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  1. Outdoor Lighting with Flash (Boom!)
  2. Belows extension spreadsheet
  3. polaroid with color negs
  4. 10 lessons in photography!
  5. UK LF workshop FREE!
  6. Reflections in food photography (good and bad)
  7. Color Meters for Landscape Photography?
  8. Workshop in Sedona, Arizona
  9. Photography get together in Slovenia
  10. spot metering with color filters
  11. d23
  12. photographing a meteor shower? Help please!
  13. procedural question for landscape photographers
  14. flash lighting
  15. Focal Point
  16. aerial image
  17. In camera or Photoshop.
  18. Pentax Spot Meter - quick check?
  19. Mike Disfarmer Portraits in the NY Times
  20. Power Ratio Plugs
  21. close-up work maximum depth of field
  22. Large Format workshops in the Smokies - October
  23. Pentax 1 degree meter
  24. Workshop - Scanning Large Format Film
  25. Dan Burkholder's Pt/Pd, Digital Negative Workshop
  26. Light meter
  27. Disassemble a pentax digital spot meter
  28. Perspective, foreshortening and point-of-view
  29. Non-LF photographer asks perhaps a silly question
  30. focusing with tilt
  31. Is there a chemist in the house?
  32. Controlling exposure using filter...
  33. Hiking with LF equipment
  34. How do you spot meter?
  35. Fall Foliage in B&W
  36. Interesting video on making tintypes
  37. Field Etiquette
  38. depth of field-measuring distance from where?
  39. Gossen Luna Pro recalibration
  40. studio wals color
  41. Gordon-Tal Large Format Workshop Experience
  42. Spot Meter Replacement
  43. Metering in a snowstorm?
  44. Noblex Slow Shutter Speed Module
  45. re: remote shutter trigger-WITHOUT cable or timer
  46. clouds
  47. Topaz-1
  48. Flash techniques for photographing wildflowers
  49. Scandinavian LF group/demo/workshop
  50. Zone System/Drum Scanners - B&W film calibration?
  51. Owens Valley Workshop
  52. One Chrome Only, best exposure method
  53. Manual Flash Question
  54. Handheld 4x5?
  55. photographic transfer onto Plate glass
  56. Very small clouds?
  57. using flashmeter for bulbs
  58. Using a digital slr as a light meter????
  59. Ebony View Cameras - Assymetrical Tilts/Swings
  60. ringflash Weegee style on hand-held 4X5?
  61. depth of feild and focal length
  62. LF and ULF portraiture
  63. When EV is lower than the spot meter can handle
  64. Pt/Pd workshops
  65. low light spot metering -- iluminated cross hairs
  66. Selfconfusion by a future LF photographer
  67. Ebony 45S and verticals issue
  68. Fast, Candid, and Intimate LF Photography
  69. Photographing Prints
  70. 8x10 contact printing frame
  71. Contemporary soft-focus work
  72. percentage of 'keepers'
  73. 4x5: exposing image directly onto paper?
  74. shooting during rainy day
  75. Schematic diagram flash
  76. Why do some photographers use sensitometry?
  77. ZS/BTZS calibrations for different lenses?
  78. BTZS five sheet testing
  79. Zone system chart
  80. BTZS, How To?
  81. Comparison: Pinkham Smith, Verito, Voigtlander Eur
  82. photo on glass
  83. Gossen Luna Pro Meter--booklet-Xmas gift
  84. More 8x10 portraits from my "First 20" series
  85. Photronic Densilator
  86. Irving Penn - Avedon canvas backgrounds
  87. When is the next Pt/Pd seminar?
  88. doing close up work
  89. Pentax Spotmeter modified vs. unmodified
  90. PMT Comet Flash
  91. Photographing a sign in Chicago
  92. Depth of focus with close subjects
  93. Is this bellows flare?
  94. Workshop poll
  95. Two LF workshops in the Smokies: April 2006
  96. the 'Red-Headed' stepchild of photography
  97. Metering Stained Glass Windows, mixed w/Tungsten
  98. Cost of exposure - Start to finish
  99. Flash bracket for Technika
  100. SWAG nailing exposure without a meter
  101. Minolta Spot Meter M
  102. Question for Pentax digital spotmeter users
  103. spot meter problem?
  104. Zone VI Upgrade to Pentax V Meter
  105. EV units: Luna Pro-S vs Pentax spot
  106. shooting in snow
  107. Tips for photographing an lcd monitor?
  108. How to align camera and flat object ?
  109. Bttery Replacement of Pentax V Spotmeter
  110. DOF Scale use?
  111. most original screw up
  112. Reproducing Fine Art Black and White Photographs
  113. metering w/ filters in B&W
  114. digital camera for copy work
  115. Hybrid Photography
  116. View Camera Conference
  117. Another 8x10 portrait from my First Twenty page.
  118. Portrait project on-line
  119. Anyone Using - Quantum Free X Wire Units?
  120. After Farmer's Reducer needs fix again?
  121. How Do You Stabilize You Technika w/ Long Lenses?
  122. Fully manual spot meters
  123. First Twenty, v4 - 8x10 portraits
  124. simple Metz flash question
  125. Asahi Pentax digital spotmeter
  126. How Does the Area of Sharp Focus Change Expand?
  127. Thanks for the tips
  128. Workshop Announcement; Alabama Hills, Calif.
  129. Next Scanning Workshops
  130. Linhof 4x5 RF for portraiture
  131. Charles Cramer presentation and print comparisons
  132. Metz bounce card for flash portraits?
  133. macro photo/zeiss luminar mounting to linhof 4x5??
