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  1. reciprocity and reduced devolment times
  2. How Would You Tone This Image?
  3. Which “photo equations” do you carry in your head? Do they interfere?
  4. zs clarification
  5. Minimum focus distance and shooting down.
  6. Which movements will fix this?
  7. Silly Star Trail Question
  8. 20C Photo History book recomendations
  9. Mixed Lighting in Public Spaces
  10. Confusion about push/pull
  11. film calibration: what is the difference between using a DSLR and Spot Meter?
  12. Calculating very long exposures e.g. Several hours?
  13. Bellows not stiff enough?
  14. Instant film with strobe?
  15. Getting back into large format
  16. Focusing on an Ebony RW45
  17. asking advice: I need more light for indoor portraits
  18. Photographing my bride's beautiful gray hair
  19. Are you using less light now?
  20. Leveling...
  21. What laws do you break to get the shots you want?
  22. Photographing a Print
  23. Whats wrong with this picture?
  24. Help with calculation, please
  25. NEW to LF
  26. Your favorite “go-to” people when you’re looking for criticism of your work
  27. How do you keep the focus?
  28. Albumen Printing Question...
  29. How to expose 8x10 Kodak PORTRA 160NC ?
  30. Lighting with umbrella
  31. First time using Sekonic L-758DR
  32. A primer on lighting (newbie)
  33. multiple strobe pops
  34. Reciprocity failure...
  35. Interior church shot-need help
  36. Light Leak or Glare?
  37. If LF looks so great on web, why can't it be done with 35mm or a DSLR?
  38. Composition and culture
  39. Here’s a quiet scene ― what shot might you take & why?
  40. Another article to irritate people
  41. Nikon D700 mounted on Sinar to assert exposure
  42. Best way to test Antique 8x10 camera & film carriers?
  43. First LF Outing
  44. That vintage look
  45. X-ray film and filters
  46. Super Speed Graphic...
  47. More Questions about lighting
  48. Photos not level...advice?
  49. B&W with a flash
  50. do you focus with filters on?
  51. Landscapers ― share your best “take-down” tips
  52. A few questions about darkroom special effects
  53. How to photograph in dark?
  54. Do you use a dark cloth?
  55. 6x17
  56. What the...lens takes two dives in one day!
  57. LF new guy - help setting up a shot
  58. long exposure help needed
  59. Low Contrast Filters
  60. A self-portrait setup
  61. Grad ND Resin Vs Glass (holder, ring or rectangle)
  62. HELP! marking or otherwise identifying negatives
  63. Does anyone know...
  64. Church Photography
  65. tungsten vs strobe lighting
  66. Film from the Fridge-When to Load
  67. Bellows Extension at Hyperfocal.
  68. Are you ever completely satisfied with an image?
  69. Landscapers ― what precautions do you take in hunting season?
  70. Newborn babies
  71. Cure for Sagging 8x10 Bellows?
  72. Help! Is this flare?
  73. How to calculate exposure settings with bellows not extended
  74. How to shoot wide open without shutter?
  75. Burke & James Rexo No.5
  76. Zone metering with the Sekonic L-508?
  77. Using a 9... no 12 stop welding glass for ND:
  78. Head And Shoulders 4x5
  79. StudioPhoto
  80. StudioPhoto
  81. Two principal ways to search for a landscape shot (or is your way different?)
  82. Ball park time for a night exposure
  83. Help, is my developer the problem?
  84. camera moves
  85. LF shutter flash question...
  86. Wet plate / artificial lighting
  87. Double sided tape for long exposures
  88. A beginner B&W developer to Color?
  89. Far away and without incident
  90. Double exposure of the same scene
  91. Question About Focusing Problem!
  92. Matting prints centered
  93. Correctly focusing using a loupe?
  94. Science-y question about light spectrum
  95. Translucent roll paper options for diffusing light on subjects?
  96. Polaroid 195 (rangefinder) question: Straight horizon mys(t)ery
  97. Albumen printer in New York City
  98. Inebriates and Large Format
  99. How to use a Linhof 617s III Panoramic Camera?
  100. spot repair on print?
  101. How to Spot Meter, and best metering techniques in general for Landscapes...?
  102. Foggy days---foggy nights!
  103. Book on Edward Curtis techniques?
  104. Portra 160 Reciprocity?
  105. Hirosi Sugimoto technique
  106. Double exposure
  107. weather indications of a foggy morning?
  108. Paul Strand photo, "Young Boy."
  109. how to calculate long exposure?
  110. Help with composition
  111. Zone system with incidence meter?
  112. Glass Plate Thickness
  113. Distressed Steel Printing
  114. Using camera movements to change appearance of scale
  115. What would cause a "double image" ?
  116. Efke Infra red questions
  117. Exposure latitude with 4x5
  118. New Years Fireworks? Film? Settings? Suggestions? Tips?
  119. 365 day pinhole camera shot
  120. Focal Plane Shutters
  121. How did Atta Kim do his 8-hour exposures - video inside!
  122. Photomontage on camera
  123. Help with Copy Work
  124. Infrared - what really works in LF ?
  125. Floor/Background for a Nudeshot
  126. advice on setting up a shot
  127. advice needed to get a shot of shadow
  128. Photographing woods
  129. alignment of multiple exposures
  130. Could a Large Format Redwood Tree Portrait compete with National Geographic's photo?
  131. Depth of field
  132. Videos about movements?
  133. B&W portraiture and pimples?
  134. Models for nudes?
  135. Weston's lack of front tilt
  136. BTZS: Incident Readings in Flat Light
  137. Double exposure or other techniques for controlling high contrast scenes?
  138. Large Format pure therapy
  139. Need some help please!
  140. Panorama
  141. homemade large format paper camera
  142. Movements for a full length portrait?
  143. Incident metering advice
  144. 4x5 Velvia 100 vs Portra 160, > shooting the northern lights (Aurora Borealis)
  145. Non LF problem solving
  146. Multiple Exposure Calculations
  147. required movement for landscape work???
