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  1. Print big - Few questions for first trial
  2. a couple of beginner questions
  3. Interpositive advice
  4. Thomas Duplex Safelight Questions
  5. Anyone contact printing 4x5?
  6. low contrast scenes
  7. Darkroom Scales
  8. X TOL : How many 8x10 sheet for one liter ?
  9. Enlarger Contact Printing is Good Bad ugly?
  10. Paper negatives - which paper to use?
  11. Super interesting find "Photo-Lab Index" from 1953
  12. developer for 4x5 Tmax 100 in tank?
  13. Defective film or what...?
  14. Duplicating a color slide to BW neg
  15. Basic Intro/Info for Pyrocat HD?
  16. US-Made HC-110 vs European-made HC-110
  17. After bleach, but before FSA toner: re-expose ?
  18. Probably an absurd thought, but is it do-able?
  19. Rolling paper with emulsion inside or outside
  20. Jobo 2509N 4x5 Reels and Uneven Development
  21. Print Map Template.
  22. About to try developing color. Do I have the right chemicals?
  23. Clear spots on film
  24. Developing Portra - what chemistry do you use?
  25. Problem With Print edges on Durst L1200
  26. Scratches on my 8x10 sheet film
  27. Ilford whole plate film availability
  28. For Commercial and Industrial Use Only
  29. Help with cyanotype paper
  30. Color film ( C-41/ E6 ) chemistry sources
  31. What exactly is AZO paper?
  32. Mixing Film w/Food in a Freezer
  33. Arista Ortho Litho ISO?
  34. Poor Outcomes Developing E6 At Home - Need A Little Help
  35. How to contact print without showing the rebate?
  36. Ilford DD-X and HP-5...
  37. Another FujiFilm Price increase + Film Discontinuations
  38. HP+ and DD-X 4x5 processing for newbie
  39. Expired Velvia & Provia
  40. minimalist dip and dunk
  41. 10 x 8 Polaroid land film holder locked
  42. Kodak Update
  43. Looking for older thread on how to cut xray film to 4x5
  44. Jobo 3025 vs Catlabs CL81 vs whatever else is out there for 8x10 daylight dev
  45. How test if chemical are good?
  46. hypo and sodium sulfite fixer issue
  47. Why am I getting unexposed area on 4x5 sheet film?
  48. I need N+2 in the shadows and N-2 in the highlights
  49. What would happen if I left test strips in the fixer.....
  50. R3 monobath questions
  51. Museum Vs Conservation Mat Board
  52. 13x15 Storage options
  53. Choosing contact printing paper size
  54. BLIX contaminated with Stabilizer - usable?
  55. First impressions fomapan 100
  56. B&W PAPER processing machines
  57. Thoughts and questions on processing 8X10 X-ray film
  58. Brush on light sensative solution?
  59. Processing Delta 100 and HP5+ together possible?
  60. Jobo 3005 questions
  61. ATN Viper Night Vision and C41 or E6 film?
  62. Kodak Flexicolor LORR+LU mixing
  63. carbon transfer tissue question?
  64. Glassine Envelopes & Storing Negatives
  65. Beginner mistakes
  66. Un-even dev, only by lack of agitation?
  67. Possibly another Uneven Developing question. Jobo and Obsidian Aqua
  68. Necessary to fix between sepia and gold?
  69. Using Foma paper w/ Kodak Chem's
  70. Rollei RPX400
  71. Dynamic range developer for color
  72. Platinum/Palladium question
  73. Filter w/Impossible 8x10?
  74. Q. about brown tint on developed 70mm Aero Plus-X film
  75. Grey Silver Nitrate Crystals
  76. Jobo 3004 expert tank for 4x5 using CPE2 plus processor?
  77. How to Load the Jobo 2509N Reel
  78. New Packaging from Kodak
  79. Cutting down film to 4x10
  80. Velvia storage question
  81. Cleaning JOBO Expert Drums
  82. Processing xray film using BTZS tubes
  83. A few silver reclaiming questions
  84. Questions on technique and the Zone System
  85. Seeking info on these 1939 Eastman Kodak, Wratten & Wainwright Tricolor Dry Plates
  86. Pyrocat HD in Canada
  87. Used x-ray film for making carbon transfer tissue
  88. Big Prints??
  89. Fred Picker Videos?
  90. Ilford MGR.1M RC Rapid paper, any info?
  91. 24X36" photo paper?
