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  1. Aerial photography with large format
  2. Where, Close To Vancouver, Can I Take a Course On 4x5
  3. 4x5 with 210 lens.when i take a picture of head and shoulders it is underexposed by how much should i open up by ?
  4. What is reciprocity and how it works?
  5. How to obtain enough depth of field
  6. New View Camera Photog. Artistic Vision Needs Assessment
  7. Comments and opinions please, Pentax Flash Meter V
  8. Long Exposures
  9. cross-polarizing on lights and camera
  10. still life shooting technique
  11. Workshops in Europe
  12. shooting the moon w/LF
  13. Millimeter scale for focus - maximum delta?
  14. Photographing Waterfalls with a View Camera
  15. 4x5/210 mm lens reproduction ratios
  16. Depth of Field Test Results, Any thoughts on focusing techniques
  17. Superwide, light falloff and exposure calculation
  18. Battery for Horseman 2x3 meter ?
  19. shooting and lighting technique
  20. Parallel back to parallel wall -- how do you know?
  21. Tilt techniques, Would you care to share your thoughts and Techniques.
  22. Weddings with LF
  23. Fleurescent light and filtration
  24. Degrees of movements
  25. How does the EV number work?
  26. Shutter Speed to Freeze the Breeze
  27. Cole Weston Workshop
  28. Pentax Digital Spotmeter
  29. Pre Exposure
  30. Relative advantages of digital spot meters?
  31. Close up metering
  32. Sunpak 622 Super, Bare Bulb or Diffuser Head
  33. Shutter speeds and blurry people
  34. Pentax Spotmeter V - how do you identify
  35. How Ansel Toned His German Cathedrals
  36. Why is the shutter speed sequence inaccurate by design?
  37. Spotmeters + a Zone System Mechanical Exposure Calculator?
  38. Colour meters !!!
  39. pentax digital spot meter vs. sekonic L-508 for 4x5 feild/zone system
  40. Getting max depth of field from 150mm on 4x5 for close-ups.
  41. Lithium battery in Pentax Digital Spotmeter?
  42. Home interior shoot; Lens size considerations and lighting tips.
  43. Color Temperature and Continuous Spectra
  44. kalart rangefinder adjustement
  45. Spot Meter Disaster
  46. Tundra Spotmeter: Discontinued when?
  47. Panorama Series
  48. Pinhole
  49. Which spot meters did they use back then ?
  50. Maximum flash power harmless for the model's eysight
  51. Dry gear out after being wet
  52. Mixing Incandescent & Daylight...
  53. Charles P. Farmer Workshop
  54. Ghost image on transparency
  55. "Focusable" focusing loupes for view cameras?
  56. film holder loading
  57. Tilting Wide Angle Lens - Focus Soft At Sides Of Image
  58. Where to find batteries for older meters?
  59. zero detents on tilts ?? Why the fuss ?
  60. Questions on 8x10 Still Life Close ups
  61. Another cold weather question
  62. Moon exposure...not what you might think!!!
  63. Indoor Portraits with 8x10
  64. How are depth of field and depth of focus related?
  65. Depth of Field - 4x5
  66. How to meter properly/Ground glass vs.spot
  67. Tips for Getting in a John Sexton Work Shop
  68. Metering against the light
  69. Any way to speed up LF shots? (Family patience question)
  70. A scale for direct reading of best f-stop
  71. Looking Sekonic L-608 information
  72. grainy when focusing on g.g.
  73. MF vs LF for landscape
  74. minolta M spotmeter/ manual/directions
  75. How much shaper is LF compares with my Mamiya RZ?
  76. Are lens hoods a must, even when using polarizer filters?
  77. Recommendations for references on portraiture
  78. Use of f32 and f45 for 4X5 landscapes
  79. Which wide-angle lens for Antelope Canyon?
  80. Source for CloseUp lighting Info
  81. how to shoot in black lite
  82. "FSV" - Horseman Exposure Meter
  83. observations on hand held large format photography
  84. Is the good ol fashion Hyperfocal distance formula accurate for LF? I think not!
  85. Zone System and film procesing
  86. Palm software for large format?
  87. Capturing Santa with LF
  88. Going for Large Format
  89. Pentax Modified meter/ How to use it???
  90. Use of rise and fall for landscape photography
  91. Axis or base tilts ???
  92. Approximating the Autochrome
  93. Just bought a 4x5 and could use some help.
  94. Waterford Ultra Large Camera Workshop 2001
  95. the relationship between DOF and diffraction
  96. DOF question
  97. Zone System/under over exposure
  98. Lynn Radeka masking kit
  99. What is a good spot meter?
  100. RE:What is a good spot meter
  101. Question for fine art pros. . .a little off beat
  103. Balcar Diamond box
  104. Exposure Record
  105. L.F. Workshops/Tours in Washington or Oregon
  106. 4x5 focus?
  107. 35 mm = Spotmeter?
  108. Is anyone using electronic flash on Graphics cameras
  109. Handheld LF, why?
  110. Any good LF workshops around?
  111. Asymetric Swings and Tilts
  112. Color meter Broncolor/Minolta/Gossen
  113. Extended Bellows exposure compensation
  114. Calculating DOF: from lens or film plane?
  115. Techniques for extreme near / far shots
  116. Technikardan Bellows
  117. Table top photography with a 4X5
  118. how much bellows draw is needed for Tabletop/Still Life?