  148. Lee Big Stopper - (Lots of ND filter)
  149. Dry-Mounting the Kallitype/Van Dyke Print?
  150. EV range beyond five stops...
  151. anyone tried AG-Plus or have knowledge of it?
  152. dark slide going BEHIND film
  153. Loading film – best way to orient the holder?
  154. need advice on setting up for portrait shots in senior center
  155. Filters for Black White
  156. “There’s no shot around here – time to head home.”
  157. Scenic painted backdrops
  158. Magnifications
  159. Which filter for Ektar?
  160. Shoot Report | Card
  161. Technical questions concerning an image...
  162. ...another zone system question!
  163. Aperture to depth of field normalisation across various formats
  164. Modern or traditional?
  165. Mixing Film Formats or Film and Digital in one project/series
  166. Determing correct exposure
  167. BTZS ExpoDev v1.1 is now available
  168. News flash for beginners on Total Exposure
  169. Optimizing diffraction and DOF
  170. Landscape hikers – “10 essentials” or not?
  171. Is the Van Dyke Sharper than the Kallitype?
  172. Dodge and burn questions...
  173. Reciprocity failure question...
  174. Advice on summer project documenting farm work
  175. Paper negatives
  176. Just out of curiosity .......
  177. Calculating the focus spread at the image forming plane?
  178. Techniques for preventing film movement during long exposures?
  179. Measuring exposure with new fangled cap
  180. Achieving maximum/extreme sky to cloud contrast in black and white photography?
  181. Annular Eclipse - Exposure Experience?
  182. Favorite aperture?
  183. Do you use the rear movements on your Technika?
  184. Incident metering: Hope my confusion will be resolved with this.
  185. Odd image shift question
  186. Methods to focus for a self portrait???
  187. Maybe a daft idea.
  188. Working out how long an exposure can be without getting star trails?
  189. Red filter compensation
  190. Film from the Fridge and Load
  191. light leak or not ?
  192. Interior Architectural Photography Resource
  193. Why don't my 4x5 images have that large format snap?
  194. Creative Watermarking
  195. Reciprocity failure
  196. Stairway Camera
  197. Uneven development Fp4+ (8x10) Pyrocat HD
  198. Drying negatives
  199. Cruising fer snaps
  200. Photographing art work
  201. Massive Panoramic Shoot
  202. View Camera Focusing and the Scheimpflug Principle
  203. The role of solitude
  204. 135mm Xenar in Synchro-Compur Over Exposed Polaroids
  205. testing for fogged C-41 film
  206. Anyone do HDR with LF?
  207. Landscapers ― if you disturb a scene, do you restore it?
  208. How do you/did you learn to work with DOF?
  209. Bride dies at "trash the dress" shoot
  210. How musk risk / danger have you taken for a photograph or access to shoot?
  211. Magic tricks that improve light & stop the breeze
  212. Zone System (book)
  213. How many holders do you carry (landscapes from near the car on a nice day)?
  214. Do you shoot in the rain?
  215. Question for those who are shooting dry plates
  216. Harvesting olives in Caifornia 2012
  217. Learning to shot Chrome film??
  218. The sound of one hand...?
  219. How to do this shot?
  220. Depth of field question
  221. Edward Curtis Lighting Techniques-Lighting Tent??
  222. Wildlife in Large format
  223. Night shots with LF????
  224. spot metering flash?
  225. How to avoid those closed eyes when using a Studio Flash Set Up
  226. Photographing blue prints
  227. How to cure the “Hurry-up” illusion
  228. Dry Plate (SEED)
  229. Simple focus questions
  230. Sinar Booster1 metering
  231. Composition training and resources?
  232. C-41 portrait tips for the beginner? (Mostly lighting and metering)
  233. How bright a flash is safe for the human eye?
  234. photographing interiors
  235. Anyone shooting 'cyanotography'? - exposure times?
  236. Emulating Yousuf Karsh
  237. Newbie at wits end.
  238. Maximum sharpness
  239. Simple Algorithm for Calculating Exposure Increase when Using *Front Rise*?
  240. What do you do to help yourself in the field?
  241. Minolta Colormeter and 4x5" Scans
  242. Focal plane light meters
  243. Watt-second equivalents...
  244. Reflection or light on an eye
  245. Green xray film & green filter light meters
  246. How do I take this shot?
  247. Negative film - exposure or scanning?
  248. Is “sympathy w/ your subject” a blessing ― or a curse?
  249. Shooting large paintings, questions about lights
  250. Resolution loss from transparency to print