making digital Negs
  148. Canson Rag and Platine Photographique
  149. Analogue and digital on one page
  150. Archival Sheetfeedable Paper
  151. Anyone using super glossy inkjet papers?
  152. Making icc profile for velvia 50
  153. Whats the verdict on Adobe CC?
  154. Where to find scanning fluid locally?
  155. Protecting an big inkjet print
  156. Banding in scans / negatives?
  157. Metallic Paper
  158. Printing Specific Sizes
  159. Other Post-Production Programs and Printing
  160. Piezography good test print image
  161. Microtek ArtixScan M1 Pro versus 1800f
  162. Any body got any tips for quick spotting of scans
  163. Film Scanning tutorials and recommendation
  164. Are commercial Giclee prints similar to Epson 3880 on matte paper
  165. Photoshop CC observations
  166. Would appreciate help with choosing a higher end printer.
  167. Roll paper vs Cut Sheet
  168. How large can I print this 4x5 scan?
  169. Scanning Issues - White Noise
  170. Scanning color negatives/slide film - Vuescan
  171. digital archive questions 1,2,3
  172. What file size should I expect from B&W 5X7 negative
  173. Matching printer output
  174. Challenges with color and density of backlit film
  175. Can information be added to a TIFF metadata?
  176. Troubleshoot: Epson 3880 Printing Dark?
  177. Use a B&W Layer to Adjust Color Brightness
  178. Epson Photo 3200 Scanner, anyone?
  179. Stitching Several 6x12 Images
  180. Any way to embed data with images so Google can NOT strip it?
  181. Success! Scanning with Fuji X-T1 and Sinar F
  182. Printing negatives on a 9900 getting scratches please help.
  183. Photoshop image looks darker after saving as jpeg
  184. Highlight Midtone Shadow and all in between
  185. Did Photoshop CS6 cripple my copy of Photoshop CS5?
  186. Digital Vellum, Vint Cerf our own Dark Ages Print more
  187. Epson 3880 custom paper sizes, prints resized small
  188. PhotoShop Woes
  189. What do *you* use Lightroom for?
  190. Suitable inkjet papers for book maquette?
  191. help needed editing sky separately from the ground
  192. Scanning & Stitching troubles
  193. Epson gloss optimizer stability test
  194. Most economical way to choose negative for printing
  195. Scan Velvia with silverfast
  196. Can I use an old plotter to print LF digital negatives for contact printing?
  197. Need help with some Vericolor II Type L
  198. Does a book exist for making color separation negs?
  199. Sing the Praise of Portra 160 Scanning with Silverfast
  200. Lumenzia Photoshop Luminosity Masking Tools
  201. Buying Color Perfect Vs farting around with vuescan?
  202. Affinity Photo - a useful alternative to Photoshop?
  203. Some elementary questions
  204. Eversmart jazz scanner scanning question
  205. Possible major problem with my Epson 3800 printer
  206. Scanning 5x7 negs, Epson 10000XL
  207. Lightroom - How to Improve Speed/Performance
  208. Vuescan fujifil pro 160ns settings for epson v700
  209. Quad Tone RIP Problem
  210. Very basic scanning questions
  211. Bands in the scan from Epson V700
  212. Stitching LF Files
  213. epson scanning tip
  214. Epson Stylus Pro 4000 and non-OEM inks
  215. Proofing paper for Canson Photo Rag
  216. Bad strange prints Epson 3880
  217. Eliminating Ruled Lines Using Photoshop
  218. Storage boxes for 24x36 prints?
  219. Method of standardising image size with border
  220. How much do I need a consistent image size ?
  221. Epson Watercolor paper for printing photos
  222. Printing on Epson Signature worthy papers or anything else
  223. International delivery of prints
  224. Anyone try the Epson P400 and P600 printers?
  225. Windows 10, VueScan and Microtek 1800f and Minolta DiMAGE Scan Multi Pro Scanners
  226. HP Scanjet G4050 and Vista
  227. Metal Prints, Good, Bad or Ugly....
  228. diagonal stripes on scanned images
  229. epson p800 and digital neg's
  230. Problems with V700 holder used in V800
  231. Lines from developing, attempting to remove in PS after drum scanning
  232. PP on Linux + Gimp - video
  233. Batch Scan - Vuescan MF & 35mm Negatives (Color)
  234. Shiraz RIP not printing
  235. El Capitan/Epson 3880 Problem
  236. Multiple layers of digital neg/pos as seen as Da Vinci Mona Lisa
  237. Another 3880/El Capitan Problem
  238. Hints for Linux workflow?
  239. Epson 4900 Print Head Failure
  240. Canon Printers & Digital Negatives
  241. Fixative for Canson infinity baryta photographique?
  242. Bringing an Epson 3800 and a V700 out of retirement
  243. Diffraction Limits of Lenses and Scanning
  244. Loose glass inside Epson V600
  245. QTR soft proofing, limitted software/hardware
  246. Applying a Soft Proof icc to Images for Web Display
  247. Scanning Prints
  248. A different approach to scanned image histograms
  249. Epson Stylus Pro 7600 InkJet Printer: Strange nozzle problem.
  250. Epson 9900 - new printhead