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  1. Orton Effect with LF film
  2. Kallitype issue
  3. Thomas Struth and depth of field
  4. Shooting HABS/HAER Without Instant Polaroid/Fuji
  5. shooting style with 11x14 (or other ULF)
  6. Question about a specific subject and composition
  7. Achieving selective focus stopped down
  8. Rear Tilt - What am I Doing Wrong?
  9. Effect of B&W filters on people
  10. Building Peter Lindbergh's sunbounce cage...would appreciate feedback from pros!
  11. Multi-Frame 4x5 Panorama's with the Travelwide?
  12. Gradient toward 1/2 stop
  13. Aperture for tilt-shift photography with 8x10" and 300mm
  14. Printing for Exhibitions/Gallery shows
  15. Intro to Lee (or others) cut filtration?
  16. 4 x 5 focus problem
  17. Alternative processes for beginners
  18. Into the Redwoods: 4x5 or 6x17?
  19. Advice on Bellows Extension
  20. Using a press camera
  21. focusing with glasses or without
  22. Sun shot
  23. Getting ready for my first picture, some questions on exposure and such
  24. Problem with some of my Platinum Palladium prints today
  25. exposure with filter and spotmeter
  26. exposure blues
  27. Writing down the details
  28. 4x5 and larger, technique
  29. Tips on focusing (4x5)
  30. how to do the math for speed film test
  31. An 8x10 Architectural Learning Experience
  32. detail expectation
  33. Front and back focus for setting aperture when tilting/scheimpflug
  34. Division of Long exp by short exp
  35. How Is This Achieved - Apparently Elevated Perspective
  36. 3D sterio pairs using shifts and swings?
  37. Did I Just Burn 8 Sheets? Accidentally Opened Exterior Box Halfway...
  38. Portraits, hinges, and DOF
  39. Nudes...?
  40. Framing question
  41. Indoor Still Life Question
  42. Calibrating 4x5; gray card Zones don't match still life Zones
  43. Depth of Field on Windy Day
  44. How to separate shades of grey?
  45. Shooting Checklist
  46. Ready Load Common Mistakes, or What Did I Do Wrong?
  47. Question on focussing on Tachihara 4x5
  48. BTZS Metering Question
  49. Shooting Velvia 100 directly into a sunset?
  50. Loupe focussing issue
  51. Portable Skylight Studio
  52. how would you approach this tricky exposure scenario?
  53. Hyperfocal focusing with a Press Camera
  54. Problem with tilt and swing
  55. Two-Zone System
  56. First time using movements
  57. Petroglyphs
  58. Distortions Exposure and the ground glass
  59. Focus Issue around edges
  60. Achieving adequate DOF in 8x10
  61. Looking for suggestion of a studio 4x5 film for still life / sculpture
  62. ND filters to slow down exposure - help
  63. Question on Bellows extension
  64. Film Storage Question
  65. Film Development Testing Question
  66. How to test for unknown film emulsion speed / ISO ?
  67. Exposing at non-box ISOs: Why?
  68. Question On Subject Brightness Range
  69. Sekonic L758 Light Meter Question
  70. Filters and Large(r) Apertures... Help
  71. Speedgraphic portraits with a rangefinder
  72. Transient print display easel
  73. how to achieve this tonality
  74. Educate me on tilting lenses
  75. Help Wanted for Close Up Plane of Focus and Sharpness on an 8x10
  76. Focusing With The Chamonix 045N
  77. minimum focusing distance (Wista 45DX) 4x5 for bust shots
  78. Angle of view as it relates to the solar eclipse
  79. Stop Down or Use Tilt for DOF
  80. Photographing/postprocessing black cashmere, silk, etc.
  81. Wisner rear geared axis tilt advice needed
  82. Colour Temperture Meters - are they worth having for landscape photography?
  83. Multiple Exposure Question
  84. LF movements for portraits
  85. Metering Question For Head And Shoulders Portrait
  86. Multiple Exposure Question:
  87. Slide film metering
  88. Fred Picker #51, June 1987 Newsletter
  89. Metering For Snow With Incident Meter Question
  90. Your Thoughts On The Zone System For A Scanning Workflow
  91. Any Tips On Photographing From Overhead With A 4x5
  92. Shooting LF Infrared again in 2017
  93. Anomaly in exposure testing
  94. BTZS Metering Question
  95. Bergger Pancro 400 Reciprocity Characteristics
  96. Graphic Graflex Photography
  97. Which do you calculate first? Bellows factor or filter factor? Does it matter? Recipr
  98. Achieving this look with movements or not?
  99. DOF vs Tilt
  100. Paper negatives for portraits