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  1. Gossen Luna Pro SBC
  2. Dyna light flash tube prong broke off help.
  3. Tripod for Trekking
  4. Kodak 2D 5x7 Backpack Help Needed
  5. Recommendations for affordable Instant Film and Holder (4x5 Camera)
  6. Esterly Speed-Mat Mat Cutter
  7. Reg :- Tripod and Head suggestion needed for a newbie
  8. cable releases
  9. A matter of combined backs or separate Film/Wet Plate
  10. Ok. I picked up 4 Broncolor Pulso 4 Power Packs along with some film holders.
  11. I have no idea what these are. Any help?
  12. f64 bag strap question
  13. 14x17 camera film and holders
  14. What light for studio headshots? No flash.
  15. Lightest and most compact tripod for minimal 4x5 kit
  16. 11x14 Deardorff S11 with a Saltzman Studio Stand?
  17. Vintage Lupe
  18. KEH - good source for used lenses?
  19. 11x14 film holder hard sided case, any suggestions?
  20. FLM Centerball 38 FT question
  21. Cold Laminators
  22. Old Lunapro & other light meters + new batteries
  23. Difference between ? Linhof Technika lens boards ?
  24. Center filter order with 6x17
  25. Bag for an 11"x14" Chamonix?
  26. Tripod leveling base
  27. Gitzo tripod review
  28. Opinion: Satori EXP for 8x10
  29. 8x10 Tripod.
  30. Lee Filter System vs Traditional Filters
  31. yongnuo yn-560 III question
  32. Best 8x10 Antique Wood Tripod
  33. Cambo case
  34. Pairing up Heads / Legs from Different Brands
  35. Help with my Manfrotto 055 tripod
  36. Tiltall owners... is this normal?
  37. screw drivers for shutter aperture scale
  38. Cleaning and prepping 5x7 & 8x10 wooden holders
  39. Sizing Tripod: RRS TVC 33 vs 33S
  40. Availability of 5x4 film holders- darkslides
  41. recommendation for a few accessories for my Horseman 4x5 needed! :)
  42. Arca joined the 21st Century ? A website ?
  43. Reasonable price for Wista Field 45? And advice.
  44. Head Rest and Posing Stands
  45. Reasonable price for new 4x5 Bellows
  46. Pentax Digital Spotmeter defect?
  47. Lowepro Omni Trekker anybody???
  48. Case for Deardorff V11
  49. Older Soligor Spot Meter - Any Good
  50. Meyer Rangefinder, more information please?
  51. Mounting an X-Large softbox
  52. Cart or Stroller to Transport a Sinar F2
  53. What's an easy way to get a rim light?
  54. ..large format portrait lighting with led light plates..
  55. Prices for a repair of a shutter
  56. Wista M450 Doubts
  57. Gitzo CF Legs Slipping
  58. Best way to letter Pelican cases?
  59. Do Grafmatic Film Magazines need to be lubricated?
  60. H.Duplouich, Paris : GONOSCOPE
  61. Minolta vs. Sekonic Spot Meters
  62. C-Stand advice wanted
  63. For Sale Forum?
  64. Deep compartiment back pack
  65. Best compendium solution for 72mm SA XL
  66. Cine-Verito lens? Any info?
  67. Foam inserts or dividers?
  68. F.64 Extra Large Backpack for 4x5 (not 8x10) ?
  69. 4x5 - 120 roll film backs?