  119. Hedler tung lights/accessories
  120. Using Horseman Exposure Meter
  121. LF Animation Teaching Tool
  122. Tilt will increase DOF by how much?
  123. Using a spotmeter in the woods
  124. Photo Classes
  125. Optics of macro: do you gain anything with LF ?
  126. Movement restriction questions - many
  127. 1-Day Course in LF
  128. good focal length for 8x10 portraiture
  129. Why take landscape photographs?
  130. powerful AUTO flash for hand-held LF press camera?
  131. focus at infinity ?
  132. how to correct Halogen light?
  133. focusing wide angle lenses
  134. correcting verticals etc. on 5x4
  135. Sekonic L-508 vs three meters
  136. Suggestions for large format demo
  137. Zone System & Reciprocity Failure
  138. What is your ultimate 4X5 portrait ?
  139. Eyesight Problems and Grounglass
  140. Double image when making long exposures
  141. Why are movements so necessary for macro photography?
  142. Which meter should I use for night architecture shootings ?
  143. helping a student in the classroom with photo guidelines
  144. Alternative Photographers Wanted
  145. subject movement with slow speeds
  146. Zone System Testing When Using Pyro
  147. Street Photography with Large format.?
  148. Novice user needs help on 4x5
  149. What older lens for close-up of tulips
  150. 210/5.6 Rodenstock Sironar in Copal 1
  151. Selective focus
  152. Bracketing for long time exposures ?
  153. How to use a Pentax Digital Spot Meter?
  154. Q: Best non-macro lens for macro work?
  155. Incident vs Reflected light...
  156. Is the Minolta Flashmeter IV /spot suitable for LF
  157. Densitometer ?
  158. Unusual F stop numbers
  159. Sinar Create LF Series Book: People Photography
  160. modified to Zone VI
  161. 8X10 portrait lens
  162. Camera Movements for Architecture and Landscape
  163. ZS without densitometer
  164. Flash Exposure For Dual Flashes And Bellows
  165. Help me to understand a focus technique problem
  166. Nicholas Nixon - Technique
  167. silliest question ever: how to load sheet film
  168. Boston Area Prof. Photography School (NESOP?)
  169. Flash with large format
  170. Verticals on Arca Swiss 8x10 F line back
  171. Golden Age of Hollywood Photography
  172. large format workshop in Michigan
  173. aerial photograhy
  174. Portrait techniques using camera movements - methodology
  175. Howard Bond's"Refinements in B&W Printing" Workshop
  176. Boston area 2 Day LF Workshops or the like...
  177. Newbie Questions
  178. Contrast on ClassicPan 400 iflm
  179. Zone System, Cumulative Error,Checking and rechecking with polaroids
  180. Weston's enlarged negatives
  181. Focus Delimma
  182. licht metering, different way's? or calculations?
  183. Portrait with a 127mm lens on 4x5 camera
  184. Sekonic Light Meter repair
  185. Tabletop Lighting
  186. Shooting The Moon...
  187. Walker Titan SF
  188. Low light portraits
  189. Densitometer Question?
  190. help
  191. Can light reflected by mirror back into lens cause edge blurriness?
  192. Infinity
  193. Pre-Exposure Technique
  194. Group posing suggestions/resources
  195. Looking for Some Portrait Lighting For My 4X5
  196. Lighting -- What am I doing wrong?
  197. Setting Up A Strobe/Softbox For Portraits.
  198. Electronic Flash - What to Get
  199. How to do flash like Shelby Lee Adams?
  200. Recommended Copy Camera/lense In 4 X 5 Format
  201. Fallen into large format
  202. Conventional Wisdom on Color Meters
  203. Correction of perspective
  204. Use of a gossen profi-color probe
  205. Arles/Perpignan
  206. Anyone experience with the Gossen Starlite meter?
  207. Trusting the formula?
  208. Interior shoot with 4x5 or 35mm?
  209. Can you compose better with your left eye?
  210. Scheimpflug Principle and the Hinge Rule
  211. Modified by Zone VI?
  212. Questions about focus and DOF technique and aperture
  213. Zone VI/Pentax spot - battery drain
  214. Improvising: Long Focal Length Lens
  215. Scanner/ Virtual Densitometer
  216. Manual for Sargent-Welch Densichron Model DT63 densitometer
  217. Newbie Question: Neg vs. Transparency Exposure...
  218. Singer Graphex Globe Strobe
  219. Pentax Spot Meter Mod
  220. Where can i find a grey card?
  221. Measurments of composing card?
  222. Exposures over a second - timing?
  223. Close up metering
  225. Question About Soft Box
  226. More WESTON at AIC
  227. workshops/Steve Anchell
  228. Zone System - tonal range
  229. Recipricity ?!
  230. Ilford FP4 - Reciprocity
  231. Cervin Robinson
  232. Gossen Ultra-Spot 2
  233. Experiences With Flash : Balcar P4 and 2 PSU4 ?
  234. Lighting for still life - where to start?!?!
  235. slide exposure
  236. multiple exposure techniques
  237. cannot focus 4x5 B and J press
  238. Sekonic dealers
  239. ND filter on long lenses for lowering shutter speed
  240. glamour photos/sunbathing marks
  241. Opinions on Soligor/Elicar spotmeter please.
  242. Spray adhesive for mounting
  243. pentax spot meter
  244. First meters: Old faithful or hi-tech whizz?
  245. 4x5 format pieced together panorama questions
  246. can I use this densitometer
  247. What About Studio Lighting, Strobes, Etc.
  248. 4x5 image on focussing screen
  249. Hinge And Tilt Angle
  250. Ringflash With Large Format ?