  134. Tilt/shift/swing for portrait photography
  135. HMI, HID, other bright continuous sources - deals?
  136. camera
  137. large format photography
  138. Essential Technical Books
  139. The Tailgate Portraits! Per Volquartz FREE Wkshop
  140. What Heliar for Portrait Work?
  141. Fine Focus Workshops Fall Foliage Workshop
  142. Columbus Scanning Workshop
  143. Another useful trick for Toho users
  144. Normandy Beaches
  145. How NOT to Do Large Format, Illustrated -- :o)
  146. Exposing for Darker Midtones
  147. Mole Richardson Lighting for Portait Work
  148. Axis tilts and Ebony with off-centered panel
  149. Pinkham Visual Quality IV No. 2, Euryscop IV #3
  150. Handheld 4x5 - what an experience!
  151. Mysterious curved lines in image
  152. Daguerreotype Workshop: July 14-17, Peters Valley
  153. Danny Burk's LF Workshop
  154. LF Workshops in Australia
  155. Problem with film holder resolved.
  156. Zig Align System for copy work, any users?
  157. About Diffraction
  158. asymmetrical focus cameras
  159. Advice on stock photography workshops/books/etc?
  160. Difference between Ultra-Spot and Ultra-Spot 2
  161. Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Whipped Cream
  162. Large format movements: how much tilt?
  163. Getting film straight
  164. Large Format Photography in 50 MPH wind
  165. How to Focusing Foreground Elements that are at the top and bottom of the Scene
  166. Photographing in tight spaces
  167. Re-tooling your technique for a mixed workflow
  168. shooting to get a film denisty of 2?
  169. Shooting Technique
  170. Digital camera as night-time exposure meter
  171. Criticizing a photograph
  172. How do you avoid forgetting things?
  173. DOF in LF portraiture
  174. What Lens for This Look??
  175. Minor problem with film shifting
  176. Newbie question about 'on axis' issue
  177. Shooting in a Blacksmiths (not a news report)
  178. Considering the 4th of July is right around the corner...
  179. Hyperfocal distance
  180. I need help focussing at macro distances
  181. Sources for internet based Photo Critiques?
  182. Sports photography
  183. How many zones is your standard
  184. Testing film for BTZS
  185. Ultra long exposures
  186. David Burnett photos in NGM
  187. The one third into the scene rule
  188. MF/LF Slides for contests?
  189. Hard to be Square
  190. How do You Handle the Sky in B&W Landscapes
  191. Loss of eyesight at 40 and keepers for over 40's a coincidence?
  192. Zone Modified Spot meter?
  193. LF mistakes made so far
  194. on-axis front tilt focusing-technique
  195. Relevance of Traditional Darkroom.
  196. Question about front axis tilt on ebony 45s
  197. Which Warm Polarizer for Redwood Park?
  198. shooting metal and chrome surfaces?
  199. using 35 mm camera to meter for 4 X 5
  200. Super long expsures (we're talkin' 6 hours here) and light tripods.
  201. Bellows extension and exposure
  202. Old timer asks newby-like aperture question
  203. Why not incident?
  204. B&W filter advice needed for leaf peeper
  205. BTZS vs Zone? Incident v
  206. Survey on Zone System vs BTZS
  207. Do you use a viewing filter for The Zone System?
  208. Roman Numerals in Zone System
  209. Zone system - relevance when scanning negs digitally
  210. Why is Zone V 50% gray?
  211. Witkin and Color Theory?
  212. Detecting Flare on the Ground Glass?
  213. Follow-up to "Zone System... relevance when scanning..."
  214. LF and Parenthood
  215. How do YOU meter for transparencies?
  216. Film is hear, back is ready, what else?
  217. BTZS film testing question
  218. Tips on tilt
  219. Focusing, pre-dawn
  220. Senile Eldertog needs reminder about exposure meter
  221. BTZS article for View Camera
  222. Finally going LF
  223. Tips on shooting a coin?
  224. Keeping the focusing hood whilst making an exposure
  225. Using filters
  226. Painting with Light
  227. Halving ISO?
  228. front tilt question
  229. The Dog Chapel
  230. Close-ups (very!)
  231. Negative From An Old Picture
  232. Switched again?
  233. Developing an Eye for Both Color and B&W?
  234. beginner's beginner question-- can't focus to infinity!
  235. Oil Printing and PinHole Photography
  236. LF Polaroid characteristics: professional advice needed!
  237. VC Magazine/Pinhole Photography - Role of Soft Images?
  238. Archival impact from finish on wood frame
  239. Midground unsharp - why?
  240. photographing tall buildings
  241. Best/Favorite Still Life Images
  242. First 11x14 Prints are in!!
  243. How many shots per subject? Am I crazy?
  244. How NOT to Do Large Format, Illustrated -- Part Deux
  245. Lens Boards from "oaklandlenscom"?
  246. Pre exposure transparency film
  247. Time Savers in the Field
  248. Dealing with Wind
  249. Lighting Books for Still Life & Portraits
  250. Balancing light (sunrise/city lights)