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  1. Help! with Rockland tintype kit
  2. A little help with exposure
  3. Focal length / depth of field question
  4. Portrait question
  5. Excessively sharp lenses
  6. Do you work directly from your pack, or from a ground tarp?
  7. Light Leaks - what could it be?
  8. What lens or technique would work best in this situation?
  9. Post your odd camera positions......
  10. For correcting converging lines...
  11. Tree in Snow
  12. Scanning velvia...is this what to expect or can it be better?
  13. glass globes
  14. Exposure/Development/Negative Issue
  15. Camera aside, what helps you learn to compose?
  16. Photographing women - need your advice
  17. What is a Beauty Dish ?
  18. DoF comparison vs other formats
  19. Alternative Processes
  20. Photographing multi collored print on a page.
  21. Back tilt vs tilting the camera back on the head?
  22. books on "still life" lighting?
  23. Minimum f-stop?
  24. Xray Film help
  25. Children's Portrait Technique
  26. Tips & Tricks for Large Format Portraiture?
  27. The 10(plus) most useful tips-to-self before taking the shot
  28. Car photos
  29. Lights
  30. Problems understanding the Zone System
  31. A poll about polls (useful or just fun?)
  32. Well I've got one, now what do I do with it?
  33. Round images on negatives.
  34. Metering Light For Tintypes
  35. 16" Goerz Celor equivalent 35mm lens
  36. Lens shade or just using the hand
  37. Determining film speed.
  38. The film holder nightmare we all dread and what to do
  39. Lighting equipment recommendations for still life
  40. What is going on with my instant film? (Link to sample photo included)
  41. Photographing old architecture
  42. Best tool for ensuring the standards are level?
  43. Large format and techniques...
  44. Flare or lens aperture open?
  45. night photography with Portra 160
  46. Evaluating lens performance <> a practical approach?
  47. How do you get an 8x10 to get a worms-eye view?
  48. Liquid Emulsion On Shale- Focus Issues
  49. Focusing for IR photography?
  50. Unexpected 'optical spots' on film
  51. Trichromatic Photography
  52. Keeping Camera On Same Plane for Diptych, Ttriptych, Panorama
  53. searching a thread (exposure, development techiques)
  54. Some Process Clarification, Please
  55. ULF Banquet Landscape Photography and Rear Movements
  56. An easy way to figure bellows factor
  57. Exposure systems
  58. Do all good waterfalls share a common natural trait?
  59. Question about Eyes and Flash powerful.
  60. Spot meter ground glass for macro
  61. My Zone woes
  62. How long exposure do you think were used by this photographer Matthew Pillsbury?
  63. Challenges of Being a Large Format Portrait Subject (Portraiture)
  64. Understanding movements better to correct perspective.
  65. LF Street Setup
  66. Macro work? I'm confused?
  67. I have a long way to go...
  68. EKTAR 100 Reciprocity Table?
  69. Fall leaf work in the Eastern Sierra
  70. New Android app for learning about your camera's controls and usefull calculations
  71. exposure issues using a DSLR as a lightmeter
  72. Exposure Compensation in a monorail view camera
  73. Newbie Question :- Making a book look like a rectangle
  74. The Sekonic 778, step by step?
  75. Still Life & Flash Metering
  76. Help with Sekonic L-358DR
  77. Loooooong exposures (at night)
  78. Pinhole technical question -> Sharpness
  79. Outdoor portraits with 4x5 and Monolight
  80. Reciprocity formulas (for Ilford films)
  81. Your eyesight goes bad. Your doctor says time for a choice.
  82. Question about lens tilt on 4x5
  83. Improving your vocabulary for LF
  84. Whats the same & whats new & different?
  85. Sharpness of paper negatives
  86. HELP + REFERENCE Using soft focus lenses and the world of "...ism"s.
  87. Positioning an ND grad filter
  88. has anyone captured the Northern Lights in B&W?
  89. 1st images with Linhof III v5 not that sharp...
  90. Metering and Exposing Ektar 100
  91. Your #1 tip that even grey-templed landscapers might adopt
  92. Making a small object look larger or opposite of minatures
  93. On an iPAD Air what 4X5 lens does the camera app correspond to
  94. View camera alignment for "full frontal architecture"
  95. tablet and computer screen, refresh rate?
  96. Death Valley Light
  97. Long Exposure calc when sun is going down
  98. A little tip for collodion photographers...
  99. How often do you tilt for Theo?
  100. advice needed on making meter measurements with a fiber optic probe
  101. Photographing interiors with Nikkor 90mm SW on 5x7...advice
  102. Grey card wrong?
  103. "Beliefs" inherited from our "forefathers".
  104. The finest tips for "Excellent tripod technique"
  105. how to work out macro image to lens distances
  106. Danger of really bright flash lighting on people
  107. Bellows correction with tele-photo?
  108. Neutral Density filter and Strobes
  109. Close-Up Lenses
  110. Flash question
  111. getting smooth grey background in 8x10 studio portraits
  112. BTZS vs VIDEC system
  113. How do you (politely) keep people away when you compose?
  114. BTZS reflection readings
  115. How much movements is used here?
  116. lighting arrangement for, e.g., product photography patented
  117. Ultra Telephoto: Eyepiece [projection for 4x5
  118. Developing, exposure, and zones.
  119. What information should (always/never) accompany image posts?
  120. Taking ortho for granite...
  121. Great image of a guy up a phonepole with a 5X7 Top Handle Speedy on Shorpy today...
  122. "Machine-gunning"?