  92. Successfully developed a monochrome positive at home - modified E-6
  93. Print washing while I sleep
  94. dektol
  95. Development methods for 4x5
  96. online resources for learning to print
  97. Experience Using New55 Film?
  98. Some Advice Needed on Negative Problems
  99. Help-Need empty 4x5 film boxes.
  100. Of the color neg films now available what is best for autumn portraits?
  101. GAS BURST Agitation System DIY
  102. preflashing Direct Positive paper without an enlarger?
  103. Pyrocat HD question: Solid precipitate in Solution B?
  104. Gas Burst Chemistry Oxidation Questions
  105. Good Lab for color film developing
  106. Fuji HR-T X-Ray film: Sprint 1:9 (D76) or Rodinal?
  107. Website full of Darkroom Movies
  108. RC print permanence update
  109. non Jobo drum Epiphany ???
  110. C41 Problems
  111. push/pull times for Acros in Rodinal?
  112. Who is making/distributiing B&W sheet film?
  113. flashing impossible 8x10 2.0
  114. Unexplainable light leak??
  115. Adhesive for cold mounting fiber prints
  116. Evaluation and questions from first contact print (Retropan 320, Fomalux)
  117. Rollei Digibase c41 bleach problem
  118. Reversal Processing with D-11
  119. Darkroom printing for other photographers
  120. paper tips for use in a vc 7700. LPL Saunder
  121. Fuji FP-3000b45 availability (4x5)
  122. New colour film from The Impossible Project
  123. Bostick & Sullivan Carbon Tissue
  124. Cheapest way to make a paper developer DIY
  125. Caffenol-C and Fomapan
  126. Is your film flat? Or do you make it not flat.
  127. Packaging for Fuji Slide Film
  128. when shooting x ray film....
  129. Revised Edition of The Darkroom Cookbook
  130. Cutting film---left overs question
  131. Pyrocat HD dilution
  132. Jobo 2509 Reel modified for 5x7?
  133. 400 TMAX 11X14 delivered today!
  134. Bergger VCCB Recent Results
  135. How can contact prints be out of focus?
  136. Washing film in Jobo Expert drums?
  137. Jobo 2551 vs. 2553 tank for 4x5 using CPE2+
  138. UV densitometer - which one?
  139. an 8x10 btzs tube question
  140. Help With E6 film??
  141. Btzs tube film scratching
  142. Jobo 2509n reels: reading about surge marks; is there a solution?
  143. Proper Agitation for Dip and Dunk hangers
  144. Print washer
  145. Chemistry question
  146. Jobo Duolab w/2509n, The Littlest Jobo!
  147. Uneven development of FP4 in XTOL in JOBO 3010
  148. E6 partial color cast
  149. New to Pt/Pd question about the UV Lightsource
  150. Encaustic Photography
  151. Pyrocat safety/cleanup
  152. easy to prepare paper developer
  153. email from Keith Canham about Kodak 5x7 orders
  154. Big print
  155. Carbon Printing Query
  156. Velvia 100 Film w/Strobes?
  157. Q. How much working developer per sq inch is too much?
  158. Cutting (lots of) film
  159. Developer Suggestions - Ilford Direct Positive Paper- Urgent
  160. GraphicLine Premium HD negative film info needed.
  161. White spots on paper.
  162. Your favorite Go To film?
  163. A job for Ortho?
  164. Dark Spots on film
  165. Ansco Triple S Pan Development Ideas
  166. Rollei RPX 400 sheet film
  167. Anyone Using Their Nikon 120 AM ED Lens as Enlarger Lens?
  168. Carbon print background mottling
  169. Printing an image in negative/inverted
  170. How to expose Adox CHS 100 II film
  171. learning vs how to improve
  172. Negative sleeve pages, Print file alternatives in Europe
  173. ABC Pyro, DBI, and Tray Development
  174. Anyone have manual for an Eseco 5045 T-85CD (or similar)
  175. Freezer full of LF slide film, time capsule
  176. Info on UV light boxes wanted
  177. A warning about SPUR HRX developer and defective bottles/bottling
  178. CL81 for B&W rc 5 sheets at a time
  179. "New" Oriental Seagull Graded RC?? Recent experiences?
