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  1. Photographing Archeological Objects
  2. What causes graininess?
  3. Standard Exposures
  4. Register pins on negative holder and montage
  5. Time Required for Larger Sheets of Film to Buckle
  6. How do they/you do this?
  7. Film for Astrophotography
  8. Stars and Landscape
  9. Photographing a model of a 17th century caravel
  10. what do you do when shooting mid-day?
  11. Polaroid FILM. Need Help
  12. How would you focus this Sierra Redwood?
  13. Fuji Back question
  14. Boo!
  15. I have found the bottom
  16. What am I doing wrong?
  17. iPhone app for field data
  18. Delayed shutter action on LF: possible?
  19. Front tilt?
  20. Lubrication for darkslides in the cold?
  21. View Camera Problems
  22. Reciprocity advice
  23. Metering with my Digital
  24. identify the light leak!!
  25. Triggering 2 studio flashes - cable?
  26. New invention: Combined LF and Pinhole Camera
  27. Triptych tips?
  28. another focusing challenge
  29. Multi-spot metering in b&w landscape
  30. What is this?
  31. Questions About Reciprocity
  32. Cant focus with front rise high
  33. Cold temperatures and exposure time?
  34. Printing from Acetate
  35. Tips for using lightmeter with LF
  36. iPhone App Field Tools updated
  37. Zone IV / Zone III Preference - Reasons
  38. big ND filters for window filtration?
  39. Blue ice in B&W
  40. Multiple Exposure on the Same Sheet of Film
  41. Proper Incident Metering Technique (Portraiture)?
  42. Taking a image dead center
  43. Focusing questions
  44. Cold Weather
  45. Exposure Compenstation for Bellows Length
  46. Your method for matching lens to landscape composition
  47. Exposure
  48. Trouble Focusing
  49. Anyone use 35mm in conjunction with LF?
  50. Focusing a Speed Graphic - Help?
  51. Curtain shutters and egg shaped wheels
  52. Anyone to explain near-far simple technique?
  53. shooting 8x10 provia in available light
  54. shooting 8x10 color slide provia in available light
  55. Any tips on shooting through Hotel room or office glass?
  56. Any advantage to LF?
  57. Dof
  58. Mounting / Framing / Exhibition & Presentation
  59. How to shoot sand dunes
  60. ND grad filters
  61. Need Advice on View Camera Movements
  62. How do you sign your prints?
  63. Old Agfa Optima 100 ?
  64. Spot Meter of Shadows from a distance
  65. DOF & Focusing
  66. f32 for portraits?
  67. Why was 8x10 the standard for portraits?
  68. Ansel Adams (New) Basic Photo Series
  69. No swing on the camera
  70. Negative Problem
  71. Why didn't you take the shot?
  72. Church interior--color film?
  73. LF Portrait Photographers: How do you put your subjects at ease?
  74. How did I scr*w up?
  75. Newbe question on Macro 8X10
  76. Neg numbering problem
  77. Panorama with 4x5
  78. Where is the lens plane?
  79. Good guide for large format portraits?
  80. Which Velvia for forest scenes
  81. viewing with heavy filters
  82. Bar-Bet: Does DOF change with format?
  83. Efke 820IR/ Lee 87c gel
  84. Trigger came home with me!
  85. View Camera Themes
  86. New Zeiss white paper on DOF and bokeh
  87. Altering a Format
  88. Start with LF from scratch....
  89. The Moon in Infrared Photos
  90. Hi all Noobie at LF and need help please
  91. Where do you stand...
  92. Gentlemen, lock your releases.
  93. Early 20th century large format group photos
  94. Metering and an exposure calculator.
  95. Zone Metering Portrait w/ Studio Flash
  96. IR index on technika
  97. Recessed Lens Boards & Front Tilt\Swing
  98. A still life back ground question
  99. Longest possible exposure time for collodion?
  100. Art Reproduction Questions
  101. Film loading 6x17 light or dark
  102. Depth of field and focal plane
  103. Focusing at Night
  104. 6x17 film exposure issue
  105. slowest usable Speed Graphic shutter speed?
  106. Focusing
  107. How'd they used to do it?
  108. Bracketing...
  109. Making a sweep with sand?
  110. Focussing Infrared
  111. Interiors
  112. Tell us why your “scouting” is useful
  113. Harcourt Lighting
  114. Mounting and Presentation of Tintypes ??
  115. Using movements successfully...
  116. Talk me off the incident metering cliff
  117. soft focus lenses (verito) and strobes.
  118. How do you compose stitched images?
  119. Macro a la Guido Mocafico
  120. Lower Contrast Film
  121. Exposure question
  122. LF Newbie Questions
  123. Looooong Exposures
  124. unnatural perspective
  125. new Tmax 400 filter questions
  126. Exposure correction for B&W filters?
  127. B&W filter for from tall buildin
  128. viewing card for composing
  129. Wet plate with Sinar F2/4x5
  130. Why do asymmetric lenses have less DOF in front-forward position?
  131. ULF Photography - No, really.
  132. DOF Calculation Variables
  133. Incident Metering Again. BTZS.
  134. Petzval Lenses & Infrared Film
  135. 1848 Daguerreotypes Bring Middle America's Past to Life
  136. Advice on metering in a theater for movie length
  137. Uhm... 90mm Super Angulon image circle question
  138. Avoiding fingerprints while loading/unloading film
  139. Celestron C-90: Can I use it on a 4x5?
  140. Sigh...Half Rant, Half Question
  141. GG brightness with rear tilts
  142. Bellows Extension/Focusing Distance Formula
  143. B&W Film For Fall Color
  144. DOF & CoC for panoramic 6*17
  145. Long exposure on shakey ground
  146. Estimating the distance of an object?
  147. How to frame a shot at night?
  148. Field time vs. LF forum — what’s your choice?
  149. Metering color Negarives with Spot meter
  150. posting ULF to this forum..??