  70. 6x12 120 color negative film labs in the USA? develop and scan
  71. What kind of lighting for 4x5 wet plate portrait photography?
  72. fake Cokin p filters questions
  73. Bencher Inc -Still in business?
  74. Spiked tripod feet on hard/smooth surfaces
  75. Hybrid Canoe Pack for 8x10
  76. A footwear thread for landscapers (running shoes vs. hiking boots?)
  77. Majestic tripod
  78. LED lighting
  79. Rear lens caps needed!
  80. cheap generic flash kits
  81. Looking for Anba Ikeda 4x5
  82. Rear lens caps
  83. Lens flare
  84. The elusive Linhof Technika electronic rangefinder?
  85. Advice on new tripod head
  86. Pentax Spotmeter V exposure dial came off
  87. Springback - what kind of back is this?
  88. Okay, where's the catch in this deal?
  89. Apps for Large Format
  90. Is there such a thing as a compact, lightweight, stable, and inexpensive 3-axis head?
  91. Pentax Digital Spotmeter and The Zone System
  92. Photobackpacker is Retiring
  93. Anyone ever tried that with a Crown Graphic...
  94. Tripod recommendation
  95. LOAD 50 4x5 Motor drives
  96. Gitzo Giant
  97. Camera Mounting on Tripod
  98. Stupid question time: Plate vs film holder.
  99. Focusing screen protection
  100. Light Meter
  101. Using a Harrison Small Changing Bag Rather Than Tent
  102. Replacement Tripod Recommendation
  103. Does Anybody Know of/Use Godard Flash Equipment
  104. Tiltall or investment?
  105. What light meter should I get?
  106. Lens Hoods
  107. Looking for someone with experience in Polaroid 891 film.
  108. Replacing broken softbox rod?
  109. Leveling Bases - Anyone using these instead of a head?
  110. Did they make any Grafmatic holders for the GRAFLEX camera?
  111. Tripod leg pivot
  112. Vote: Reducing Back vs New Camera
  113. Cable release for a recessed lens board?
  114. help attaching rail camera to ball head
  115. Vacuum those film holders then Vac-seal them
  116. Help: Removing FLM 43F BallHead from RRS TVC33 Legs
  117. Portrait Background Recommendations
  118. Linhof Levelling Pan / Tilt head users?
  119. Stripes on the edge of my negative - Chamonix 8x10
  120. where I can this deardorff screw?
  121. Polaroid back for speed graphic
  122. Ball Head for Large Format?
  123. Tiltall Mods
  124. Obed vs Feiso tripods opinion?
  125. Ground Glass
  126. hard lens case option
  127. Shooting down onto a table top or floor
  128. Backpack for Toyo 810M
  129. Mini-review: EVOC photo pack for Toyo 810M or other large format camera
  130. Suggestions for a camera case or bag in extreme environment
  131. Horseman 6x9 release cable or adapter
  132. Tripod Head for Toyo 8x10 Rail Camera
  133. Viewer to view negatives as positives.
  134. majestic head with panning
  135. Someone near NYC please buy this!
  136. Pin hole in holder hinge tape
  137. Lighting for a Graflex... indoors?
  138. Raising your vantage point
  139. WTB: affordable tripod for my 4x5
  140. Hiking Boots for Plantar Fasciitis
  141. Backpack recommendation for 4x5 kit
  142. The Annual Upgrade
  143. Oben PD-117 3-way pan/tilt head ????
  144. Induro Carbon 8X CT214 Tripod For 4x5?
  145. Another Pack Perdicament, this time for a 5x7
  146. Photographing From Behind a Wall
  147. Ascorlight 444
  148. pls recommend - camera backpack for 4x5 with laptop component..