  123. finding nude models???
  124. Horizontal Panning
  125. Practical Resource on Movements for Beginner
  126. Another Shorpy image. 1864 and the photog left his other camera lens laying in pic
  127. Origins of the Sunny 16 Rule?
  128. Have you ever been mocked for LF?
  129. Workflow question
  130. Admiration & curiosity about our venerable, graying shooters
  131. Toning Question
  132. Camera Movements and Film or Sensor Size
  133. Swing movements and focusing
  134. When to use Swing or Tilt movements
  135. A collection of LF ideas & discoveries that don't need a whole thread to themselves
  136. Balancing depth of field
  137. Calibration vs. Consistency
  138. Perpendicular, available lighting for portraits?
  139. Metering with filters, tips?
  140. What has gone wrong here??
  141. Focusing issue at higher aperture
  142. Triggering strobes when shutter does not have sync contacts
  143. background question
  144. Shooting directly up
  145. another old inspiring old short film
  146. Pinhole and Xray film
  147. When were FILMPACKS introduced?
  148. Carbon transfer and relief
  149. Purple Print - Matting and framing - Style opinion
  150. Infinity questions (not an infinity of questions...;))
  151. Evening long exposure questions
  152. Multiple filters
  153. huge shoulders!!
  154. Digital ULF Negative: what transparency tmedium to print on?
  155. Grid lines? Exposure issues
  156. 4x5 101
  157. Diffraction and using a small aperture
  158. Meter scales are different?
  159. Labeling negatives numeracly
  160. ULF no head tripod method
  161. Hyperfocal Distance
  162. Film exposure and development for studio photography
  163. how do decide which lens to use for a given shot
  164. Exposure advice with slide film (Velvia 50) needed; a manual for practice
  165. Going to Great North
  166. Squaring Your Print Trimmer
  167. Question about Zone
  168. Question about x-sync
  169. Front or rear shift for left right adjustment
  170. Help -- what is a "head screen"
  171. Having trouble getting started photographing buildings
  172. Why did you delete your post?
  173. Metering Mistakes
  174. Curves curving curvily. Targets, too.
  175. Deep focus
  176. Set it and forget it tilt focusing.
  177. DOF calculator for a Chamonix
  178. Harman Direct Positive Portraits
  179. Teach me to see soft corners...
  180. Hyperfocal help.
  181. Low ISO metering
  182. LFers -- why does K.I.S.S. help you, or hinder you?
  183. Ethics on retouching and other "corrections"
  184. how to accurately focus view camera with IR film ?
  185. polarizing filter
  186. Videos of You photographing
  187. If you had no batteries, would you stay home?
  188. Basic landscape metering question (not so basic actually)
  189. Save me from my fear of light leaks!
  190. Percentage of keepers/surprise good shots
  191. Overmatting with a margin around the print
  192. focus problem.
  193. Issues with fp100c in a Polaroid 405
  194. Which B&W filter was used?
  195. Shorpy Kodachrome image
  196. Portrait perspective issues investigated
  197. Spot Metering Help
  198. Zone system tutorials?
  199. Persistent exp problem driving me insane.
  200. In-camera Ilfochrome Photography: The How-To Video
  201. First Photos Taken on 4x5 - A Few Questions
  202. Camera movements and sharpness
  203. How did press photographers use their Graflexes, Pressmans, etc.?
  204. Dealing with white to edge of frame
  205. Recirprocity and Bellows factors question
  206. Bellows too short for infinity focus
  207. How would you create this look?
  208. Star trails with slow (LF) lens?
  209. "good enough" what does it mean to you ?
  210. Focusing help
  211. AM vs PM golden hour
  212. Zone System Tutorial
  213. Trees technique
  214. Did I just ruin my film?
  215. LF means heavy hiking. What's on your "not necessary" list?
  216. Long Exposure - Very Different Results Between Digital and 4x5 Film
  217. Robert Adams
  218. Nighttime LF questions
  219. What is the Difference between Oil Transfer and Bromoil?
  220. Can we talk about metering for color neg landscapes?
  221. Lightning on LF - How?
  222. 4x5 Speed Graphic, exposure settings without meter?
  223. Accessory Close-up lenses: Technique and usage
  224. Photo Sculptures by Douglas Prince Technique Question
  225. Most valuable tools for working LF photographers
  226. First time ever!
  227. Understanging Tilt, Swing & PoF through some Reference Images
  228. Metering for IMAGO direct positive paper with iPhone lightmeter app
  229. Books on Posing
  230. Does your neighborhood (or region) offer too few landscape opportunities?
  231. Your thoughts on the "Why aren't you out shooting?" post
  232. Film Noir film stocks
  233. Sunny-16 metering ---- best tips about judging light intensity?
  234. focusing confusion
  235. Portra 160 Indoors (Exposing and Metering)
  236. Dynamic Range of Portra and Ektar (for the Sekonic L758)
  237. I am now an LF photographer
  238. When is it not analog?
  239. using a Sekonic L-778 practical step by step? please help...
  240. Using a Sinar F for landscape photography, anyone doing it?
  241. Getting attacked
  242. This has got to be the funniest/dumbest question i have every been asked.
  243. How to measure and time long exposures at dusk or dawn.
  244. How to make a photo that looks old
  245. LF still life / closeup
  246. Correcting for film reciprocity failure, X-Ray Film results?
  247. Studio Portraits with Large Format
  248. Preflash without an enlarger
  249. Collodion is only sensitive to visible light, not UV
  250. Orton Effect with LF film