  151. Shooting Provia (4x5) for the first time! Any tips?
  152. Shooting at hyperfocal distance on a 4x5? How?
  153. Shutterless, how to go about?
  154. Formula to calculate plane of sharp focus?
  155. 35mm, wide angle tilt lens, and bowing of foreground effect.
  156. Need help focusing in a scene? Critical focusing? Your advice? Technique?
  157. Long exposure on shakey ground
  158. Inverse Square Law and window-light.
  159. Problem with static charge when pulling dark slides in the field
  160. More film than holders while shooting
  161. Can I use a 35mm camera as a light meter for macro photography?
  162. Velvia colour shift questions
  163. Use of coloured filters with zone system
  164. Would you trust the HK Portable Strobes?
  165. Folding it away between shots??
  166. Need help calculating double long exposure
  167. How to shoot 4x5 Night Photography like this?
  168. Jeff Bark _ Long Exposure
  169. Lighting For Still Life and Portrait Photography
  170. Jobo 3010 + Ciba motor base + Fomapan or Acros + Xtol > Make night look like day?
  171. New to the movements of view cameras
  172. Using view camera at subzero temperatures
  173. Using a Canon Speedlite with my View Camera?
  174. optimizing tilt shift for shooting buildings
  175. Verticals
  176. Incident light exposure
  177. Camera without swings? Does it limit too much?
  178. Backgrounds (Backdrops) for Still Life Photography
  179. Advice on a Sekonic dual spot L778
  180. Need help working 1to1/4to1 on Deradorff 5x7 Special
  181. Filter Factor Math
  182. Focusing Soft Focus Lenses
  183. Sinar F1 & Strobe
  184. What's the point?
  185. Is it 7 or 8?
  186. Lighting Help for Curved Iridescent Metallic Surface
  187. Movements When Shooting Uphill
  188. BTZS Metering Question ...
  189. Share your Incident Meter Technique and Calibration
  190. Digital Recording of each shot
  191. Filtration for Portrait lighting
  192. What are your inspirational large format websites
  193. Large 1860s Salt Photo
  194. Current Color films for LF night photography
  195. "Focus" problem that is driving me insane
  196. Making Distance between Shots for Stitched Panoramas
  197. reciprocity failure
  198. Mimmicking octaboxlight with strobe and bathing curtain
  199. Full spectrum bulbs for paper neg portrait?
  200. Evaluating Flash Configuration for film
  201. Old Arista ISO 125 ?
  202. Comfortable Portrait Distance
  203. How do you meter night shots.
  204. Metering with ND grads
  205. What Movement to Use?
  206. Reciprocity failure times
  207. Making Panoramas using Lens Shifts
  208. What do I need to do tabletop Photography
  209. Predicting Beautiful Sunsets,Sunrises,Other? Weather? Times? Direction?
  210. Positioning ND Grads?
  211. Calculating bellows length
  212. Trying to work out DSLR vs 5x7 or 6x17 shift (rise) equivalency
  213. Hyperfocal distance and focusing
  214. Focus in the Dark
  215. Wide Angle Lens for Tall Buildings on Narrow Streets
  216. Books on Traditional Masking
  217. When framing pictures do you use glass or not....
  218. WeeGee Stories
  219. The Square Format
  220. LF hikers ― is “Map & Compass” a dying art?
  221. There’s nothing photogenic far from your vehicle ― why search?
  222. Tilts and swings - front vs. back
  223. pictures of stained glass?
  224. Sedona B&W photographers/Filters
  225. Indoor portraits
  226. ART and other things
  227. Does the Parthenon frustrate camera movements?
  228. Monolights
  229. New to LF: understanding what I see on the ground glass
  230. Ansel Adams documentary DVD
  231. Adjustments Question - What to hold?
  232. spots on my shots
  233. Portrait lighting without strobes
  234. Long Exposure
  235. Best Color Film for Long Exposures
  236. Filters you would not leave home without? => Giving life to the image.
  237. Best Color Negative Film for Portraits
  238. test shot problems
  239. ASA of Kodak VC 160 ?
  240. “Vibration resonance” – does your tripod suffer from the shakes?
  241. what's the best backdrop to use for vintage look photo?
  242. art/document reproduction
  243. Any experience with Kaiser scanning camera?
  244. shanghai film + reciprocity failure
  245. Judging Print Quality in Remote Areas
  246. Glass Plates: Kodak Orthoplate PFO—Developing info?
  247. Pull out the darkslide entirely?
  248. A poll about patience ― how do you wait for the wind to calm?
  249. Depth of field question...
  250. Focus questions