  149. Tall tripod
  150. Speed Graphic cable release... lack of movement and binding.
  151. Gear Porn
  152. Math Help, I think...
  153. Short center column for Gitzo 1227 MKII?
  154. Gitzo PL5 - what is the purpose of this part ?
  155. SEI Photometer - where or how to fix?
  156. Who understands diopters?
  157. spotmeter for night photography
  158. 5 gallon milspec surplus water carrier covers
  159. Tripod Maintenance
  160. Marking geo location
  161. Proper foot removal technique?
  162. Which case for Sinar Norma 5x7?
  163. Horseman roll film adapter foam seals or CLA
  164. Laser glasses
  165. Understanding Pezvals
  166. LF ballhead sought- current offerings questions
  167. Suggestions for Film Holder Carrying Bags
  168. Traveling With 8x10 and all the accessories...
  169. Ries Tripod For a Kodak 2D 5x7 Recommendations
  170. Spotmeter
  171. How to Value LF Equipment
  172. Wista 6x9 Roll Film Adapter (for the sliding back).
  173. Bowens 15000 power rating?
  174. Minolta booster Ii and Gossen Starlite
  175. Using Amazon as Forum for obsolete Flash Bulb Holder battery WOW quick results!
  176. What is the best first color filter for B&W work?
  177. How to fold benbo tripod
  178. Backpacks Thread?
  179. Linear polarizer that turns
  180. How do I join Sinar LF rail? ...and other newbie to Sinar questions
  181. L O U P E recommendation for 4x5
  182. Renting 4x5
  183. Gap in Shen Hao lens boards
  184. Polaroid back #545 & Fuji Film
  185. Backup smaller format - what's in your bag
  186. 8x10 film holder separating
  187. ULF 7X17 What size Dark Cloth? What type? I'm new to daylight...
  188. Help with Pyrex UV strobe filters for 7 inch reflectors
  189. Best Bang for the buck in a light meter?
  190. Alternatives to seamless "paper"
  191. Soligor Spot Sensor II Needle Not Moving
  192. ries and manfrotto similarity
  193. 3d printed lens caps
  194. Schneider loupe modification
  195. A really new tripod system . . .it rolls up!
  196. Velbon Ball Head bolt Broken. Any suggestions?
  197. Booms do's and don't's
  198. Absolutely smallest tripod of carry-on kit
  199. Making a cage
  200. How do you open a Wista 45DX???
  201. Purosol Lens Cleaner
  202. Specs for Sinar Pan Tilt Head
  203. Tripod head compatability.
  204. A long ReallyRightStuff rail compatibility question
  205. Asahi Pentax Spotmeter battery compartment
  206. Anybody use these bags ?
  207. ATN Viper Night Vision Goggles - I thought I might be getting fogging
  208. Tripod for a Calumet 4x5
  209. Ever seen a tripod like this?
  210. Kodak Static Eliminator - anybody?
  211. Traveling by Plane with 8x10 Gear
  212. Gitzo 2271M Low Profile Head Weight Capacity
  213. Tripods with no preset leg angle stops and carbon fiber legs?
  214. Quick releases for LF cameras
  215. Bosch Electronic Rangefinder
  216. What's your Favorite LF Accessory?
  217. The mythical perfect tripod
  218. Converting Manfrotto 410 to Arca style clamp/plate
  219. Weston Master II light meters came back to life
  220. What is this Graflex flash attachment for?
  221. Foam for cases
  222. Looking for thin black plastic
  223. Paramount Synch Cords
  224. Horseman Optical Exposure Computer Demonstration
  225. Shutter Speed apps + PhotoPlug on iphone or android
  226. Ansco 8x10 replacement case - any success?
  227. Anyone use this harrison tent knockoff?
  228. F.64 Backpack tips
  229. Meter Madness
  230. I had a tripod to tripod head adapter made
  231. Pentax Digital Spotmeter Zone Sticker - DIY
  232. Does anyone know what this is?
  233. Fabrication of replacement battery door for Soligor Sensor II Spot Meter
  234. Anyone have a file for a Zone sticker for the Soligor Sensor II
  235. Low-to-ground tripod?
  236. Help identifying one more item made by B & J Press. Adjustable back?
  237. Anyone using a panning clamp?
  238. Anyone using an iMac with retina 5K display
  239. Heads up if you are buying a Gitzo Systematic tripod
  240. Options for carrying Graflex Series D 4X5 and gear
  241. Reducing Back/Adapter Case
  242. SEI Photomater repair
  243. Incident Meters, Old & New, Repair, Purchase, Technique - Questions
  244. Travelite sync cord issues
  245. polaroid 405 problems
  246. Best tape for film holder repair
  247. Camera Bag Brands: What do You Like Best?
  248. Head Braces
  249. Printex Tripod?
  250. Portable Flash for LF - small but powerful