  180. Anyone used Hydrogen Peroxide to prevent fungus in carbon printing?
  181. Focusing issues. 8x10 negs
  182. 4x5 Sheet film availability and its future
  183. Pre Flashing Film - Anyone Do It?
  184. New Kodak Portra 400 boxes?
  185. New55 instant film instructions
  186. Need help printing Carestream EB/RA
  187. Developing 4x5 slide film livestream LIVE NOW
  188. Help with Neg defect
  189. Zone VIII testring on variable contrast paper.
  190. Where did 13x19 come from?
  191. Paper in Freezer Got Wet, Useable?
  192. C-41 Separate Bleach and Fixer any kit options?
  193. Idea For Processing Large Prints
  194. Looking for a lab to process C-41
  195. Developing 5x7 B&W+ and need some direction...
  196. Tannic Acid Toner
  197. Diffusion transfer processor : Useful for Alt processes ?
  198. Contact printing , wiring of Olec Olite AL9 and Olix AI 131,
  199. What is "microcontrast"?
  200. Experience with Atomic-X (sheet film used for the negative in New55)?
  201. Strange lines on negatives
  202. Where to buy glassine sheets/envelopes in the UK.
  203. Archival print storage tissue.
  204. Freezing 4X5 film: bag the box, or just freeze it?
  205. stacking trays
  206. What is ruining my Tri-X 320?
  207. Calculating low ISO
  208. Defects in acrylic face-mounting with Fujiflex Crystal Archive backed with Dibond
  209. Where to begin?
  210. Which film for architecture and interior photography?
  211. Ilford's 2016 ULF campaign and 122 roll film
  212. X-ray aside, where can I get high volume orders of 4x5 or 8x10 sheets? (Canada)
  213. B&W Developer Advice: Branching From My Norms
  214. Bad Pyro!
  215. Identifying sheet film
  216. Burning and dodging for Carbon Printing?? Or other UV contact printing.
  217. ? Developer for negatives to be scanned
  218. Is contrast in two-bath developers controlled by the developer or the alkali?
  219. Fuji chrome and Fuji Hunt 6x 5 liter kits
  220. Rollei RPX 400 Reciproicty
  221. Galaxy Paper
  222. Troubleshooting Carbon Printing Failures
  223. 8x10 Kodalith Fine Art sheet film; No notches
  224. Printing the AN pattern
  225. Retropan 320
  226. Lead and Mercury?
  227. Ilford Galerie Digital Silver paper
  228. Light leak help
  229. Exposure times for color paper and troubleshoting
  230. RC advocates please chime in
  231. Kodak Dry Plates 3.25x5.5" still sealed.
  232. Using diafine and have questions.
  233. Duplicating Azo at Home?
  234. Fuji fp-100c45 question
  235. X-Ray Film for photography Advice needed.
  236. 8x10 slide stock onto LED panel
  237. Rodinal lasts forever, right?
  238. When to pull the film out of the developer?
  239. wet plate: format vs. costs pre image
  240. What is Azo?
  241. Diffusion filters - contact printing?
  242. easiest alt process
  243. How much developer is needed? HC-110, Rodinal
  244. How many people Replenish developers vs. One Shot
  245. Developing Harman Direct Positive Using Diafine
  246. Tetenal e6/c41 kits in 1L and 5L size discontinued
  247. Lumachrome for facemounting - advantages, difficulties and characteristics
  248. Shuffling 8x10 in trays
  249. xtol with photoflo
  250. Digital versus Enlarger print sharpness opinions